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Old May 2 2010, 09:28 AM   #1
Location: San Diego
Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

It all went down like clockwork. It wasn’t easy being a voyeur because it took all sorts of planning. But when the planning all worked out, there was no sweeter feeling.

They each had their binoculars ready to go. And the binoculars they had were not your run of the mill variety; they were Cardassian made! Everyone knew that the Cardassian’s had the best spies in the galaxy. They set the standards by which all other cover operations were measured by; and why not? The Cardassians had the art of spying down pat.

As the four close friends peered through their binoculars, waiting for the show, they took a moment to relax. They were indeed friends, and had been for quite sometime. Though they were just in their mid teens, they had met way back in grade school. They each lived on the planet Rigel-7, and had all their lives.

They all came from middle class families, and had lived in the same apartment/skyscraper complex since the time they were all children. They became friends in grade schools, and were now in what would be considered high school.

First there was Gaous. He was a Feringi, and came from a very Feringi home. His father, Tymko, had been involved with low level banking interests for many years, and his mother, Zelm, like most Feringi mothers, stayed at home and maintained the domestic duties like cleaning house and preparing meals. Gaous’s education had been mapped out from the time he was a child, and studying the ins and outs of loan rates, closing costs and points was the only thing his father wanted him to learn. At the age of twelve, Gaous had graduated and entered an all Feringi to hone his banking and real estate skills. In fact, the room the five of them were hiding in was in skyscraper that was co-owned by Gaous and his father.

Bylar Naylim was of a mixed heritage. His mother, Remmie, a social worker, was a Bajoran and his father, K’Laf, was a Klingon. Bylar had never met his father, who had died during the Dominion war, but he hung pictures of his father on his bedroom wall. Remmie wanted Bylar to know of his father, and to respect his memory. Bylar had inherited his father’s zeal and temper, and one day, hoped to prove himself as a warrior.

T’Banz was of a mixed heritage as well. A world like Rigel-7 that had many cultures had a higher population of mixed marriages than capital worlds, so being the product of a mixed marriage was not unique at all. T’Banz’s father was a Vulcan trader of fine arts, and his mother, Hktan, was Mintakan, which was a Vulcan offshoot race. T’Banz’s name was given to him in respect of Hktan’s father, who had negotiated the Mintakan entrance into the Federation.

The lone human among the four friends was named James Thomas Kirk. His father, Conner Roy Kirk, descended from the legendary Starfleet officer’s brother’s family line. One would think being related to a legend would mean much, but it didn’t. The only thing that James T Kirk inherited from his great Uncle was a sense of curiosity, and an unerring ability to think his way into, and hopefully out of, great trouble.

T’banz, the more careful of the group, looked closely at the binoculars in his green skin toned hands.

“Are you sure having these will not get us in trouble?” T’Banz asked the Feringi named Gaous.

“I bought them with one of the back door accounts that belongs to one of my clients,” Gaous said. “If they ever get tracked down, and trust me they won’t, but if they do? The trail will stop at Deep Space Nine.”

“Besides,” Bylar added, as he scratched an itch on his Bajoran/Klingon ridged nose, “why are you even here T’Banz? I would think trying to spy on naked women would be, you know, illogical behavior for a Vulcan. If you get caught they may make you snip off the ends of those ears of yours.”

They all laughed, except for T’Banz.

“Actually,” T’Banz replied, “I believe by going along on this covert operation I am increasing my understanding of such deviant behavior. It is all educational of course.”

Instantly the other four laughed at T’Banz’s lame reasoning.

“Bullshit,” James T Kirk said, “you’re a perv like the rest of us.”

“Shhhhh,” Bylar suddenly cut in with. “Look!”

The four teenaged boys aimed their binoculars at the window, and zoomed in on the window on the adjacent skyscraper. A human female, with light brown skin and dark hair, came into the room. She wore a simple outfit, black slacks and a pull over shirt.

“Wow, she looks really good tonight,” Jim Kirk said.

“Yeah,” Bylar added. “I hope she does what she did two nights ago.”

For a moment a distant look came over each of their faces as they recalled what they had seen two nights before.

“Hell yeah,” Kirk replied; though he spoke for them all.

“Highly illogical,” T’Banz said at hearing Kirk’s words. “It would be far more beneficial if she did something other than what we have already seen. In a strange way; I believe IDIC would apply here.”

“But,” Bylar said to T’Banz, “if she did what she did two nights back, it will be okay with you?”

“Most certainly.” T’Banz said.

“Yeah,” Jim Kirk said, “you’re a perv.”

They all watched silently as the woman ambled about her apartment. She tidied things up, still in her dress.

“Come on lady,” Gaous said, impatiently, “get on with it!”

At that moment she let the dress fall to the ground, as she walked into the sonic shower room off to the side of her room.

“Okay,” Jim Kirk told the others. “She’ll be in there for about twenty minutes, then, hopefully, the show will continue.”

“I brought some food,” Gaous said as he handed them each a small package of food. “They’re Starfleet food rations, and their pretty good.”

Moments later they were each eating their food rations, flavored food items that were more like granola bars if anything.

“So, Jimmy,” Bylar said, “are you going to go to the Academy this year?”

“I don’t think so,” Jim Kirk answered. “My mom needs me to stay another year and baby sit my sister. Next year she starts elementary school, and then wont need a baby sitter.”

