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Old February 21 2011, 04:08 AM   #1
Location: Honolulu Hawaii
February: Unknown Love

Note: This happens before DS9 comes online as a Federation ship and the Federation-Cardassian Wars.

The first thing that Niall could tell of the woman was her exotic nature. She was biracial, African origin and some other ethnicity. She would laugh at a thing told amongst her people and it occurred to Niall that she made things brighter where-ever she went.

They had been talking to each other as long as her ship was berthed at Deep Space Five. She was a part of that unknown species that had come into recent contact. They had managed to procure old Miranda class cruisers and the question was their origins. The general thought was that they must have come from place where women were as attractive as any dream could muster.

He had asked her out. There would be the comforting thing. He told her of his sister serving on the USS Galaxy. Hannah was her name. He told her that his sister had done the family proud. Somehow he had found himself not on the frontier as Deep Space 8 or Deep Space 7 … but somewhere in between. She shook her head.

She was odd. Niall showed her his medical facilities. He was only a junior doctor on the space station. The oddest thing was the new computer that had been inputted and the tricorder. She was taken aback by it.

Her name was Miss Nina Red. That was the first and last time she went into the medical facility. She would show Niall her worn out medical bag, something straight out of a history book, complete with bandages, a knife, a windup toy, and other things. Niall asked her about the windup toy.

She actually looked at him and said that it was to test conductivity in the blood. She mimed the slitting of the arm. That was utterly archaic and barbaric beyond words.

Miss Nina insisted on being called that. Niall wasn’t sure if she was taken or not. She introduced him to other people of her crew. They would all be army. Somehow they didn’t have a navy – they had an army controlling the navy. The question was how did this come to be, especially given that they were former Federation ships. She did not explain and neither did her fellow crewmembers. But they were friendly.

The second time that Niall met her was three months after. The evil robot undead were marching somewhere that was unreachable by Deep Space Five. The biggest complaint was that Deep Space Five was so deep that it had lost meaning.

Niall got preoccupied by the newest class of warp coils that Engineering was working on for some class. It had busted up and Niall had to do the night shift on that one. Doctor Rand was never quite as proper as she thought she was. Then there was the utter incompetence of the Senior Doctor, a transfer from some colonial world.

She came on like a dream. The ship docked and there she was. They had completely gutted their ship to be something out of an older discarded dream. Niall was no engineer and they were completely private. Perhaps in a different and more exciting line of life, they would have been best friends on the high seas.

Miss Nina introduced him to Jane Straw – an associate of hers. She had straw hair and there was life in the renovated hallways. There was that lovely lecture about enslaved AI’s.
Miss Nina introduced him to the Captain of Engineering. That would be Thomas – a man from Earth – but not. He would often refer to Earth as if it was on a plane of somewhere else. All his men were clearly soldiers.

It was far different from the Engineering that constantly got injured on a regular basis. This was for some Intrepid class of warp coil they would tell Niall as he tended their wounds.

The oddest thing came in what she would tell of her origins. It was something straight out of a fogged up engineer’s recollection of how he got a busted rib from a Bolian cook. There would be some alcohol – the real stuff – involved. Then Niall would be bribed with it to cover it up for the Chief Engineer of the Night Shift. That was completely unrelated to how fine Miss Nina was.

She had come out of some New London. She was always a medic. She didn’t know a day that she wasn’t a medic. Her medical bag was always near her and she had been attached to a colonial drive on some planet. Then the evil robot undead attacked. They busted her city left right and center. They actually occupied her city to the point that she was on the run. She was part of the resistance.

At that point Niall asked if they had assimilated anyone – as the video screens showed in the Promenade of the station. He had seen the video clips of the legendary Captain Picard. News, Niall said, was always three months too late, and action three years in planning.

Miss Nina said they didn’t assimilate – just killed. That led to some argument on enslaved AI’s and other things. Niall never got to the end of that story – because he said something wrong to her. She got scooped up by one of her members – Niall never got used to them saluting each other and the fact that they were in Union Blue or British Khaki.

