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Old February 21 2011, 05:47 AM   #1
TerokNor's Avatar
February Challenge: Hand in hand

Author´s notes:
PikeFan: Thank you for proofreading!
Gul Re´jal: Thank you for letting me use some things from your universe (months, identification-number).
26th day of Yiyut 478 = 7th March 2342

Hand in hand

They were sitting on a beach so white that it seemed it was made of light alone. Black waves silently rolled onto the shore, seeming to be the long arms of an endless, dark ocean, but within the ocean millions of shimmering dots were appearing and disappearing in the infinite dance of creation and change.
“Are you scared?” she asked him and got a smile in response.
“No, as long as we go together nothing can scare me.”
They took each others hands and then got up to join the countless number of souls that would start their travel soon and to greet the countless number of souls that returned of their travel done.


The first thing he remembered when he awoke was music.
Not the kind of music you would call beautiful, like when pianos, violins and flutes join together in a harmonic concert of emotion and story. But the kind of music, that is the unique sound of every living body, an orchestra of life with its gurgling and grumbling, rumbling and hissing and the most prominent melody of them all: a steady deep drum-like sound, that is called the beat of the heart.
He listened intently to this strong rhytmen and it made him feel warm and save in the darkness embracing him.
Also he knew that he was not alone. She was by his side. He could not see her, but he could sense her being. This gave him the wonderful feeling of completeness.
Time passed by and he grew uncomfortable. He could not move very well anymore as the space was just too small. He could also feel her struggling and suddenly all kind of strange sounds and movements happened to the same time.
And then she was gone. He grew scared. Hadn´t they said they would go on the travel together? Where was she now? Why had she left him?
He could only do one thing. He had to follow her.

Being born certainly is no easy journey, but if you want to continue living that is the only way to go. There just is no other choice.
So he fought his way outside and hoped to find her again, but when the first rays of light met the irises of his blue eyes and the first cries escaped his throat the memory of the shore, the ocean and the souls grew misty in his mind and would soon be forgotten.

Hands held him and wrapped him up in something warm and soft.
“Mr. and Mrs. Damar, he heard a voice, may I congratulate you to the birth of your son.”
He got put in the arms of a beautiful being who smiled down at him.
“They are both perfect, aren´t they, Tyrell?” he heard the beautiful being speak. “Look at his ridges, they are quite detailed for a newborn. He will grow to be a handsome and strong man one day.”
A big shadow next to the bed nodded and then looked down at the small form he himself cradeld in his arms. “And look at how beautiful her chanth is shaped and this impressive lips. Don´t you think she has my nose?” the shadow spoke and stroke over the grey cheeks of his daughter.
“Excuse me,” another voice cut in. “I don´t want to disturb you, but I need their names for the identification files. Do you have decided yet, how to call them?”
“We have”, the Cardassian parents answered proudly and the doctor started to fill in the information on his PADD.
It read:

Name: Niala Alin Damar
Identification Number: 478- arrku- 0078- sam´on-2820
Date of birth: 26th day of Yiyut 478, 0336 hours
Lengh: 48 cm
Weight: 2830 g
Family: Daughter to Tyrell Damar and Nisha Cari Damar (Lonas by birth). Sister to Corat Eren Damar and Tarik Damar.

Name: Corat Eren Damar
Identification Number: 478- arrku- 0083- lo´on- 3211
Date of birth: 26th day of Yiyut 478, 0558 hours
Lengh: 47 cm
Weight: 2790 g
Family: Son to Tyrell Damar and Nisha Cari Damar (Lonas by birth). Brother to Niala Alin Damar and Tarik Damar.

Now each child had a file, ready to be filled with their lifes; story, successes as well as failures. Everything had its order, how it should be. Contended the doctor left the room to give the family some time alone.

Corat cuddled sleepily to the warm chest of his mother listening to the familiar heart-beat. Being born truly was an exausting experience. All he wanted now was to sleep. When he had nearly dropped off someone lifted him out of his mothers arms. He didn´t like that and started to complain rather loudly.
“Now, now," he heard a soothing deep voice. "We want to give your mother some rest don’t we?”
He got put down again into a small bed. The man, he would later call father, looked down at him and stroke over his soft tuft of black hair. “Make me proud son," he whispered and left his side.

Corat yawned and looked around.
Next to him lay the other baby and when he heard her music he felt instantly save. He closed his eyes and fell into a sleep full of wonderful dreams of his life to come. Little he knew, that these dreams would stay in the shadows, not meant to come true. Tough even if he had known, he would not have cared right then. He was here next to her. He could not remember anymore who exactly she was, but he knew that she was important to him and that he felt good being near her. That was all that counted.

************************************************** *

He was walking along a beach so white that it seemed it was made of light, watching black waves silently rolling onto the shore, bringing with them boats filled with the ones finished their travel and leaving the shore filled with the ones starting there travel.
His own travel had ended, sooner than he had imagined. Now he was back where he had left so many years ago. She however was not here with him yet.
On the one hand that made him happy, because it meant, that she had survived the war, the only Damar who did, and he wished that she may lead a long and good life. On the other hand he knew he would not find peace before she was back at his side. So he sat down and waited. One day she would climb out of a boat and they would leave the beach together to go to the land of the souls returned hand in hand, where others waited for them.
Till then he would dream of her. Dream and wait.

The End

... Stay clear! It´s the singing of things I´m longing to hear. You touch them and stiff and silent they turn. You´re killing the things for whose singing I yearn!

I support PLAN.
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Old February 21 2011, 05:48 AM   #2
Nerys Ghemor
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Re: February Challenge: Hand in hand

I've never had a twin--or any siblings--but you sure made me able to imagine what that would be like.
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Old February 21 2011, 06:06 AM   #3
Gul Re'jal
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Re: February Challenge: Hand in hand

Together before being born, together through life and--some day--together back again. Certainly connected by a strong thread.

A very touching story I like it very much
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Old February 21 2011, 04:17 PM   #4
Whoa Nellie
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Re: February Challenge: Hand in hand

This was a lovely and very poignant piece about true soul mates. Nicely done.

Warmest Wishes,
Whoa Nellie
Recipient of the 2006 Alara Rogers ASC Award for Best Author Overall.
"I personally like to think Picard and Vash had a very active sex life. I can't believe Picard just read Shakespeare up there in his room all those years." Patrick Stewart.
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Old February 21 2011, 10:42 PM   #5
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Re: February Challenge: Hand in hand

This story made me actually LIKE Cardassians! It's beautiful! AND I will beta / proofread for EVERYONE, not just Cardassians
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Me: Thanks Jim!
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Old February 22 2011, 08:11 PM   #6
TerokNor's Avatar
Re: February Challenge: Hand in hand

Thank you all for reading.
I have no siblings either and I find it really a pitty. Guess thats why Damar got a twin and an older brother, cause I always wanted that.


P.S. PikeFan: You will like Cardassians more and more and more... there is no way around. They just are very likeable once you "get to know them".
... Stay clear! It´s the singing of things I´m longing to hear. You touch them and stiff and silent they turn. You´re killing the things for whose singing I yearn!

I support PLAN.
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