“That sucks,” Gaous said. “I had a baby sitter who also was really good at umox.”

“Did you ever, you know, get with her?” Bylar asked.

“No,” Gaous said, “but don’t think I didn’t try. But I didn’t have enough Latinum at the time or I would have.”

“Look,” Kirk said, “she’s done.”

The woman came back into the main room and was totally naked.

Ahhh..the innocence of youth. Well, wait until they see what the woman does THIS time. And then, as they say, the plot will thicken!

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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

The woman from across the way, in the other high rise, had gone into the sonic shower room. After nearly twenty minutes of showering she finally came out into the main room, totally naked. The four boys who were secretly gawking at her were zooming on various areas of her now very clean body.

“Gosh,” Bylar said, “I love a freshly clean woman. On Bajor we still have water showers, and wow, I‘m telling you, they‘re the best. There‘s nothing like a damp woman.” His quivered as he spoke.

“Yeah,” Gaous said, “like you would know. And, besides, the last time you were on Bajor was back in the fourth grade.”

“What can I say,” Bylar said, “I was advanced beyond my years even then.”

T’Banz, who was Vulcan looked at his friend Bylar.

“I suggest,” T’Banz said, “that you seek out the services of a counselor. They can help those who have been traumatized at such an early age, such as a child in the fourth grade.”

“Hey, elf,” Bylar said to T’Banz, “I am not damaged.”

“Look at what she’s doing now,” Jim Kirk said. “She’s getting something out of her closet.”

“Wow,” Gaous said with a wide grin, “maybe she visited the Frederick’s on the shopping level of her apartment. They have all kinds of lingerie, toys and illicit Holographic porn.”

“And how would you know this?” Kirk asked.

“My dad and I hold twelve percent of it’s stock,” Gaous replied. “The sex industry can be far more profitable than real estate and weapons.”

“Somehow,” T’Banz said as he observed his three friend’s enjoyment of the current situation, “I find that very easy to believe.”

“Do they even have porn stores on Vulcan?” Gaous asked T’Banz.

“Ummm,” Bylar said, noticing the confused look on T’Banz’s face, “I doubt it. I read somewhere that Vulcan females don’t even have their first orgasm until they are twenty years old. It is some sort of custom.”

“Is that true?” Kirk asked T’Banz.

“I do not know,” T’Banz replied. “I am not a Vulcan woman.”

“Whoa,” Gaous suddenly said, “what is that thing? Its made of metal!”

They all looked more closely, via the zoom in feature of their binoculars. Luckily the woman hadn’t closed the drapes, which had happened the previous night before anything lucid had happened.

“It looks like,” Bylar said as he looked closer, “some sort of physical activity machine.”

“An exercise device?” T’Banz asked. “Why would someone go through so much trouble when a visit to the physical appearance square, which I am sure the building she is in has, and just reshape her body. After the fourth visit, a person could have a totally new body.”

“She probably didn’t do that because,” Kirk replied, “that isn’t as cheap to do as you think. My mom spent a whole month’s worth of credits on it and, yeah, it worked a little, but she gained it all back in one month.”

“What does your mom need to do that for?” Bylar asked. “She’s smoking hot!”

“Hey,” Kirk said, “that’s my mother you’re talking about.”

“He’s had a crush on your mom,” Gaous said, “probably since the fourth grade too.”

They watched as the woman set the strange device against the wall of her room. Then they watched as she began to get articles of clothing out to wear.

“She is getting dressed,” T’Banz said.

“And that disturbs you?” Gaous asked. “I may be Feringi, but we can tell when someone wants to see more, and T’Banz, my Vulcan friend, you wanted to see her do, you know what, again.”

“I am not upset at all,” T’Banz protested, “However, we have gone through such lengths that it would be unfortunate to see it all end here.”

They watched as she slid on a bra and panty set.

“Women undergarments,” Gaous said, “I love them.”

“You and me both,” Bylar added.

Moments later she slid on a simple dress. Then, for the next half hour or so, they watched as she made her self some coffee, and, via the food replicator, prepared a meal. Then they watched a she set the table with two sets of eating wear.

“She’s having a guest,” Gaous said. “Oh cool,” he added, “we might get to see her have sex!”

Suddenly she walked over to the door and opened it. Another very attractive woman entered the room.

“OH….MY….GOD” Bylar exclaimed. “I think we’ve just hit the mother load!”

“Why has your breathing just double in pace?” T’Banz asked the other three.

“Umm,” Kirk said, “never mind. There are some things that just defy explanation.”

“What do you think, Jimmy?” Bylar asked. “Do you think its going to happen.” Then Bylar looked at his binoculars. “Do these things have the ability to record?”

“Yes,” Gaous said. “Press this button, then hold down these two.”

Instantly all four of them pressed the record buttons on their binoculars.

They watched as the two women ate their meal, and enjoyed some kind of small talk. What they were talking about, no one had a clue. Soon they were both drinking wine, and had moved their conversation over to the couch in the

The apartment the women were in had two rooms. A larger room that had a kitchen and living room, the other room was the bedroom. The drapes were open so that the boys could see into both.

Kirk zoomed back in on the strange device in the bedroom. What was it? It was made of metal and about the size of a man. Was it some kind of pleasure giving device that the two women would use later. He grinned at the thought.

