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Old March 11 2012, 07:25 PM   #16
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

Re: Amaya and Terrence - Well played, Ms. Donner, well played!

Re: Approaching Akira-class starship. Um, someone want to tell them to slow down before they cruise right through the docking port and straight through the station?

Someone needs to quit texting and pay attention to their driving.
"You are beginning to damage my calm." - Jayne Cobb
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

I absolutely loved how Amaya handled Terrence.

I understand Amaya's concerns. She is king of her hill. ...and someone else is climbing that hill.

As for the Akira class ship...I suddenly got a flash of Topgun.
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Old March 15 2012, 09:15 PM   #18
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

She could have chosen her office but she had decided that she wanted more space to confront the Agamemnon’s captain than her cramped office would have been able to provide.

She had already decided to forgo her usual ritual of welcoming the captain on board personally. It would send a message, she hoped. In her mind she was going through everything she was going to say. She would remain civil of course but she would also make it unmistakably clear that she would not accept this kind of disregard for procedure as the Agamemnon had displayed today.

After all this was still her station and everybody who came here merely guests. And guests were expected to follow the house rules.

Her crew had often accused her of playing too nice with visiting captains. That she was too accommodating to their needs and often gave in to avoid a confrontation or simply to try and make everybody happy. But Vej was right, she had decided. She needed to take charge and make sure people knew it.

She reached the wardroom to find an ensign who advised her that the captain was inside and waiting. She dismissed him and then took a deep breath before stepping into the room.

“Commander Donners, I presume. A pleasure to make your acquaintance,” the youthful, blue-skinned Bolian had said before Amaya even had a chance to take full measure of the man. He had sat somewhat relaxed at the end of the conference table but upon seeing her enter he had quickly stood and approached her with an outstretched hand. “I’m Arden Texx.”

It totally threw her game plan and she found herself taking his hand, which he quickly proceeded to shake quite intensely. He had a wide grin on his face.

“My pleasure,” she said as she claimed her hand back and found herself mirroring his infectious smile despite herself.

“A great station you’ve got here. It’s an Orbiter, isn’t it?”

She nodded.

“Funny coincidence, my great-grandfather was part of the design team for the Orbiter project. Did you know that it was the first starbase class designed to operate entirely independently for its entire lifespan? In fact you could run this station for one hundred years without ever needing a single resupply run.”

Amaya looked at him blankly.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit of a starbase enthusiast. I suppose it runs in the family. My father is an engineer at Utopia Planitia and my mother is an architect back on Bolias. Imagine the conversation when I told them that I, in fact, didn’t want a career in building things,” he said and chuckled.

Donners couldn’t help but smile. It had most likely been similar to the conversation she’d had with her folks when she had decided against joining the Border Service. Her amusement began to fade however when she remembered why she had asked Texx to meet her here.

And she couldn’t help noticing something else. Texx didn’t just appear youthful, he was. Certainly younger than she was and according to the rank insignia on his collar, he was a full pay grade below her.

“Are you in command of the Agamemnon?”

He smirked. “Shocking, isn’t it?”

It wasn’t entirely unheard of to have an officer of his rank in command of a starship but at this particular moment this fact only helped to irritate her further. Where they handing out starship captaincies to just about everyone these days, she wondered.

“I’d like to discuss a few things with you, Commander,” she said, now unwilling to be sidetracked any further.

“Sure thing.”

“First of all, while I appreciate your visit here, I have been wondering if you are at all aware of the required protocols for approaching a starbase. For once we have no records of your arrival intentions, not to mention a filed flight plan. Until today I didn’t even know you were in the sector.”

“An oversight, I apologize.”

He was amenable enough, not like your typical, boisterous, never-do-wrong, starship captain. But she was on a roll now and the fact that she technically outranked him only helped to spur her on. “If that’s all there was, Commander, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It’s bad enough that we had to juggle around docked vessels just to make room for you, your approach to DS5 violated half a dozen protocols. And while you may think that those aren’t all that significant, I can assure that we follow them for good reason. And as long as I’m responsible for the safety of your vessel as well as all other ships in our airspace, I will do whatever I must to enforce them. If just one ship decides to ignore protocols the way you have, the ripple effect could mean serious safety risks for all other ships in the vicinity including the base itself.”

She had to stop there to get some air. And she actually delighted in the fact that poor Texx looked appropriately chastised. But she wasn’t done.

