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Old June 27 2011, 04:16 AM   #1
Odo's Avatar
Location: Earth
Post-Finale SNW DS9 Stories

Hey, I was wondering in regards to the quality of the SNW DS9 stories set after the show. I know some have tenuous connections to the relaunch (Ro dating Quark, Torrna Antosso reference, etc).

From what I know, the post-finale DS9 SNW stories are:

Fear, Itself (SNW 5)
Urgent Matter (SNW 6)
Barclay Program Nine (SNW 7)
Gumbo (SNW 8)
Always a Price (SNW 8)
Shadowed Allies (SNW 9)
Living on the Edge of Existence (SNW 9)
The Last Tree on Ferenginar (SNW 9)
Signal to Noise (SNW 10)

Any particular ones worth reading?
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Old June 27 2011, 02:51 PM   #2
Fleet Captain
Re: Post-Finale SNW DS9 Stories

"Barclay Program 9" is pretty good. It features Kira and Quark working together to retrieve Barclay's stolen holoprogram. "Fear, Itself" is excellent, with some moving scenes between Sisko and Jake. "Always a Price" was interesting, as it showed a positive side to Kai Winn.
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Old June 27 2011, 09:06 PM   #3
T'Ressa Dax
T'Ressa Dax's Avatar
Location: Kendra Province, Bajor
Re: Post-Finale SNW DS9 Stories

Have to agree about Fear, Itself and Barclay Program 9. Gumbo is the only other one I remember well enough to say it was very good if you like Jake. Seem to recall The Last Tree on Ferenginar was good.
"In fact, I've always found that uh...when people try to convince others of their beliefs, it's because...they're really just trying to convince themselves."
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Old June 28 2011, 07:15 PM   #4
Amy Sisson
Amy Sisson's Avatar
Location: Houston, TX
Re: Post-Finale SNW DS9 Stories

My "The Law of Averages" in SNW 7 is post-DS9 -- way, way post DS9 (700-800 years later). It appears in the "Speculations" section of the book but is DS9. Dax is the viewpoint character.

"Gumbo" is my favorite among the stories you've listed!
Amy Sisson
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Old June 28 2011, 09:40 PM   #5
Rear Admiral
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Location: 2010
Re: Post-Finale SNW DS9 Stories

The only one of these I remember reading is "The Last Tree on Ferenginar," and it is good fun.
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