No, Jim Kirk, it is not a pleasure giving device. It has a more sinister use. And what that be? Find out next time!!!!

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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

The apartment the women were in had two rooms. There was a larger room that had a kitchen and sitting area for visiting. The other room was the bedroom, which included a small alcove for the sonic shower. The electronic drapes were open so that the boys could see into both. Both skyscrapers, the one the boys were in, and the one the two women were in across the way, were’ each about two miles high and they were about two thirds of the way up.

Each skyscraper was like its own city with its own stores, and recreational areas, and the Rigel-7 skyline was riddled with them.

Kirk zoomed back in on the strange device in the bedroom. What was it? It was made of metal and about the size of a man. Was it some kind of pleasure giving device that the two women would use later? He grinned at the thought.

"Jimmy," Bylar said, noticing that Kirk was still looking at the strange device in the other room, "you got to see this!"

Kirk swept his binoculars away from the bedroom and joined the others by zooming in on the happenings in the living room between the two women. They were still relaxing on the couch, and having a pleasant sort of conversation.

"We should have bugged the room," Bylar said to the others. "I’d love to hear who is seducing who."

"That is an illogical statement," T’Banz said. "There is no proof, what so ever, that they are discussing matters of a sexual nature."

"You have a point," Gaous said, "but there isn’t anything to prove they aren’t talking about sex either. And I bet my two big lobes that sex is being discussed, I mean, look at them. My father will be very upset that I let the three of you watch this in one of our buildings without charging you admission."

And then it happened; the woman they had been watching for the past three nights leaned in and engaged in a romantic kiss with the other woman.

"Ohhhhhh…yeahhhh," Jim Kirk said.

“They’re doing tongue!” Gaous added.

The kiss was romantic, very sexy, and was happening right before their very eyes.

"This is so hot," Gaous said. "Are you guys recording this?"

A chorus of "uh huhs" were the only answers that came.

T’Banz found the site of two women kissing quite unremarkable, and not such a big deal, considering it was just one of many sexual choices that were available in the universe. He switched his view back to the bedroom, thinking he would see the strange device the woman had taken from the closer earlier.

"Fascinating," T’Banz said. "I would suggest that the three of you look at the device in the other room."

"Are you nuts?" Bylar asked, as he and the other two watched the two women begin to explore each other’s body with their hands. "What these two women are doing to each other is far more educational."

Kirk, who was still curious about the device as well, swung his binocular over and aimed it at the bedroom as well. The strange metallic device had morphed.

“What the hell is that?” Kirk asked T’Banz. “It looks like some kind of bed.”

“If you look closer,” T’Banz said to Kirk, “you will see there are devices arrayed around the bed.”

Gaous sighed, and then adjusted his view to look at what Kirk and T’Banz were looking at.

“It’s just a fraking operating table,” Gaous said. “My uncle is heavily invested in the medical business, and those beds can really turn a serious profit. Some of them, like that one, can assemble themselves.”

“What kind of operations are they used for?” Kirk asked the Feringi.

“They’re used to extract those giant worm things,” Gaous said. “You know; the humans with the spots that run down the length of their bodies.”

“Aren't they the Gorn?” Bylar asked.

“No, you moron,” Gaous said, “not the Gorn.”

“Trills,” T’Banz told them all. “Do you mean Trills?”

“Yes,” Gaous said, “Trills.”

“Oh yeah,” Kirk said, “And they use this table to extract the symbiotic wormy thingy?”

“It is called a Symbiont,” T’Banz told them all, “and we studied their culture just 79.8 days ago, in class.”

“Alright,” Kirk said, “so the bed is used to extract the Symbiont. If that’s the case, what they heck are they going to use it for?”

“Okay, now wait a moment,” Bylar said. “Are you saying that one of these women has a worm inside of her and the other one is going to take it out? That sounds disgusting!”

“Actually,” T’Banz said, “I would find observing such an operation fascinating.”

“You would,” Gaous said. “Not me; I want to see some hot action.”

“Wait a second,” Kirk said as he noticed that the women had removed their dresses, and were only in their underwear, but were still kissing each other with lust, “neither one of them are a Trill. What would they be doing with an operating table like that?”

Suddenly they heard a sound, a jolting sound. It came from the room above the one they were in.

“Hey,” Bylar said, “what was that sound. Who is in the room above this one?” Bylar asked Gaous.

“Why should I know?” Gaous said. “Just because I am part of an ownership group that has interest in this building doesn’t mean I track who comes and goes.”

“Hey guys,” Kirk said, “look.”

Kirk was looking out the window with his binoculars, but he was looking upward. The others did as well. A tether line of some sort stretched out from what appeared to be the room above the one they were in over to the other skyscraper, ending at the apartment directly above the one they had been observing.

“Ummm, guys,” Bylar said, “what the hell is that?”

“I bet the blasting sound we heard was some sort of grappling device,” Bylar said.

“Hey,” Gaous said, “the windows on this building, and that other one, are sealed; they can’t be opened. They must have cut out part of the window; they will PAY for that window.”

Gaous was about to stand up and charge out of the room to confront who was ever in the apartment of them, but Kirk stopped him.

“Gaous, wait,” Kirk said as he pointed up at the line that stretched between the two buildings.

Two figures, in all dark clothing, wearing masks, began to slide across the line from their side, heading towards the other building the women were in..