“I don’t want to make things difficult for you,” she said, freely borrowing a phrase that starship captains liked to use on her. “But these are serious issues and I’m considering making a formal complaint to FleetOps. Not out of spite but because sometimes that’s the only way to ensure that these things don’t happen again.”

“I understand.”

“I’m not sure that you do, Commander. You seem to think that –“

The door to the wardroom opened, forcing Amaya to stop in mid-sentence and turn to see who had decided to interrupt her admonishing session.

It was Commander Rahul.

She didn’t appreciate the intrusion at all. “Commander, I have things well in hand here,” she told him sharply.

“I’m sure you do.”

That had not come from the Efrosian but the man who had followed him into the room. Admiral Glover.

“Sir?” she said and instinctively straightened her shoulders.

Then she realized that his son, Terrence, had also stepped inside and she suddenly felt extremely self-conscious of having such a large audience while she was laying into Texx. That had most definitely not been part of the plan.

“Commander Rahul has informed me that you are having an issue with the commanding officer of the Agamemnon,” said Samson Glover, the man’s face a mask of stern professionalism.

She shot the Efrosian a dark look, unable to believe that he had felt it necessary to inform the admiral of this situation. She quickly focused on Glover again. “I was just advising Commander Texx on proper starbase approach procedures.”

“Sounded to me like you were really letting the poor guy have it,” said Terrence Glover who made no effort to hide his amusement. “Remind me never to get on your bad side.”

Now she was beginning to feel embarrassed. It had never been her intention to make anything official, never mind her threats. And she certainly hadn’t meant to get the Admiral involved who generally left any such matters entirely in her hands. “It’s really not that big of a deal. I don’t see any need –“

“Commander,” Admiral Glover said firmly. “Terrence is right. It sounded like there was a serious issue here and if that is the case I want it to be dealt with appropriately. Do you think the CO of the Agamemnon needs to be officially reprimanded?”

She was momentarily stunned by Glover’s harsh tone and very much aware of all eyes in the room resting on her. She looked back at Texx who tried to do his best to avoid eye contact now.

“Well, Commander?” Samson said.

She realized that this was what she had wanted. To make those starship captains accountable and not let them get away with whatever they demanded. And yet she couldn’t quite bring herself to do it. “I don’t think that will be necessary, sir.”

“I disagree,” said Terrence.

“With all due respect, Captain,” she said, shooting the man a cold look, “that’s hardly your decision to make.”

“No, he’s right, Commander,” said Samson Glover, leaving Amaya stunned. “There will have to be consequences.”

The younger Glover suddenly snapped his fingers as if he had an ingenious idea. “What if we relieve Commander Texx of command?”

“Yes, I think that’s what we will have to do,” the Admiral said.

“Wait a minute,” Donners said and took a step forward. “Surely that is a disproportional action considering the circumstances.”

“I don’t think it is,” the senior Glover said.

“I’m pretty certain you would have to run something like this by Command first,” said Donners, trying to find an excuse to stop this insanity in its tracks.

“I’m the highest ranking officer in this sector, Commander. I feel perfectly within my rights to do this,” he said and then looked straight at the Bolian. “Lieutenant Commander Texx, you are hereby ordered to stand down as commanding officer of the USS Agamemnon, effective immediately.”

He stood up straighter and nodded. “Understood, sir.”

Amaya couldn’t believe what was happening. And all this because of what she had started. “Sir, I’m sorry but I must protest –“

“Commander Donners, if you have any other issues with the Agamemnon I suggest you take them up with her new commanding officer immediately,” said Samson, cutting her off.

Her head was beginning to spin. “Her new commanding –“

The admiral stepped closer and looked straight into her eyes. “You.”

“Sir, … I don’t understand.”

A wide grin spread over his face, dispelling any notion that he had been as serious as he had let on. “By order of Starfleet Command, you are hereby requested and required to take command of USS Agamemnon as of this date,” he said and offered his hand. “Congratulations, Maya.”

She had no words. Her mind was still trying to process what had just happened and only very slowly did she realize the truth. They were all smiling now. The Glovers, Rahul even Texx. They had all been in on this from the start.

She shook his hand still trying to think of the appropriate words. “Thank you, sir,” she finally said unable to come up with anything else.

“I wish I would have thought of making a vid-log of this,” said Terrence with boyish amusement. “The look on your face was priceless.”

