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View Poll Results: Favorite Trek Series.
Star Trek 40 26.67%
Animated Star Trek 1 0.67%
Star Trek: The Next Generation 31 20.67%
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 57 38.00%
Star Trek: Voyager 12 8.00%
Star Trek: Enterprise 9 6.00%
Voters: 150. You may not vote on this poll

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Old June 17 2010, 06:24 PM   #31
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Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.



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Old June 17 2010, 06:32 PM   #32
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

DS9... followed by TNG, and then ENT. I think.
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Old June 17 2010, 08:09 PM   #33
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

DS9: No other show comes close for me. Not sure why. Maybe because it's pretty much a novel. Or the characters and their relationships. It explored the trek political world better than anything that came before or after. Or that it just seemed to take chances and try things even if sometimes they didn't work.
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Old June 18 2010, 06:08 PM   #34
Jefferies's Avatar
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

My favourite is DS9 - no contest!

However, I'm also very fond of Star Trek, TNG and Voyager. I ended up voting for Voyager because I think it deserves better than trailing Enterprise the dreg of all Star Trek series!
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Old June 19 2010, 03:18 PM   #35
Dark Dreamer
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

I voted for DS9 though it is basically tied with TOS in my mind. I flipped a coin to decide which to vote for. TNG would come in a close third and the others I couldn't care less about.
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Old June 20 2010, 02:19 AM   #36
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

Voyager. But I like TNG pretty much the same.
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Old June 20 2010, 11:40 AM   #37
Jane O'Lantern
Jane O'Lantern's Avatar
Location: maneth
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

ENT: such a refreshing take on Trek, and I love Archer's character development from eager explorer to badass warrior. I also like the strained relationship with the Vulcans.

DS9: great show, and I really like the long story arcs. It was my definite favorite until I recently saw Enterprise. It's also quite similar in some respects to Babylon 5, my favorite sf show of them all.

TNG: after a rather slow start, I find myself very attracted by the unbridled optimism and idealism.

VOY: apart from the twist of being stranded alone and friendless in the delta quadrant, I found this show enjoyable, but not different enough from the others. Unfortunately I never could get as involved with the fates of these characters as I did DS9 or even TNG, not to mention ENT.

TOS: without it the others would never have been made. I can enjoy some aspects of the show, but the sheer sexism of it turned my stomach on far too many occasions. The show definitely shows its age, even with updated FX. That said, I've hugely enjoyed those episodes of Phase II I've seen...

Haven't seen TAS so I can't judge.
Live long and prosper
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Old June 21 2010, 12:12 AM   #38
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Location: cali is at the centre of the apocalypse, england
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Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

Another Niner here!
For that matter, how many times have you sat in the grass and done nothing?
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Old June 21 2010, 02:25 AM   #39
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Location: New Zealand
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

What's happened to all the Tossers, then...?
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Old June 21 2010, 11:28 AM   #40
Orac Zen
Mischief Manager
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Location: Godsown.
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

As I like TOS, TNG and Voyager pretty much equally, I can't vote.

I enjoy TAS but it's not on the same level as those three. I found DS9 utterly boring once the Dominion stuff took over, and Enterprise didn't keep my attention at all.
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Old July 28 2010, 04:11 PM   #41
Fleet Captain
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Location: solarbaby
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Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

Star Trek Absolution episode 1
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Old July 30 2010, 07:10 PM   #42
Location: Poland
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

OMG, it's difficult for me to choose one the best ST series. I love TOS as much as TNG, I love TNG as much as DS9. I haven't watched VGR and I've seen only 1st season of ENT.
What I can say - ENT was a little bit worse than other series which I'd watched.
TOS is classic, it's special, other, it's got a spirit and I can't look at this in the same way as I look at TNG or DS9. I love TOS - this series made me Trekkie.
TNG and DS9 are great and I can't tell which is better.
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Old July 31 2010, 12:33 AM   #43
Gul Re'jal
Gul Re'jal's Avatar
Location: Gul Re'jal is suspecting she's on the wrong space station
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

You have the same problem with TNG and DS9 as me, whatamacallit. I love both of these. TOS has its special charm and special place in my heart.

I liked Voy too. I didn't like ENT at all. The only good thing they did was developing Andorians
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Old August 1 2010, 08:01 AM   #44
I am not Spock
Location: Australia
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

I like all of the Star Trek universe, and all of the shows have their plus points, but if I had to rank them:

1)Deep Space Nine: Great characters, storylines, recurring cast, everything you could want.
2) The Original Series: Iconic characters, entertaining and action packed SF parables.
3) The Next Generation: Some of the most 'hard SF' storytelling in the whole saga. Very intelligent scripts.
4) Voyager: Always entertaining, action packed, good cast. I like it a lot more than most people here do.
5) Enterprise: Had a slow start, but seasons 3 and 4 were very good.
6) The Animated Series: The actual animation has dated badly, but the stories are very smart for a 1970s cartoon series, and some may have worked on TOS.
Senator Vreenak- In the Pale Moonlight
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Old August 1 2010, 03:31 PM   #45
Re: Favorite Star Trek Series/Show.

TOS (the beating heart of all Trek in my opinion)
DS9 (loved these characters but the story arcs got a little too long and convoluted for me sometimes)
VOY (liked a lot of what I saw though I missed many of these episodes)
TNG (never could develop a real bond for any of the characters here though some of the concepts were thought provoking - made me wish I could have seen them carried out by the original crew)
ENT (though I've only seen a minority of episodes so that might change - I originally loved the concept)
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favorite, poll, series, trek

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