“What are they doing?” T’Banz asked. “Why not just beam over?”

“Because,” Bylar replied, “they’re up to no good. To use the Transporter grid could make a trace, so, they are trying to do whatever it is they’re doing in a more stealth kind of way.”

“You make it sound as if they’re stupid covert agents.” Gaous said. “You read to many mystery stories; grow up.”

“Hey,” Bylar aid, sounding agitated, “at least I’m trying to explain it. If I’m wrong, then what do you think they’re doing?”

“They’ve almost made it across,” Kirk announced. “Should we warn those women?”

They all looked at the women through their binoculars and saw the two women were now in a very intimate sexual position.

“Ummm,” Bylar said, “no. We should stay out of it. Maybe these guys sliding over are their husbands trying to surprise them.”

The four friends watched as the two masked men made it over to the other side. Then they watched as the two men lowered themselves down one level, and used a silent cutting device to enter the bedroom where the med-bed was.


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Alpha Romeo
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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook


"Kirk would have fucked the cold dead skull of the Borg Queen when it was all over."
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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this one. But I gotta hand it to you, you certainly have knack for coming up with the oddest ideas for Trek stories.

First I thought this id some sort of Trek meets John Hughes or American Pie kinda story about hormonally driven teenagers.

I still think that's part of it but the mystery and the humor is making this really interesting. My only nitpick so far ... you've managed to spell Ferengi wrong.

Eager to find out what's going to happen next.
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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

Oh wow..I didn't even notice that. Thanks for pointing that out CEJAY!!!

As for the concept; I have always wanted to do a story based on teenagers and this idea came to me about two months ago and i've just been playing with it and decided to go ahead and try...

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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

Two sets of binoculars were trained on the two women, who were engaged in intimate acts with each other. The other two sets of binoculars were trained on the two men, who had entered the other room after sliding across a wire that stretched between the two skyscrapers, and then, using a cutting device, the penetrate the outside sealed window and went in.

“What are those two up to?” James Thomas Kirk asked aloud, as he watched the two men take backpacks off of their backs, and began to rummage through one of them. The other backpack was set, and strangely enough, quite gingerly on the large bed inside of the room.

“You should see what they are doing to each other,” Bylar replied, “we have been blessed by the Prophets.” Bylar said as he watched the two women make out.

(The sensual nature of what the women were doing with each other is surely more than a TREKBBS or AD ADSTRA reader could bare to read. Some of you might be at work, and I wouldn’t want to cause an embarrassing situation. You’ll just have to use your imaginations to fill in the blanks. I know I am!)

T’Banz, just as Kirk was doing, was keeping a close eye on the two masked men as well. One of the men had opened his backpack and they both began to remove items from it. Due to the angle from where the room was and where they were, it was hard for Kirk, and T’Banz, even with his Vulcan eyes, to see what the items actually were.

“They’re metal, I think,” Kirk said, as he watched the men put the items on the bed. “Or some sort of plastic design. Maybe they‘re those old style tattoo devices.”

“James, while I agree they made be metal, plastic, or made of some other material,” T’Banz said “I would doubt they are for skin ornamentation. Perhaps they are weapons or torturing devises.”

“Are you two that naïve?” Gaous added, as he continued to watch the women. “they’re obviously erotic instruments. I bet my Tongo game, autographed by the legendary Grand Nagus Zek no less, we’re watching a sexual role playing game. Those two men pretend to be criminals, evil doctors or something like that, and then, well, use your imaginations.”

“Gaous, my favorite Ferengi pervert, where do you get these crazy ideas?” Bylar asked. “Hey, wait a second, looks like the women are done for now, look.”

All four watched as one of the naked women walked into the small kitchen alcove as the other naked woman remained on the couch, still obviously enjoying the euphoria of intimate encounter.

The woman that the four friends had been watching the past few nights was now in the kitchen. She was pouring two glasses of what appeared to be Romulan Ale. The blue liquid was poured in equal amounts into the glasses.

“Romulan Ale,” Gaous said in awe. “After they have some of that, I wager two strips of latinum that we will really see some action then.”

“While I will admit,” T’Banz said, with the usual stoic nature of a Vulcan, “what we have seen, between these two women, has been somewhat fascinating, I am still perplexed as to why our viewing it has been such a monumental epic moment. You can purchase all kinds of adult material for viewing and/or reading experiences.”

“Yeah,” Bylar, “or we could have snuck into a Holodeck and watched Vulcan Sex Slaves for the millionth time. Don’t you see the difference T’Banz? We got to see it live. There was no script, there wasn’t a field of cameras or some computer programmer creating this. No; we saw the real thing.”

T’Banz arched an eyebrow.

“Fascinating,” T’Banz said. “I did not consider that aspect.”

“Shhh,” Kirk said, “look at what she’s doing now.’

They watched as the woman put the Romulan ale back inside of the pantry, and then they watched as she took two small capsules out of the pantry and poured a powdery type substance into one of the drinks.

“She’s going to drug her friend,” Bylar said. “This is getting quite bizarre.”

Kirk thought about the entire set up, and then he shook his head.

“There is something really strange going on over there,” Kirk said to the others, in serious tone. “A strange operation table, a woman being drugged, strange masked men sneaking into the other room with equally strange devices of some unknown origin. I think we should call Security before it gets to late to do anything about it.”