But Amaya was still too stunned to respond to that.

“Oh yes and one other thing,” said the admiral and gestured for Terrence who quickly stepped up next to him and presented a small black box. Samson Glover opened the lid, removed one golden rank pip and attached it to the collar of her uniform. “Captain Amaya Donners,” he said. “How does that sound?”

“I think it sounds pretty good,” said Terrence and shook her hand as well. “It’s going to be different around here without you welcoming me onboard every time I drop by.”

“I’m sure you’ll manage just fine, Captain,” she said with a smirk.

“I suppose I’ll have to, Captain.”

Shortly thereafter Terrence, Rahul and Texx left the room to give the admiral and the newly minted captain some time alone.

“I hope you are not terribly cross with me,” he said once the others had left. “This setup was mostly Terrence’s idea. The boy’s got an evil streak. God knows where he gets it from.”

She laughed. “It’s not what I expected.”

“It’s what you deserve. And I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t easy for me to do this. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s the right thing to do but losing you won’t be easy.”

“Sir, you know this wasn’t what I was after. I was happy with what I was doing,” she said.

He shook his head. “We both know that’s not true.”

“Maybe not entirely,” she said after a moment. Incredibly the idea of being in command of her own ship, now that it was a reality, was becoming more exhilarating by the moment. This, after all, had been why she had joined Starfleet. And no matter how much she had tried to pretend otherwise over the years, this had always been her dream.

“Trust me, Maya, this is exactly what you need. And I can tell you from experience that once you taste it, once you realize that she’s all yours, there is nothing in the universe you’d rather be doing than sitting in that chair. It’s a spark that I’ve leaned to recognize over the years. Terrence has it and so do you.”

She nodded slowly and then turned to approach one of the viewports, which allowed for a spectacular view of the docked Agamemnon.

“A beauty, isn’t she?” he said as he stepped behind Donners.

She couldn’t get her eyes off her. “Until just recently she was just another ship. Now she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

When Maya finally managed to tear herself away, she turned to glance at the man who had made this possible. “Thank you, sir. I mean it.”

He nodded with that proud, fatherly smile of his.

“I was wondering if I could ask you for one other favor?”

Glover tried not to grimace. The last time he had agreed to a favor he had lost the best first officer and adjutant he’d ever had. “Whatever it is, I’m sure we can get it done.”

She nodded and couldn’t resist to turn to the viewport once more to admire what was now her ship. After a short while she began to frown.

Glover noticed. “What’s the matter?”

“I just realized that I will have to radically change my perception of starship captains.”

Samson guffawed.

* * *
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

It was amazing really.

She had stayed up all night to study everything she could about her new ship. Had familiarized herself with all the technical stats, all the design features and mission objectives. She had learned that Agamemnon was only a few months out of spacedock but already had a full crew complement on board. She wouldn’t get to choose her own officers but it didn’t bother her. She had also learned that her ship was one of the first ones to carry a detachment of Marines, something that had only been previously done during times of war or during dangerous missions. She had proceeded to read every single service file of the senior staff and quite a few others as well.

And yet after that marathon studying session she was still bright-eyed and wide-awake at oh-seven-thirty the following day as she stepped foot onto her new ship for the very first time.

She knew the moment she was aboard that it was her ship. It had nothing to do with her orders but was purely a gut feeling emanating from somewhere in the pit of her stomach. She belonged here and no matter how much she had tried to talk herself out of taking her own command over the years, she knew now without a shadow of a doubt that this was exactly what she was meant to be doing.

She had to focus to keep a silly smile off her face half an hour later when she stood next to Admiral Glover on Agamemnon’s huge shuttlebay with a great number of the crew – her crew, she reminded herself – assembled to witness the change of command ceremony.

Afterwards Samson Glover had shook her hand and come dangerously close to becoming sentimental as he wished her the best of luck. It was all she could do to keep from getting teary eyed herself.

Shortly thereafter she found herself in her ready room. As expected it was almost entirely undecorated, the walls mostly bare and the carpet still smelt as if it had been laid the day before. The room was more spacious, brighter and more welcoming than the office she had used on the starbase. It was a space befitting a captain.

In her mind she was already seeing part of her African ceremonial mask collection neatly lining the far wall. Maybe a model of the Columbia in the corner.

“I think we’ll be happy here,” she said to the green and yellow heap curled up under the window, his large head resting lazily on his impressive paws.

