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Old July 8 2010, 07:48 AM   #16
Re: The Reactor Room (a McGuffin perhaps?)

Timo wrote: View Post could be easily argued that the main energizer wasn't providing power but merely re-charging the dilithium crystals.

...Well, not exactly. The device in "Alternative Factor" wasn't called the main energizer specifically. Perhaps the TMP version of the ship has several, and the one called "main" is the one that nurses the crystals back to health in situ, without the services of Lt Masterson and her special department? Thus, when Scotty says the "main energizer" or "main energizers" is/are out, he's saying that main power is out because the crystals are screwed (a somewhat standard occurrence, perhaps) and stays out because the energizer cannot "unscrew" the crystals in situ (an unusual situation). That's why he had to "take" "the mains" (the primary power system) offline - because most of it is working, but a single component is not, and the means of repairing that single component is damaged as well. Spock knows he can bypass the repairing device and repair the component himself, after which Scotty could flip the switch back on.
Sorry Timo, I left out or wasn't clear was that under normal operating conditions, the energiser in "Alternate Factor" would also be channeling power to the ship since it was part of the "energising circuit". Masters probably took the dilithium crystal circuit offline to let the energiser feed the crystals exclusively, IMO. I called it the main energiser because the dilithium crystals handle the main load from the series and they were part of this particular energiser circuit. There are probably auxiliary energiser circuits as well as emergency bypass circuits that don't do any power buffering like what the dilithium crystals do.

As to the mains going offline in TWOK, I figure that it was damage from the phaser fire from the Reliant which happen to hit the exterior of where that room is located. We've seen the main energiser go out in "The Doomsday Machine" due to damage.

Timo wrote: View Post
We just know from Spock's actions in that room that he was able to bring the main energizer back online
Again, not exactly. After Spock is done, "the mains" are back online, not "the main energizer" explicitly. And I postulate the two are not the same thing; the former is what one calls the entire main power system, and the latter is a component that serves this system.
I dunno if that is splitting hairs

In "The Doomsday Machine" the main energizer is damaged, taking out the warp drive. If the main energizer is out, then no warp drive. Since TWOK needed warp drive back online, then the main energizer needed to be back online. Spock happened to repair the "mains" which could easily mean "main energizer".

In the initial attack on the Enterprise, Khan strafes the area on the engineering hull that would correspond to the "death room" and all the gear around it which Scotty reports the "main energiser" is out. So there is strong correlation that the "mains" are the same as the "main energiser".

Timo wrote: View Post
So it looks like the radiation in the room can be decontaminated in 2 hours but only after the warp engine was taken offline.
I'd argue the room is off limits for two hours if nobody has unscrewed the cap to the radiation-filled dilithium crystal dumbwaiter. If somebody does that, the room is off limits for two years...
LOL Considering Scotty was willing to refit the ship in two weeks, they could just swap another un-radiated room in there but most likely it had to be decontaminated to be considered for refit by Scotty
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Old July 9 2010, 03:05 AM   #17
Captain Al
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Re: The Reactor Room (a McGuffin perhaps?)

I'm not sure if I've found The Explanation regarding the questions posted in the OP, but I pulled out my 1987 copy of Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise and it explains the reactor room on page 88. It seems to mostly agrees with the theories expounded in this thread:

A recent addition to Enterprise's warp engineering section is the dilithium reactor room. This radiation-proof chamber was installed while the ship was in drydock for replacement of her photon torpedo system; it provides unobstructed access to the vessel's dilithium couplings, allowing the crystals to be easily replaced in the event of crystal burnout or other damage.

The dilithium couplings are contained in a pedestal in the center of the room. A transparent double wall, which contains radiation-dampening gases between the two panes, insulates the chamber from the remainder of the engine room. A rotating door, also transparent, provides airlock-like access to the reactor room interior.

Overload of the dilithium crystal couplings may cause a leakage of excessive radiation into the room interior. Should this happen, an automatic radiation-dampening system activates which, after several hours, returns the room to a habitable condition. Only major vessel damage, centered in the engineering section, could cause such catastrophic crystal failure as to produce radiation spillage of fatal proportions. Replacement of crystals or repositioning of the mounting couplings may be done manually by removing the dome of the containment pedestal; however, radsuits (with helmets) must be worn during this procedure.
So, there you have it, from Mr. Scott himself! (Or Shane Johnson, author)
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