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Old March 23 2005, 01:56 AM   #1
The DOS Machine
Fleet Captain
Windows XP Gaming Problems with Solutions

Considering the increasing number of help requests in the community relating to technical problems running previously released Trek games under Windows XP, I think it would be an excellent idea for us to create a storehouse of common and uncommon XP-related issues WITH SOLUTIONS. Please don't use this thread to request help! Only post solutions to problems that are known to you so they can be shared with everyone else. Also use this thread to clarify problems and solutions.



It is recommended that you fully patch your game and attempt to use all Compatibility Mode settings before requesting help on this forum.

An official game patch is a program or file(s) released by a game publisher that you download to fix problems and tweak gameplay. Usually they include instructions on how to apply them to your installed game. The official website for a game is the usual source for official patches, but other gaming sites have them as well. is a good source for patches, while TrekPulse Gaming, the Star Trek Gaming Universe, and other Trek gaming fansites may/will eventually have them also. If all else fails, do a search on Google for your game's name and "patch" for a list of sites.


I'll start with Dominion Wars. It would probably be best to sustain this format for easier searching:

GAME: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars (2001, Simon & Schuster Interactive)

PROBLEM: The in-game mouse cursor experiences stuttering or slowdowns/lagging although the rest of the game seems fine, making it impossible to play.


(Patching the game to version 1.04 is highly recommended!)

1. Use Compatibility Mode with the game if you haven't already and set it to "Windows 98 / Windows ME". If problems continue....

2. Reduce your desktop resolution to at least 1024x786 (XGA), preferably 800x600 (SVGA), and then run the game. If problems continue....

3. Download, extract, read about, and install the unofficial XP patch for Dominion Wars (RAR archive, requires v1.04 installation). This is untested.


P.S.-Would you please sticky this thread, daedalus5?
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Old March 26 2005, 08:35 AM   #2
The DOS Machine
Fleet Captain
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I'm sure there are a dozen of you out there who've solved WinXP problems with your Trek games, so come on: Share the Knowledge!


GAME: Star Trek TNG Birth of the Federation (1999, Microprose)

PROBLEM: Game will not start/crashes to desktop after splash screen

SOLUTION: Three easy steps....

1. Make a clean install of BotF (if not already the case)

2. Install the 1.02 patch

3. In the directory the patch files were extracted to (usually \botf\temp) there is a file called USTREK.EXE. Copy this file and paste it into the \botf (main BotF install) directory.

-3A. Rename the existing TREK.EXE file in the main directory to TREK.EXE.BAK (or whatever).

-3B. Finally, rename the USTREK.EXE file you just added here to TREK.EXE

Thanks to Sloansect31 from the TrekPulse BBS for this info!

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Old March 28 2005, 08:50 AM   #3
zephramc's Avatar
Location: California
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Does anyone have any solutions for XP and Klingon Academy? I've started playing it again. My friend gave it back after borrowing it for almost 4 years.

My problem is that the game will crash at random times during ship combat. It dumps this to the Event Viewer:
Faulting application ka.exe, version, faulting module ka.exe, version, fault address 0x0010a251.

Anyway I can find much information on the game. Interplay went belly-up. I found through a google search, one person having similar problems, and he/she was able to fix it by rolling back their Nvidia Detonator driver to an old version. I tried that but no luck.

PC Specs:
2.4GHz P4
64MB GForce 4 MX (Yes I know it sucks)
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Windows XP SP2 w/ all the trimmings, err. patches.

Oh and I have tried compatibility mode
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Old April 4 2005, 12:58 AM   #4
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly's Avatar
Location: York, United Kingdom
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Windows 2000 Users as well as Windows XP users could benifit from the use of DOSBox for running any Star Trek game that ran in DOS. Of cause there are other ways to get the games running without the use of this program (regarding sound) but its probably the least fussy.

Heres the link

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Old April 8 2005, 12:22 AM   #5
The DOS Machine
Fleet Captain
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

^Just to fix your link:

With 64-bit PCs and the next generation of Windows, true DOS emulation like DOSBOX will soon be the only way to run all DOS games outside of a virtual OS (VMware or Virtual PC) or an older Win 98, 95, or DOS multimedia PC.

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Old May 16 2005, 10:31 AM   #6
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Guys, can anyone help me?
i'm trying to install(!!) A Final Unity under WinXP, and i'm stuck.
I've tried almost everything; from editing autoexec.nt and config.nt, i've tried vdms, and dosbox and still... i'm stuck.
the first issue was files/buffers problem, witch i manage to pass with dosbox, but the installer still don't accept the cd rom (drive or virtual). can anyone help?? please, i'm desperate.
thx to you all.
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Old May 16 2005, 11:43 AM   #7
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I don't know if you've tried this, but it worked for me to run it in win98 - I haven't tried it in XP yet as I haven't installed my new computer yet, but I don't see any reason this shouldn't work in XP - it's worth a try anyway. Because A Final Unity (which is a fantastic, amazing game btw ;-)) was never meant to run under any kind of windows, you have to fool the game into thinking you're not in windows, when actually you are. I couldn't find the orginal instructions I used to do this, but I think these ones are the same:

1. Put the Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity"

disc in the CD-ROM drive.