Cosmo it seemed had already found his favorite spot. He purred with agreement. Then he raised his head in startled alarm, his piercing yellow eyes focused on the doors so intently, one would have though the animal possessed x-ray vision.

The enunciator sounded an instant later.

Amaya chuckled. “Who needs a door chime if you have a le-matya?” she said. “Down boy.”

Cosmo obediently complied.

“Come in.”

The doors parted and she smiled when she saw a familiar face step inside.

“Congratulations, Captain,” said Vej as he walked into the office. “I can’t say that I’m surprised.”

She looked at him suspiciously. “Don’t tell me you knew about this as well?”

He quickly shook his head. “I had no idea this was in the works, if that’s what you mean. What I knew was that sooner or later something like this would have to happen.”

“That’s right,” she said, remembering their last session together and sat down behind her desk. “I keep forgetting that apparently you know me better than I know myself.”

He sat also. “Tell me I’m wrong. Go to the admiral and tell him he can give this fancy new ship to somebody else. Somebody who really wants it.”

She looked around the room for a moment and then right back at him. “Nah.”

He smirked.

“Fine, you were right, happy? You don’t have to be so smug about it.”

His boyish grin remained as he raised his hands. “I don’t get to be right very often. I have to cherish these moments.”

She rolled her eyes. “You don’t get to be right very often?” she said. “Remind me why you are my counselor?”

“Must be my magnetic personality. But you’d be surprised how often I just wing it,” he said with a laugh. Then he became more serious. “Sadly it would appear that you will have to find somebody else to open up to now that you’ve gotten yourself your own command.”

She leaned forward and onto her desk. “Not necessarily.”

“You expect to stop by DS5 once a week? That could be difficult.”


“Subspace sessions?” he said.

“Too impersonal.”

“I don’t understand. What do you have in mind?”

Her grin widened. “Well, Agamemnon needs a counselor. You are a counselor.”

At this his eyes opened wide. “You can’t be serious.”

“But I am.”

He shook his head slightly. “Maya, I can’t. I have patients on DS5 who need me.”

“You’d have patients right here. And I need you,” she said and picked up her padd even though she knew she didn’t have to. She had already committed its contents to memory. “I’ve got the greenest crew ever to serve on a starship. My chief engineer is a Xindi-Insectoid who is not used to working with humanoids. My chief medical officer is the first Selay to serve in Starfleet and honestly I’m not even sure yet if she understands that most of us are warm-blooded. My helmsman is a DeSoto who I suspect believes that he’s entitled to preferential treatment due to his heritage and don’t get me started on my science officer who is related to none other than Richard Daystrom himself but seems to want nothing to do with his own legacy.

This crew will need somebody like you. And don’t tell me that you are not intrigued at the idea of serving on a starship and going places nobody else has gone before. Getting a chance to meet and study races nobody in the Federation has ever even heard of before.”

“You do make a good sales pitch.”

She smiled sweetly. “That’s why they made me captain, I suppose.”

Cosmo had gotten up from his corner but Vej had been too preoccupied with his own thoughts to notice the domesticated wildcat sneaking up on him. He flinched noticeably when he finally saw him. He purred slightly and then pushed himself past his legs.

“See, even Cosmo wants you here.”

“No doubt so he has a spare food source should the replicators ever fail.”

Donners laughed.

“I admit you make it sound interesting but how do you think Starfleet would feel about having a civilian counselor serving on a starship? I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy.”

“They’re not happy that I keep Cosmo around, either. Besides I’ve already cleared it with Admiral Glover. He doesn’t want to see you go but he has approved my request. I think he believes he owes me for putting up this whole show of his. Of course the truth is I owe him.”

Cosmo’s head abruptly turned again towards the doors.

“Come in,” said Amaya.

The doors opened and a startled Commander Arden Texx stood in the doorway. “Sir? How did you know I was here? I was just about to press –”

“I have my ways,” she said with a smile. “Please come in, Commander. I’d like you to meet a friend of mine.”

The Bolian did.

Cosmo hissed at the new arrival and Texx froze for a moment.

“Don’t worry, Commander,” Donners began. “He’s really just –“

“You have a le-matya?” he said, interrupting her. Without a second thought he walked right up to the animal and squatted down in front of him. “And what a great specimen he is. Look at that colorful hide and those ears,” he said and began to pet his head with both hands. “What a big beautiful boy you are,” he said to Cosmo who seemed to enjoy the attention and purred pleasingly as he let the Bolian pet him.

