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Voyager There's coffee in this forum!

Closed Thread
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Old October 8 2010, 04:17 PM   #1
Yeoman Randi
Vice Admiral
Yeoman Randi's Avatar
Location: In a handbasket
Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Hello fellow Drones! It's time to shift into warp drive with a new caption contest. But first let's put the old one to bed by announcing da winnas!

For knowing that you can never go wrong with a Princess Bride reference we have:

A Chimpanzee & 2 Trainees wrote: View Post

Ensign, you just fell for one of the classic blunders. The most famous is "never get involved in a land war in Asia," but only slightly less well known is this: "Never go in against a Native American when death is on the line!!!"

For using an old favorite that just fit perfectly with this picture we have~

Candlefright wrote: View Post

Where will you be when diarrhoea strikes?

For clearly stating the obvious the win goes to:

Isis' Evil Twin wrote: View Post

Janeway: "Harry, why does it always feel like it takes forever to explain things to you?"

For finally putting a face to the name we have:

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

TOM:And for you skeptics...may I introduce my friend, the Crown Prince of Nigeria!

For somehow being able to perform a Vulcan Mind Meld on me the win goes to:

The Zombie Vulcan wrote: View Post

B'Elanna: "Oh no... I'm trapped in an Ally McBeal metaphor!"

And this week the Special Spew Award goes to LeadHead/Deadhead for invoking an honest-to-goodness Porky Pig snort out of me:

DeadHead wrote: View Post

B'Elanna: Computer, are you sure the calculations are correct?

Computer: Affirmative.

B'Elanna: Then it's true, I do have the self control of an infant.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

And now for your captioning pleasure we have the following:

And in the hopes of getting some photoshops going we have:

As always, i'll let this run two weeks. Have fun, set a course for home and engage!
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Old October 8 2010, 04:25 PM   #2
Vice Admiral
Mistral's Avatar
Location: Between the candle and the flame
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Yeoman Rancid wrote: View Post

Janeway: "What? No, we weren't smoking anything! What gave you that idea?"
...sf fandom is only a personality disorder if you do it right.-Klaus - archive stories! for honest gaming

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Old October 8 2010, 04:43 PM   #3
Jonas Grumby
Vice Admiral
Jonas Grumby's Avatar
Location: Somewhere in the South Pacific
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Doctor: "It's just a power-drain problem. It happens every time Ensign Kim runs 'Vulcan Love Slave' on the holodeck."

Kathy: "Mom! Dad! I thought you were going to be gone all weekend!"
"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." - Albert Schweitzer
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Old October 8 2010, 04:52 PM   #4
Director of Comedy
LeadHead's Avatar
Location: Either on the Normandy SR-2 or in the Sirius Sector Block.
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Thanks for the win!

Doctor: My body'll stay here but my head is getting the hell outta here. I don't wanna look at you anymore.

Chakotay: Kathryn?

Janeway: Oh crap, I'm supposed to be dating you this episode aren't I?

Paris: This is somehow.... comforting.

Q: What?

Paris: That even omnipotent beings can't understand women. Makes me feel less bad about it.

Chakotay 's attempts to kill Janeway and become Captain always misfired.

You know Yeoman Rancid, this picture is already photoshopped! Heh, that was easy.
Special thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

Check out the Caption contests in the TOS, TNG and Movies I-X forums!

Last edited by LeadHead; October 8 2010 at 05:43 PM.
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Old October 8 2010, 05:34 PM   #5
The Laughing Vulcan
The Laughing Vulcan's Avatar
Location: At The Laughing Vulcan's party...
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Thanks for the win!

EMH: "... and this is your head on drugs... "

Chakotay os: "The Capellans called, they want their carpet costume back."
Janeway: "Oh snap!"

Q: "Look, if I score with Kathy, Voyager's on a shortcut home. So it's in your best interest to help me. I'm new to this humanoid mating nonsense, so I could use a few pointers on all this gender identity confusion. I'm supposed to be masculine, right, manly? So tell me if I'm doing something which could be misinterpreted by Kathy."

Paris: "First thing, get your hand off my ass."

Kim: "Both our asses."

Q: "Those aren't my hands..."

Janeway: "Note in the ship's log. Fourth of July no longer to be celebrated on the bridge."

Kivas Fajo: "I'll swap you my Tuvok card for a limited edition Borg Baby card. Or, I'll take the rare Cardassian face Seska card and a strip of latinum."
"Don't try to live so wise. Don't cry 'cause you're so right.
Don't dry with fakes or fears, 'Cause you will hate yourself in the end."

