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Location: Arizona, USA
MeTV's SuperSci-Fi Saturday Night

The Classic TV channel MeTV has a line-up of Superhero and sci-fi shows that they show every Saturday evening. They include:
The Adventures of Superman (50's George Reeve series)
Batman (60's Adam West series)
Wonder Woman (70's Linda Carter series)
Star Trek TOS (Remastered)
Svengoolie (movies)
Lost in Space
The only things on there I haven't watched are TOS, since I watch it without commercials on Netflix, and Svengoolie.
I've tried a few episodes of LiS, but that is just to cheesy for me.
I have really enjoyed the three DC show though.
Anyone else watching this stuff?
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Mr. Adventure
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Location: Mr. Adventure
Re: MeTV's SuperSci-Fi Saturday Night

One of the few things I don't get is MeTV but I caught Svengoolie at my parents and it seemed like classic horror host shenanigans. It was some Hammer vampire film and wasn't too bad. I'd probably watch Superman and Wonder Woman sometimes if I had it.

Lost In Space I liked as a kid but it has not aged so well.
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Idealistic Cynic and Canon Champion
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Location: RJDiogenes of Boston
Re: MeTV's SuperSci-Fi Saturday Night

I generally leave this on my TV on Saturday nights, home or not, though I don't really sit down and watch it all straight through. I love the Superman and Batman shows, Wonder Woman is better than I remember (though I watched maybe three episodes back in the day), and Svengoolie is cool (I love the whole Horror Host schtick. Unfortunately, they show the "remastered" Star Trek with updated special effects, but I've got the real thing on DVD, anyway. I've also got LIS on DVD. Occasionally, I will tape an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea to watch later, for old time's sake, though I have to admit that my interest in that show has not survived the decades the way that ST and LIS have.

On Sunday nights, in the wee hours, MeTV has some neat stuff, too. In addition to Man From Uncle and Mission: Impossible, they've got Thriller and Night Gallery. Also Route 66 and Naked City. Too bad I need sleep.
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The Old Mixer
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Location: Connecticut
Re: MeTV's SuperSci-Fi Saturday Night

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
I generally leave this on my TV on Saturday nights, home or not, though I don't really sit down and watch it all straight through.
Me too, except I don't leave the TV on when I'm out, and for the season, I've been switching over to AMC's Hell on Wheels at 9. I, too, shall watch TOOS (The Original Original Series) on DVD at my own leisure. And my cable preempts LIS for paid programming, but they'd been showing it at an earlier hour for a good stretch, via which I first attempted to watch it, and I got in the habit of either changing the channel or turning it way down.
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batman, lost in space, star trek tos, superman, wonder woman

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