Vej and Donners had stood and now gave each other surprised looks.

Texx seemed to notice. “I apologize. My brother used to have a le-matya. But his was quite a bit smaller than yours. Very impressive creatures,” he said and then managed to tear himself away.

“That’s quite alright,” said Donners. “Cosmo doesn’t make friends easily so I suppose I should be relieved. Commander, please meet Vej a friend of mine and hopefully –“

“Your new counselor,” said Vej and held out his hand.

Texx wiped his hand on the side of his trousers before shaking the counselor’s. “A pleasure meeting you and welcome aboard.”

“Gentlemen, I would appreciate if you would stop interrupting me all the time. I am your captain, you know.”

After they both looked sufficiently chastised she smiled again and looked at Vej. “You won’t regret your decision.”

“We’ll see. Cosmo may have made a new friend but I can’t help wonder how many crewmembers will need some serious therapy after meeting your pet.”

“Couldn’t think of a better person for the job,” she said.

He gave her an appreciative look. “If you’d excuse me now. I better get packing. Besides I will need to write letters to a number of undoubtedly very disappointed former patients of mine.”

“Of course,” said Amaya.

Vej and Texx exchanged courteous nods and then the counselor left.

“Commander,” she said, focusing on the Bolian now.

“I wanted to let you know that we are still scheduled for departure at 1800 hours unless you would prefer to delay our launch.”

She shook her head. “I wouldn’t dream of it. Besides we are due to get our first orders from Admiral Owens shortly. That won’t give us much time for a test drive.”

He nodded. “I meant to ask you about that. Admiral Owens is not our sector commander.”

She had wondered about this herself and in fact had already begun to form conspiracy theories in her head. Jonathan Owens generally had little to do with fleet operations as far as she knew. And yet her first order had been to report to him. It was not the way Starfleet generally did business. But her euphoria over her own command didn’t allow her to see anything sinister about this. She knew the admiral reasonably well thanks to her friendship to his son and she was sure that whatever he needed her for was perfectly legitimate.

“I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, Commander. I’m sure Starfleet has good reasons for what they’re doing.”

He nodded. “I’ll have the senior staff ready to meet with you within the hour. After that I thought I’d give you a thorough tour of the ship.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea.”

“Cap,” he said with a nod and then turned to head for the doors.


He turned before reaching the exit.

She had been startled by the odd nickname he had used but now as the Bolian looked at her expectantly she suddenly found that she liked the sound of it. “Never mind, carry on.”

* * *
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

Heh. Amaya never saw the train coming until it hit her. I don't think she minded too much, though.

As the newness wears off, she'll discover that serving as C.O. of a starship isn't all glitz and glamor. With a green crew, an eclectic bunch of senior officers and her shiny new fourth pip, Captain Donner will soon learn that her life just became a lot more complicated.

Love the character work, CeJay! This is a great read.
"You are beginning to damage my calm." - Jayne Cobb
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

I loved the way you set her up. This quite possibly my favorite 'how they got their command' story I've read.
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
Heh. Amaya never saw the train coming until it hit her. I don't think she minded too much, though.

As the newness wears off, she'll discover that serving as C.O. of a starship isn't all glitz and glamor. With a green crew, an eclectic bunch of senior officers and her shiny new fourth pip, Captain Donner will soon learn that her life just became a lot more complicated.

Love the character work, CeJay! This is a great read.
Stop giving away the plot of my next story!

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Dnoth wrote: View Post
I loved the way you set her up. This quite possibly my favorite 'how they got their command' story I've read.
High praise, thanks Dnoth.
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

It was odd how quickly a person’s entire perspective could change. A mere twenty-four hours earlier Amaya Donners had been adamant that a starship command wasn’t really what she was after. She had been determined that she would not join the ranks of what she had perceived to be a group of self-important officers who arrogantly thought of themselves as the unquestioned rulers of their domain.

And yet as she stepped onto the bridge she could no longer deny the swelling pride she felt at being the master and commander of this ship and her crew. It didn’t even matter that most of her officers were green behind their ears, that they lacked experience. What mattered was that they were hers to command. That she would lead them and mold them into an efficiently working unit.

Was that a presumptuous thought?