Gaous looked over at Kirk.

“Jim,” Gaous said, “if we call security what do you think they’re going to do? They’re going to ask us how we saw any of this. They’re going to want to know how we got our hands on these,” Gaous said, holding up his binoculars, “and why we have been here for the past three nights. All of that spells trouble.”

“He’s right Jim,” Bylar said. “You and I are already in trouble for that stunt we pulled in the girl’s locker room last month. If they find out about this? We’ll both be kicked out.”

“What about you?” Kirk asked T’Banz. “Certainly you, out of all of us, can see the logic in calling Security.”

Before T’Banz could respond, Gaous cut in, realizing that Kirk was winning the debate.

“Think about it T’Banz,” Gaous said, using his formidable Ferengi abilities of persuasion. Gaous looked out ahead, at an unseen horizon, “You see yourself graduating from the Spock School of Science, right here on Rigel-7, and then graduating to the Vulcan Science Academy back on Vulcan, something that we each,” Gaous said, motioning to Kirk and Bylar, “have heard you go on and on about ever since we all became friends in the second grade. And its something we all want for you, we really do.”

“What is your point?” Kirk asked, already knowing where this was all headed.

“If this gets out,” Gaous said, “and people find out we have been getting together to watch women get naked, and wow, they sure got naked to day, and we all recorded it,” Gaous said looking at his binoculars, “what do you think is going to happen to T’Banz, Jim? He can kiss going to the Vulcan Science Academy goodbye. He will also ruin his dad’s reputation, and it will break his mom’s heart.” Gaous said, with mock sadness in his voice. “It isn’t worth it.”

Even though T’Banz was Vulcan, his torment showed on his face.

“We have to decide now,” Kirk said to his Vulcan friend. “Its up to you.”

“What I believe,” T’Banz said to Kirk, “is that we are facing what is called, in Starfleet, a no win scenario.”

“ OH SICK!” Bylar, who had continued to monitor the situation, exclaimed. “What the hell is that in the bedroom?”

The other three quickly looked into their binoculars, peering into the bedroom next to where the women were, and saw what Bylar saw; a very strange site indeed. The two masked men had opened the other backpack and removed something from it; something that was moving and alive and looked like, if anything, a large, very large, worm!

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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

OK, this is all about a Trill symbiont. Only problem, there appear to be no Trill hosts around, except of course if those intruders are. Which still begs the question why they would enter the apartment in such a sneaky and death-defying manner.

I still have no clue what's going on here ... I love it.
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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

You're very perceptive, CeJay. I won't be able to sneak one by you this time, but next time; I will.

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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

"Alright, I’ll back off." Kirk told the others, accepting the situation for what it was, "but the moment anything criminal happens over there, I don’t care what any of you say, I’m calling Security."

"Well, of course," Gaous said to Kirk, "I will make the call myself, if anything like that happens. Now juts sit down and just watch the pretty women kiss, I mean, that IS what voyeur‘s do."

"Yeah Jimmy boy," Bylar said, "You might as well, as T’Banz would say, give in to the logic of the situation. We’re nothing more than four horny teenagers. We’re supposed to be doing this kind of stuff."

They all went back to peering through their binoculars.

"I’m sure this whole incident will be something we will all laugh at," Bylar added, "when we’re old and gray and our balls look like dried Hajiba fruit buds."

"What the hell is a Hajiba fruit bud?" Kirk asked as he focused in on the bedroom one more time.

"It’s a fruit grown on Bajor in the Ilvian providence. They look like your earth fruit called prunes," Bylar explained.

"Yikes," Kirk said, not liking the visual of that at all.

"Looks like they have completed prepping the operation table," T’Banz said. "For all we know we may get to witness some sort of medical procedure. I for one would find that rather fascinating."

"Yeah, well you would," Gaous added with a laugh.

"Thank you," T’Banz fired right back. “At least one of us is here for more than self gratification.”

"Yuck," Bylar said. "They’re going to put that squishy wormy thing inside of her? And you want to see that T’Banz? You’re nuts."

"Oh come on,” Gaous said upon hearing what Bylar said, “I seriously doubt that such a medical procedure as complex as that would be administered by two men wearing black stealth outfits and masks, I mean, get a grip guys." Gaous said to them all. “It’s all some kind of sex game.”

"And if they start ripping her apart, and they try to stick that thing inside of her, what are we going to do then? Order Italian food and watch?" Kirk asked.

"I would not favor the selection of Italian food," Bylar stated quickly.

"Jim; she is not a Trill," T’Banz explained to Kirk. “They can not simply put the Symbiont inside of her. She would die during such an operation, and the Symbiont would die as well.”

“Look, I’m a just a kid, not a doctor,” Kirk said to T’Banz, “but couldn’t it live inside of her, well, you know, inside of her uterus?” Kirk asked.

"It is not that simple,” T’Banz continued, "If they were to make such an incision, as would be required, she most certainly would die. And yes, that would be criminal act, and calling Security would be a logical course of action."

"Shhhhhhhhhh," Gaous admonished Kirk and T’Banz, "something’s happening."

"Don’t shush us, they can’t hear us from over there," Kirk protested as he re-aimed his binoculars at the apartment.

