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Doctor Who "Bigger on the inside..."

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Old October 28 2011, 10:39 PM   #1
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Favorite non-TARDIS time travel in WHO?

Although the series uses the TARDIS most often, there have been times when the Doctor (or villains) has had to resort to alternative methods.

Since the poll would be limited here's a few alternate WHO time travel things:

DARDIS-The Dalek Time machine introduced in "The Chase". Basically similar to a TARDIS except with Daleks as the pilots, this machine helped get Ian and Barbera home, although it could've made them burnt cinders floating around in space and possibly made them immortal as well.

SIDRATS- the knock-off TARDISes used by the war lords from Patrick Troughton's big finale, the War games.

Time Corridor-The Time corrider is also used by the Daleks. Operates similarly to a transmat (Doctor who slang for Transporters) and I think is sort of like a mini-vortex. Coordinates are programmed via a 'time controller'. The Time Corridor technology is seen mainly in the later Dalek serials.

TOMTIT-Weirdly named semi-time travel device (Acroynm for Transmission of matter through interstatial time). Did a few things like bringing a cretan priest to the present, reduce Benton to a baby, summoning chronovores and other weird stuff.

Time Cabinet/Zigma experiment-Magnus Greel's time machine, but a very crude one.

Vortex manipulator-Nuwho's main alternate time travel device, often a dues ex machina helping the Doctor, Martha, and Jack escape from the futurekind; and the Doctor out of the pandorica. Jack also uses this a bit. River also uses this to hop around time.

Emergency Temporal Shift-Transports the Daleks to other times, perhaps using time corridor technology. However it seems to be unpredictable, with the Daleks winding up in Manhattan and later Caan ends up in the time war.

Time Ring-given by the time lords during the Fourth Doctor's mission on Skaro (Genesis of the Daleks), works on a similar principle to the vortex manipulator.

Time windows-From Girl in the Fireplace, where the Doctor is able to visit Reinette at different points.

Time Scoop-used in The Five Doctors to spirit the Doctors to Gallifrey's death zone (Except for the fourth who got stuck in a time eddy, and the fifth who got there mainly by TARDIS).

Weeping Angels-Send people back in time and leave them trapped in the past, eating up the years they could've had. This is apparentally only the function of one group of angels though.

Cybermen time machine-Cybermen used this in Attack of The Cybermen to travel from the future to 1980s Earth to try to prevent Mondas's destruction. It's also possible this is how the more advanced models from Silver Nemesis wound up in the 80s.
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