Twenty-four hours earlier she would not have hesitated to say yes. Now things were suddenly very different.

Arden Texx stood from his chair as he saw her emerge from the turbo-lift. “All hands are standing by for departure, sir.”

She walked down to the center of the bridge between the captain’s chair and the main view screen and let her glance wander from one station to the other, from one crewmember to the next.

It was a diverse crew she had been given, maybe even more so than one would have come to expect from a Federation starship. “All stations, confirm readiness status,” she said.

Lieutenant Commander Chen stood by the engineering station. Chen of course was merely a nickname for a much longer and mostly unpronounceable name for most non Xindi. Maya hadn’t met many insectoids before and she already understood that it would take some getting used to working with what essentially looked like an oversized ant on a daily basis. But Chen was a fascinating creature and she was looking forward to learning more about him.

“Engineering, ready for departure. Impulse engines and warp drive standing by,” Chen said with a noticeable clicking in his voice.

At sciences she found Wayne Daystrom, a tall and broad-shouldered officer who had the build more befitting of a club bouncer than a scientist. There was an undeniable resemblance to the man who many thought of as one of the greatest scientists in Federation history. The young lieutenant on the other hand, still stood at the beginning of his own career.

“All sensors fully operational and ready for launch.”

Maybe one of the most physically impressive officers under her command was Lieutenant Lure Mer’iab, the ship’s tactical and security officer. The Aurelian was an avian and stood over two meters tall, had a body covered entirely with umber-colored fur like plumage, with a large beak making up most of his face and most fascinating of all, two large wings jutting out from his back. She wasn’t sure if he could actually fly but she had already made a mental note to keep Cosmo away from the lieutenant.

“Tactical systems at full stand-by.”

At the front she found Tess Allenby at operations, a pretty but generally stern looking young woman who had career officer written all over her.

“All ship resources within standard parameters.”

Bobby DeSoto sat at the helm next to her and he probably couldn’t have been more of an opposite to Allenby in general demeanor and attitude.

“Helm ready to rock ’n roll,” said Ensign DeSoto with a smirk. It elicited a disapproving sidelong look from Allenby but Donners couldn’t help but smirk.

Vej sat in the chair to the left of the command seat and he seemed to have settled in well considering how much convincing it had taken to have him sign-on. He looked up at her expectantly, not doubt almost as excited to get under way as she was herself.

He gave her an affirming nod.

Maya suddenly understood that these people around her were going to become more than just colleagues. They were going to become her new family.

She sat down in her seat for the first time and immediately found it to be the most comfortable chair she had ever sat in.

Texx took the seat next to her and she leaned over to him. “Commander, I hope that the crew is familiar with the proper procedures to depart from a starbase. Your approach left quite a bit to be desired.”

The Bolian smiled. “I’m confident we can do a much better job.”

“Good, I would hate starting my new command handing out reprimands,” she said and turned forward again to face the view screen which was still showing Deep Space Five and her home for the last four years. She had always thought that it be difficult to leave it behind when the time came. She knew she would miss the friends she had made there but a new challenge was awaiting her now and truth be told, she couldn’t wait to get started.

“Are you ready?” asked Vej.

She looked at him for a moment, only slowly realizing how fitting that question truly was.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m ready.” And then focused on the young helmsman. “Mister DeSoto.”

He swiveled around in his chair. “Cap?”

She shot a quick look at her first officer who merely shrugged innocently. Apparently nicknames traveled fast on this ship.

Captain Amaya Donners focused forward again. In anticipation to their departure the screen had now shifted to show the star-filled space beyond DS5. “Not to long ago somebody told me that there is a whole galaxy out there filled with opportunities. Let’s not keep it waiting any longer.”


If you enjoyed this story, you may also like the other nine short stories which make up Vignette Series Two: Crossing Over in which characters from The Star Eagle Adventures cross paths with various familiar faces from other United Trek series.

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To learn what happens to Amaya Donners and Agamemnon next, come back next month to follow her story in the feature-length novel Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle.

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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

Fantastic as always, CeJay! A wonderful look at Captain Donners' first journey in the captain's chair, what will doubtless be the first of many adventures to come.
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

You've got me hooked. I look forward to your next story.
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Re: And a Star to Steer Her By

Hey guys, thanks for the comments and I hope you'll enjoy what comes next as much. I've been working hard to get it ready for posting.
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