Kirk and the others all watched in silence as the two masked men came out of the room. A conversation was going on between the two men and the woman, the one who the teenage friends had been observing the past few nights. While she had already put her dress back on, the other woman was still naked, stretched out across the couch, and out cold, and no doubt due to the chemical that had been added to her glass of ale moments earlier.

"I wish we could hear what they were saying," Bylar said. "When I was younger I could read lips pretty good, but now, I’m no good at it at all."

"Besides," T’Banz observed, "we have no measurable idea as to what language they are using or if they are all using the same language. And the last I checked, the Universal Translator does not decode lips."

"Actually," Gaous said, "one of my dad’s companies is working on the Universal Lip Translator as we speak."

There was a pause.

"Bullshit," Kirk finally said, after thinking it over.

"Yeah, I know," Gaous said, "but I had you for a second."

"Look," T’Banz said, "they are moving the other woman."

"You’d think they’d have the decency to put her dress back on her," Bylar noticed.

"Not unless they’re going to operate on her," Kirk quickly added. "This is not going to end well for her." Kirk looked over to the com device on the wall, wanting so much to press the button and call Security, and then he noticed Gaous looking at him.

"Not yet," Gaous urged.

"How long do we wait?" Kirk pleaded.

No one acknowledge Kirk’s question, but it was clear, after no one else spoke up, that they all knew that Jim Kirk’s fears might possibly reach the realm of reality.

They all watched intently as the woman was put onto the self assembling med bed. Although it was very sleek and modern, it still looked like a torture device. The view from where the teens were allowed them to see the woman, with her eyes closed and fully naked on the operating table.

One of the men took some kind of electronic device and held it inches above the woman’s body. The other woman, the one they had been watching for the past few nights, was sitting comfortably on the bed, reading some kind of data pad, as the men, still in masks, were involved with the procedure with the woman on the med-bed.

“Are you guys seeing this?” Bylar asked. “Zoom in on her neck, where the device is.”

They all did as Bylar instructed and zoomed in on the woman’s neck. And, as life often has a habit of doing, everything flipped. Markings began to show on her neck; the body markings of a Trill.

“She is a Trill after all,” Gaous said. “So now listen to me Jimmy, if they do this operation on her, then its no big deal because that is their way and we have no right sticking our noses into their business.”

Kirk nodded.

Now whether or not it was because he had an unending curiosity like his Great Uncle, James Tiberius Kirk, or, he was just naturally curious in his own way, James Thomas Kirk had a strange feeling that something more was going on than a simple medical procedure; and he was right.


Dear Reader; aren’t you a bit curious as to what is happening over in that other apartment? What are they talking about over there? Well, be sure to be with us next time because next time we are going to hear what they’re saying and then…then? The plot is going to, as they say, get really trippy!
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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

Audrey stretched out on the bed she was laying on, smoothed out her dress, and looked over at the Symbiont that was being kept alive in a special liquid substance inside the specially made backpack that was next her on the bed.

"Timothy, are you sure it will live long enough?" Audrey asked, as she looked at the Symbiont, and then over at the operation table. "If it dies, then none of this, I repeat, none of this would have been worth it."

The masked man named Timothy looked over to Audrey.

"Don’t worry," Timothy replied, "it will work. The solvent in that bag was tested, and proven to be efficient by the client. Now listen, Audrey, we have trained for this mission for nearly three years, and up to now, after all those walkthroughs, it has gone pretty good, so take it easy."

Audrey wanted to believe Timothy, but she was still worried. She went back to reading her data pad, thinking ahead to the next part of the plan, but she couldn’t let the present go so fast.

"We may have trained for three years, and yes," Audrey went on to say, "most of that training was successful. But this is the part of the mission where, at best, we scored 63% success rates during all the dry runs. Those are pretty grim odds if you ask me."

"Silence!" came from the other masked man, who aimed his words at Audrey, "From the moment they put us together for this, until now, you have been trying to find trouble with each and every part of the evolution of this mission since it went live; so I am telling you now; stop it!"

"Or what are you going to do; Vernon?" Audrey asked. "Yeah, maybe I run my mouth a bit too much, but unless I am mistaking, I out rank you; so why don’t you do what you were assigned to do, and let me worry about what might or might not go wrong. Or is that too hard for you to understand?"

“Just because you out rank me, it doesn’t mean you have the authority to jeopardize all that we have trained for simply because,” Vernon paused for a moment, “you’re worried. Trust me, Audrey, when all of this is finally done, I am going to…”

"Settle down you two, please." Timothy said to them, as he looked down at the naked woman on the operating table. "The client has gone through a lot for this," Timothy said as he glanced over at the Symbiont. "And this is the most important part of this phase of the mission."

Vernon looked down at the naked woman as well, as Timothy continued to check on the woman’s vitals, which were displayed on a digital panel on the other side of the table.

"How can we be sure that she was able to get the information?" Vernon asked. "If I’m correct," he added, "there’s no way we will know for sure until this is done." He looked over at Audrey. "She had no idea who you were at all?"

"No," Audrey replied, "she didn’t. Gee Vernon," Audrey added, “you sound worried.”

"Where you are worried, I am cautious. And why?" Vernon pressed, "When you brought her up to this room, you said she instantly wanted to be intimate with you. What if her preferences had changed, after she went dark last year? What then?"