2. Click on "My Computer."

3. Double-click on the drive letter for your CD-ROM drive.

4. Use your right mouse button to click on "Install."

5. Click on "Properties."

6. Click on the Program tab.

7. Click on "Advanced."

8. Click on "Prevent MS-DOS based programs from detecting


9. Click on OK.

10. Click on OK.

11. Double-click on the "Install" icon.

If you receive a message that your CD-ROM drive is too slow,

ignore it. The CD-ROM speed test is invalid in a multitasking

environment. You may also receive a suggestion to set up an icon

for MS-DOS mode as the installer tests your video card. In most

cases you can ignore this message. (If you're running a machine

that meets the absolute minimum system requirements, you may

want to set up that icon.)

12. The installer should be able to detect all of your hardware.

Accept the defaults.

13. To run the game, find the directory where you installed Star

Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity," then look for the

STTNG.EXE file and click on it with the right mouse button.

14. Click on "Properties."

15. Click on the Program tab.

16. Click on "Advanced."

17. Click on "Prevent MS-DOS based programs from detecting Windows."

18. Click on OK.

19. Click on OK.

20. Now double-click on the new STTNG icon.

I know this worked for me under win98, and I'll definitely be trying it when I install my new XP computer. The only problem I found was, the game tended to cut back to desktop at random intervals, so just keep saving as you go along so you don't lose too much if stops for no reason.
Good luck! I hope this works for you.
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Old May 16 2005, 03:28 PM   #8
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Agreed. A Final Unity was a pain in the ass to get to work on my computer back in the day it came out!

I had a pretty fast computer back then, with more than the minimum specs, and I remember having to bend over backwards just to get past the introduction movie!

(Coincidentally, Deep Space Nine: Harbinger was far, far worse in compatiblity. Those damned VESA drivers )

I'll keep an eye out for you for any tips other people might have around the net. I still have my CD here and wouldn't mind playing it again.
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Old May 16 2005, 11:43 PM   #9
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

thx for your advise, Melis. The only problem, is that win xp does't have the "Prevent MS-DOS based programs from detecting Windows" option under the advanced in the program tab. there is only a chckbox writen "hardware emulation... something". as i wrtote, i was able to bypass the files/buffers problem with dosbox, but still stuck with the cd-rom issue (can't ignore it. it's marked as red). i've read tips for instaling the game booting from a win95 bootdisk, but my computer is ntfs, so the bootdisk don't recognize my drives.
Anyway, i apreciate what you've done. If there's anyone who can help me please... i'm desperate...
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Old May 17 2005, 03:58 PM   #10
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Ah, I'm sorry Nightcr4wler, I didn't realise that function wasn't available on XP. That kinda sucks then...sorry about that.
An extreme solution that I've been told about is to do with installing a 'virtual PC' on your computer - which is a way of running more than one operating system on your PC at a time. You install the software, create a virtual harddrive, and install MSDOS into this - so essentially, it's a separate DOS computer within your XP computer, which theoretically you can run any DOS game on.
If you're thinking this sounds complicated, you're right ;-) but according to my friend the computer expert, it's not that hard, as long as you have the disks to install MSDOS with - which I don't know if you do. I don't know if I do either, for that matter, I'm still hoping DOSbox will work for me before I try and do this...but if you're good with computers (which I'm not) it's an option worth researching at least. Google 'virtual PC', and see what you come up with.
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Old May 25 2005, 01:28 AM   #11
A Chimpanzee & 2 Trainees
Location: Under the banana tree
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I know this might sound stupid, but when you mounted your cd-rom drive in dosBox, did you mount it with -t cdrom option?

25th Anniversary wouldn't recognize my CD-ROM when I mounted it until I did that....
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Old June 5 2005, 08:25 AM   #12
Location: Las Vegas, NV USA
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

New Worlds: can't get it to run period. despite trying everything suggested.

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Old June 12 2005, 08:48 PM   #13
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Thx guys...
Melis, i've tried the "virtual machine", but since my drive is ntfs, fat 32 O.S.s dont install.
And Chimp, i tried all the options when emulating the cd rom...
25th anyverssary and judgement rites runs smoothly... justthe damned final unity does'nt run...
now i'll try to run DS9 Harbinger.. so if anyone can come up with tips i'd apreciate.
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Old June 13 2005, 05:59 AM   #14
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

see the irony in all this...
ds9 harbinger runned smotth on win xp... without dosbox.... just the godamm' final unity doesn't run... aaaaarrrrrgh...
somebody help me!!!!
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Old June 13 2005, 07:20 PM   #15
Lieutenant Commander
Divine's Avatar
Location: Utah
Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I was able to get Final unity to play doing a manual install so it bypassed the setup and the cdrom issue. Although I never figured out how to get the audio to work.
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