Niall was still the junior doctor on the Night Shift of Deep Space Five. His specialty was mending bones. At one point the entire Security Department got sapped by the incoming USS Billings. Some new Commander was on her. Then the USS Yamato got destroyed. There was the tasking of Engineering to find some type of shield that would prevent some interference. There was the politics of the planet nearby.

The third time was when they took Captain Picard and made him evil. Even more people were sapped out of the station. There was always that focus of war and how they could defeat the evil robot undead.

The infernal thing was their focus on the Sol System. They never went after the desolate deep space stations. That was the biggest complaint in the Promenade. Deep Space Five – placed in such a deep space that the numbers began at five because the others got forgotten. Deep Space Three got a mention because it was near the Romulans.

She only came through a message on board the USS Tortuga. She was sad that she could not come. Her father was sick somehow. Niall got busy with the Security Department and marked that year of turbulence. He got promoted to Senior Doctor of the Night Shift.

The fourth time was a long one. He got plunged into the medical field so far, that he often remarked to his sister, that he couldn’t even remember the time when he wasn’t on Deep Space Five. Niall got transferred to Deep Space Three on some strange account. His sister got promoted on the USS Lake. Then Niall got transferred back to Deep Space Five.

He had run into her on the second deck. She had gone through a rough spot with her father and was happy to see him. Nail offered the use of the holodecks and she didn’t like it. She didn’t like it at all. It was her offer to take him on some planet they found.

What can be said about their ship?

Niall had spent most of his career hanging around engineers and security on the night shift. He could definitely tell a coil burn from plasma sheer. The whole thing boggled the mind on how they managed to convert the ship into something that seemed organic. It was not far off from Deep Space Five. They had made a tent city there. Niall could number the small squadron that they did have – about five ships. They were refugees of some sort, devoted in getting something from the ground.

Niall would tell what he saw to his sister over a fuzzy connection. She had made a small rock garden and wanted to hike the forbidden rocks overlooking a salty sea. The hair would be caught by the wind and she introduced Jane Straw and Freckles. Jane Straw had dyed her hair. Freckles had orange hair and had the same feature that gave reason to her nickname. Miss Nina confided that every time Freckles had stated her name – everyone thought she was crazy.

Then there was the rain. Then there was the lake. Jane Straw and Freckles knew how to swim but Miss Nina stayed away. Niall’s sister said that he was showing his fondness over the visual intercom as he related the story.

They were almost getting there. Niall’s sister asked what was wrong. Niall was telling her the story through the video intercom in his old room. It was as if he had never left. His career was told through straight corridors to different space stations, deep in space, and never to explore or war.

Niall had said something on the wrong tone. She was utterly fine. She was so fine that she had put all those alien women in the holodeck programs to shame. Niall said it was the eyes that went off. At one point she had brown eyes and then silver. At first he thought she was genetically enhanced. Then there was a second thought of one of those rumored shape shifting aliens that had ensnared Captain Kirk on that prison planet.

Niall had always good relations with his sister. The rest of the family suffered from that point. He had grown estranged from his parents and brother. They had gone off to ships and he was the Senior Medical Consultant for Deep Space Medicine.

Miss Nina said that she was running in that half ruined city. She had been infected with something. She introduced her father to him. He was a captain – tall – and the type that had been born in his uniform. The dust went through everyone’s legs. The rain came down on that alien planet.

Niall told his sister that he always wanted to land a woman like her. There was a simple act of setting tea for her father. Her father was nowhere close to Miss Nina. She set the blue cups, the blue pitcher, and poured the tea on the tablecloth. The rain came on.
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Gul Re'jal
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Re: February: Unknown Love

I like how things are left unspoken, not "thrown in the face," but left for readers to fill the gaps themselves.

Is that for the challenge? Don't forget to add the link in the challenge thread.
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Re: February: Unknown Love


Yes I did put the link in the thread.
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Re: February: Unknown Love

:spock: fascinating.
Pike: What're you doing here?
Kirk: Just following orders!
Me: Thanks Jim!
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