"Don’t tell me you believe that antiquated notion that those who prefer a same sex relationship are conditioned to be that way by society, and it isn’t natural." Audrey fired back. "If so, then you have much to learn. Besides, the Betazoid we used is one of the best at memory implantation. I trusted him to do his job, and he did. Her memories may have been changed, but she wasn’t. So, there is no need,” she paused for effect, “to worry.”

"Look you two," Vernon insisted. "Getting her to come to this world, at this time, took much planning. The fact it all worked out is very fascinating to me. The timing of your contacting her, then setting up meeting her here, in this building, all had to work like clock work and it did. I guess I am easily amazed."

"Don’t you understand?” Audrey asked. “It worked because our client," she said, looking at the Symbiont, "is far smarter than any of us. It knew her better than we did."

"Okay," Timothy finally said, as the readings on the digital display reached their preferred status, "she is ready."

"Are you sure absolutely sure that you can do this?" Audrey asked Timothy.

"For the last time," Vernon cut in with, "stop being so worried."

"It’s okay Vernon; I can understand her worry with the medical operation." Timothy said. "And yes, Audrey, I can do this. Doctor Bashir taught the class, and he was quite thorough I might add. By the way, I was the best in his class at doing this."

“In a Hollodeck simulation,” Audrey added quickly. “Just don’t forget that.”

"Alright," Vernon finally said, "from this point on I want us all to maintain cover. I just hope our friend, what’s his name again?" Vernon asked Audrey.

"Gaous," Audrey said, "his name is Gaous. And I am very confident they are watching us now. I wired the transaction into his account yesterday and received his signal earlier today that he and his friends would be there."

"Good," Vernon said as he pulled up his sleeve and took off a wrist device he was wearing. He casually looked at the window and then placed wrist device on the edge of the table. “Alright; the show will start any moment.”


Gaous, James T Kirk, Bylar Naylim and T’Banz were each sitting in comfortable chairs with their binoculars aimed at the apartment across the way inside the nearest skyscraper to the one they were in.

“If this gets really bloody,” Bylar said, “I am not going to watch.”

“I thought you told us you grew up in refugee camps,” Kirk said. “I thought those places were rife with violence, as well as women having babies in tents and things like that.”

“I was just a year old when the occupation ended,” Bylar explained. “I was actually born in one. But, sorry, my memories of chaotic refugee camps are not that plentiful.”

Gaous ramped up the magnification settings on his binoculars to better see the wrist device one of the masked men had set on the table.

“Guys,” Gaous said to the others, “look at that device on the table.”

“Wait,” Kirk said, “Isn’t that the same kind communicator you have?” Kirk asked.

“Yes,” Gaous said. “I bet, if we could manipulate the settings, we might be able to trigger the com unit on his, and listen in on what is going on over there.” Gaous offered his suggestion, but the other three had no idea that it wasn’t a mere random suggestion at all.

“What about it, T’Banz?” Kirk asked the Vulcan. “You’re pretty good with this kind of tech.”

“Here,” Gaous said, as he took off the wrist communicator and handed it to T’Banz. “See what you can do.”

T’Banz studied it for a few moments, and then he made a few adjustments using the digital interface.

Over in the other apartment they waited. Vernon, Timothy and Audrey all casually waited for the signal, and then, at last, it came. A brief flash on the device let them know that the wrist communicator had been activated, and that the four boys in the adjacent building were now not only watching was happening; they could hear it too.

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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

That's an interesting development.

It appears the symbiont needs a new host and the Trill woman is supposed to become it. Still can't figure out why it is happening this way, why this has all been set up by a Ferengi teenager and why he arranged for his buddies to watch.

The mystery endures.
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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

The mystery will take another twist coming up...all, as they say, is not as it seems to be. And you have to know that if a "Kirk" is involved, things are going to get dicey for him too!!

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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

T’Banz set Gaous’s communicator on the arm rest of his chair. He had made a couple more adjustments, and moments later they began to hear sounds from the other apartment.

"Don’t worry, we can talk," Gaous told his three friends, "T’Banz has only muted our side of the signal. But whatever they‘re saying over there we will be able to hear."

"Will they know?" Kirk asked. “I mean, won’t the communicator over there make some kind of signal when they are transmitting?”

"When I triggered the com settings," T’Banz explained, "it sent a signal, a visual flash right here,” T’Banz said, pointing at the communicator on the chair. “However I took great care and I did it when they were talking, and not looking in the direction of the communicator. From what I could tell, neither of them saw the signal. In about thirty minutes it will reset the com signal, and that will cause the device to flash again, and they will probably see it, and then they might suspect something. But for now, the odds of our being detected are manageable."

Suddenly they heard a voice speaking and it was from one of the men in the apartment across the divide between the two skyscrapers.

(Remember reader; the people in the other apartment know they are being watched and heard by the four boys in the other skyscraper. What is about to be said is a total fabrication.)

"I am ready to make the initial incision," a man’s voice said. "Vernon, make sure you monitor Anara’s life signs."

"Yes sir," Vernon replied. "But Tim, I still don’t understand why we have to wear our masks; it just doesn’t make any sense."

"Anara, the woman we are about to operate on, is dying," Timothy replied. "Years ago, she was married to the Symbiont’s Trill host, and when the marriage became abusive, she ran, and kept running until she felt safe, and then, with help, established a whole new life for herself, hence covering up her spots and pretending to be from Earth."

