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Old October 20 2014, 09:53 PM   #1
New member question about my own ST Next Gen table top RPG scenario

Hello all!

My name is Erik, and I am a new member from Sweden, Europe and I am sure glad to have found this group. Not that I
expect to get automatic help on issues I have, but any help is definately appreciated.

Please bear with me, this is a wall of text.

The thing I am tinkering with right now, is trying piecing together a surprise adventure for my friends.
The situation/idea is this:

1. The players are all rather experienced table top RPG players who've been playing all sorts of other RPGs from the
1980's forward.

2. I've told them the overall challenge is to GUESS what actual game they're playing. I have recently purchased the Last Unicorn The Next Generation roleplaying game (my friends don't know that), but am trying to hide the game setting from them by presenting the scenario as something in a very primitive setting, a stone age culture.

3. The basic scenario idea is, that all the player characters have been sent down to a planet as an away team where
their assignment is to somehow warn the people living in the stone age realm of an impending disaster that will all destroy them all if they don't start moving to another far off place. Everyone of the characters are all in disguise as one of the stone age people.

4. The place that these people live is next to a huge (for now dormant) volcano that is surrounded by many warm springs and other beneficial areas. These people have been living in different clans around the volcano for many generations. The volcano have had eruptions before, which has been either smaller disasters or survivable eruptions.

But now (according to the sensitive science instruments on the characters passing ship) the volcano is soon going to have such a gigantic Krakatoa-like eruption that not no one living in the general area is going to survive it.

5. The Prime Directive, I think, clearly states that these kinds of pre-starfaring cultures are not to be disturbed or trifled with, even when they face such a situation. But the ship captain are taking a personal responsibility for violating the directive to help these people survive, and have ordered the away team down on the assignment.

6. On there way down, they aim to fly down in a shuttle to a hidden area, because the planet is surrounded with many
moons which has high concentrations of some sort of metal/substance that scrambles transporter signals AND a lot of communications. These moons sometimes shed some debris which act as a small meteorite rain. This of course happens
during the flight down, striking the shuttle with such force that it crash lands.

7. Then the characters wake up. They have succeeded in a very dazed crawling/staggering from a thickly wooded area
that the shuttle is almost totally hidden by. One of the team is dead (an NPC). The others are alive, but in various bad health states. Broken legs, arms or other problems are all there, but the biggest disaster of all is that they have all forgotten who they are and why they are there. The wooded area they crash landed in are riddled by something called Phellum blooms.

These flowers makes you drugged and generally disordered for a finite time. And that's only when ever so slightly sniffing on them or lightly brushing up against them. The crash made the flowers bloom seeds flying up and making a sort of a "snow storm" of the bloom seeds. That's the reason of the much heavier effect on the characters minds.
They cannot remember anything other that fragments of the latest thoughts and feelings they had.
The memories are, that they were climbing(?) or travelling high up on the mountain side close to the wooded area, when they fell(?), was pushed(?) down and was injured.

8. Anyway. My overall idea is for them to slowly and piece by piece come to the conclusion that they are a part of a crew from a USS starship in orbit, not members of a stone age culture. ´The final part should lead them to the shuttle and there find a loose communicator badge (a real plastic prop that I've bought). It should be the last totally convincing thing that proves what they are. The shuttle itself should not really be visible as anything other than a strange "hole" among the crushed trees.

From the start they are not carrying anything suspicious that would give them away. But I'm not sure if they should somehow be members of the clan that finds them or from a neighbouring clan.

9. I have written up a basic idea of what the clan looks like. The clan that finds them is a more developed stone age
culture clan than the neighbouring ones. This clan is called "The wagon people", simply because they've invented a way to use wheels on crude wagons. The latest models even have four wheels and are driven by a sort of oxen. The wagon people is warring with neighbouring clans right now and is not on good terms with them. In spite of this, the other closest clan to the wagon people have a smart shaman who has himself started to guess the volcano's much more violent eruption coming.

But as the two clans is locked in war and the wagon people shaman has just died, they need guidance, but cannot easily listen to a shaman from another enemy clan. But the characters should be healed and then wander off, meeting
the enemy shaman by chance and getting his information somehow.

What do you think? I'll gladly read any thoughts on this. Sorry for the overall length of text and bad English.
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