Anime @ MyReviewer
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Old October 8 2010, 07:14 PM   #6
Itisnotlogical's Avatar
Location: Shufflin', shufflin', shufflin'...
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Tom: Are you okay, Doc?

Doctor: I just watched a few episodes of Enterprise. I'll be back to normal in a few minutes.

Tom was seriously considering taking what Kim missed out on...


Chell: Computer, who were the last three people to access my holo-porn program?
"Good grief. You guys sure know how to make something out of nothing. And then take sides about whether or not it's nothing, and then change your minds and discuss why you thought it was something." - Kestra
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Old October 9 2010, 02:01 AM   #7
Nerys Myk
Fleet Admiral
Nerys Myk's Avatar
Location: A boat on a river
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

PARIS: I gotta lay off the LDS in the Haight-Ashbury holo-program.

Whatever happened to all this season's losers of the year?
Ev'ry time I got to thinking, where'd they disappear?
When I woke up, Mom and Dad are rolling on the couch.
Rolling numbers, rock and rolling, got my Kiss records out

"Weekend At Q's"

JANEWAY: Hold relative position here.
(klaxon sounds alert for incoming alien weapon)
HARRY: Mister Tuvok? Can that be one of their crew?
TUVOK: A probe from their vessel, Captain. Plasma-energy combination.
CHAKOTAY: Don't interfere with it!
HARRY: Absolutely I will not interfere.
JANEWAY: No one interfere. It doesn't seem interested in us, only the ship. ...Computer off.
CHAKOTAY: Its taken control of the computer!
JANEWAY: It's running our records. Earth defences, ...Starfleet strength,

Harry had been on Spacebook for over a year but only had three friends.
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Old October 9 2010, 02:25 AM   #8
Smellincoffee's Avatar
Location: Heart of Dixie
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

The Doctor: Yes, Mr. Paris, 'the wave'. It is an archaic, 20th-century pattern of body movement designed to serve as an entertaining diversion at athletic events. Allow me to demonstrate.

Q: Now, you boys play nice or you can just go and sit in the car while your mother and I enjoy the beach.
Janeway, off-screen: The hell we will, Q.

Gath: That odd tas- oh, bollocks. This is the cup I spiked.

Janeway, shouting: MR. KIM! How many times must I remind you to change those bulbs before they blow out?
Paris, thinking: ...annnnnd he wonders why he's still an ensign.
DS9 CapCon #120: The Amazon Squad
"The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.." - Commander Montgomery Scott.
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Old October 9 2010, 04:46 AM   #9
Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
M'Sharak's Avatar
Location: Terra Inlandia
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Kes loved the reactions people sometimes had when she toyed with the doctor's Horizontal hold setting.
"You could win a chance to come to the premiere of Star Trek Beyond, which
will be enormous fun, because we'll all get really smashed and wreck something."
- Simon Pegg
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Old October 9 2010, 09:48 AM   #10
Candlelight's Avatar
Location: New Zealand
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Janeway: "It's doing that thing again"
Chakotay: "Sure it is"
Janeway: "Why can't any of you see it??"
Tuvok: "Mm-Huh"
Janeway: "SCREW YOU ALL"
"I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six."
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Old October 9 2010, 03:19 PM   #11
captain crow
Fleet Captain
captain crow's Avatar
Location: Onboard a sliver dog bone shaped satellite in Earth orbit
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Q: Everyone knows you and Harry are gay for each other. Just admit it.

Paris: Computer, adjust EMH's tracking.
"I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid, and I went ahead anyway." - Crow T. Robot, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
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Old October 9 2010, 10:34 PM   #12
Candlelight's Avatar
Location: New Zealand
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Paramount's early attempts at 3D were shitastic.
"I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six."
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Old October 10 2010, 03:50 AM   #13
T.D. Possum
T.D. Possum's Avatar
Location: Jelly Fridge
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Janeway, singing:

Swingin' on the rail,
I'm swingin' on the rail,
The bridge is blowin' up,
But I'm swingin' on the rail!
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Old October 10 2010, 04:03 PM   #14
Yeoman Randi
Vice Admiral
Yeoman Randi's Avatar
Location: In a handbasket
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

Q-Moe: *Bangs Harry and Tom's heads together* "Nyuk nyuk!"
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Old October 10 2010, 07:50 PM   #15
Vice Admiral
Finn's Avatar
Location: Still in the Metrowest
Re: Voy Caption Contest #38 *&%$ Happens!

"Tom, Did I ever tell you about the time I made Wesley all grown up?.... You would have loved him, Harry".

Torres: *via combadge* "...and Captain, I have to warn you. Once the new transwarp goes online, it will be electrifiying!"
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