"I know the rest of the story, so," Vernon said, "You don’t have to tell it to me again. Now, as she is dying, she just wanted to reunite with the Trill’s Symbiont one last time to say goodbye."

"Precisely," Timothy replied. "Both she and the Symbiont are paying us a lot of credits to do this, and," Timothy added, "It was her dying wish, and so I said yes. But because it is a criminal act to do such an operation without proper procedural red tape cutting, I requested our identifications to be kept secret from both her, and Audrey, for legal reasons."

"We’re doing this for credits?" Vernon pressed. "Doesn’t this violate your code of ethics?"

"For this amount of credits," Timothy replied, "not at all. Audrey will get her cut, and we will get our cut, as agreed upon, and we will all be happy."

"What will happen after we put the Symbiont inside of Anara?" Vernon asked.

"They will be able have their reunion, but, because her body was not conditioned to accept this Symbiont, about an hour later, both it, and she, will pass away." Timothy explained. "And luckily for us, on Rigel-7, suicide is a fundamental right for all. However, most unfortunately, suicide is not a universal right throughout the Federation, so we must keep our identities secret. I could lose my license for this. But it won’t matter because once we’re done; we’ll be long gone before they found. Now, if you two would be quiet, let me concentrate on what I have to do.”

Gaous recognized the verbal cue from Timothy.

“Hey, I forgot about this,” Gaous said to the others, “look!”

They all put their binoculars down and looked to where Gaous was standing. He was holding a data card.

“What is that?” Kirk asked.

“This apartment we’re in isn’t free,” Gaous told the others. “My father rents them out for tons of Latinum but he‘s never updated the tech that runs these places. This data card can activate the Replicator. And,” Gaous added, “It only serves real alcoholic beverages, none of that synthetic stuff.”

“Why did you wait until tonight to bring it?” Kirk asked.

“It hadn’t crossed my mind until tonight, and for that, I am sorry.” Gaous said. “I’ll order some drinks and put them on my dad’s credit.”

The others watched as Gaous ordered drinks via the Replicator.

“So, let me get this straight,”" Bylar said to Kirk and T’Banz. "The one doing the operation, Timothy, is a doctor of some sort. He needs to keep this operation a secret for professional reasons. Vernon, his assistant, as well as Timothy, are using fake names, as is Audrey, the one on the bed. This is all some scheme to make money off the dying wish of the Trill woman and her former Trill husband’s Symbiont."

"What about the woman on the bed reading; Audrey is it, or maybe like you said, that is a fake name too." Kirk said as Gaous began handing out the drinks, "We’ve been watching her for three nights now, and now it seems as if she’s been waiting here all this time for the rest of them to show up. That’s pretty strange. And, more importantly;” Kirk added, “Where is the Symbiont’s Trill host?”

"Yeah,” Bylar added. “And what about this," Bylar said, "These two women were all up in each other moments before the two masked guys arrived. Does the Symbiont know that his ex-Trill wife is seeing this other woman romantically? And if it doesn’t know now, won’t it find out the moment its inside of her? Does it even care?"

"And why drug her if it was all arranged?" Kirk asked. “It certainly seemed to me as if she had no idea this was going to be happening.”

“Yes, indeed.” T’Banz added, “There are many elements to this situation that are not logical. However I must point out that we did not have audio surveillance until just now. So it is quite possible that we are using our imaginations to fill in the blanks and that, where it concerns non Vulcans, is highly illogical.”

“And, in any event,” Bylar said to the others, “none of this has anything to do with anyone over there having sex at all, which, I don’t know about the rest of you, is why I am here. I’m not going to sit here just to see some kind of gory operation.”

Gaous, who knew more than he let on, knew he had to get control of the situation before it got out of hand. Even though he had received half of his payment from the woman named Audrey, he would only receive the other half of the payment if he, as well as Kirk, Bylar and T’Banz witnessed what was about to happen. But, as it happened to be, Gaous wasn’t going to have to do much at all because things in the other apartment turned interesting again. A voice could be heard coming from the communicator.

“There,” Timothy’s voice said, “all finished.”

“Whoa,” Bylar said as he and the others put down their drinks and went back to looking through their binoculars. “It’s over already?”

They watched as the naked woman, Anara, opened her eyes and smiled at the doctor and his assistant, and began to look around. They watch as the fold on her abdomen began to diminish as the Symbiont went deeper inside of her.

“See?” Gaous said to them all. “Nothing to worry about; and there was very little bloodl.”

“It is rather odd though,” Kirk said. “The Symbiont inside of her was once in her Trill husband’s body.”

“I thought the Trills had rules about that sort of thing,” Bylar told the others. “So what the hell is going on? Where is he?”

“Well,” Gaous said, hoping curiosity would rule the day, “now we have to stay and find out what will happen next. And,” Gaous added with a smile, “I bet its of a highly sexual variety.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Bylar said as they all sat back in their chairs and prepared to see what came next.

--I agree..continued…
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Re: Star Trek; Voyeur's Handbook

This is one surprisingly complex charade these people are trying to pull off. Forget my analogy to American Pie, this is like watching a Mission: Impossible episode. Except that these guys are up to no good and our group of intrepid (and horny) teenagers might be in more trouble than they realize.
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