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Old May 17 2010, 12:00 PM   #1
Joe Washington
Fleet Captain
Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Andromeda: AU Style

This thread was formed by the partnership between myself and Admiral Young. We both felt that the show Andromeda needed some reworking to repair the damages it has inflicted with for most of the series. Here's Season 1 of our AU version of Andromeda:

  • In the series premiere, the cargo ship Eureka Maru attempts to salvage a High Guard ship stuck in the rim of a black hole. Tyr is the Nietzschean hired gun of the Eureka Maru crew and Beka's lover.
  • Trance who is also a member of the crew vaguely remembers her past but feels the need to carry her race's legacy. Harper has a crush on Trance.
  • 'Unknown to the Eureka Maru crew, there is a person onboard the ship: Captain Dylan Hunt who survived the beginning of the end of the Commonwealth by putting his ship in the rim of the black hole while fighting aganist his Nietzschean first officer who betrayed him. After the Maru pulls the ship out of the black hole's rim, Dylan finds out that 300 years has passed since his time and that a cargo crew is trying to salvage his ship. When he corners Harper and demands to know what's going on, Harper reveals to him that the Commonwealth has fallen.
  • With the help of the ship's AI Rommie, Dylan fights aganist the Eureka Maru crew for control of the ship. Beka sends Tyr to deal with Hunt but, to her surprise, Dylan is capable of fighting a Nietzschean and winning. So Dylan comes to a compromise with the Eureka Maru crew. He'll let them stay onboard his ship in exchange for their participation in a mission that he intends on carrying out and that mission is the rebuilding of the Commonwealth, to bring order to a chaotic galaxy. Though Trance and Rev find it interesting, Beka, Harper, and Tyr are not so persuaded to join so Dylan offers them lucrative positions and money to appeal to the side of their natures that yearn for power and money. Beka, Harper, and Tyr accept and so begins Dylan's mission.
  • Harper builds a android avatar for the ship's AI so it can physically interact with the crew and have an active role in missions.
  • As Trance continues to spend time on Andromeda and her relationship with Harper develops from friendship to something more intimate, Trance starts to remember more about her past and the race she belongs while keeping it a secret from the rest of the crew.
  • While helping out with Dylan's mission, Beka and Tyr try to find ways to use the Andromeda and its resources to benefit themselves and their ambitions personally without Dylan being the wiser.
  • Tensions stir up between Beka and Tyr when Tyr falls for a female member of a Nietszchean Pride during a mission but tries to make it look like it was all an act to Beka who isn't easily convinced.
  • Over the course of the season, it is gradually revealed that Dylan isn't just pursuing the rebuilding of the Commonwealth for the sake of principle. He's dependent on it and sees it as the only thing that's keeping him going with his life after finding out that his old life is basically over.
  • In the season finale, the crew hits a major hurdle in their mission when they encounter the Magog Worldship. They find themselves literally fighting for their lives in the battle aganist the Magog and the mysterious being that's guiding them, the Abyss.
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Old May 17 2010, 06:19 PM   #2
Rear Admiral
Mysterion's Avatar
Location: SB-31, Daran V
Re: Andromeda: AU Style

The only reworking andromeda needed was:

- A bigger budget per episode. Say at the level a ST series gets.
- Less interference from their syndication company. I.E. leaving Robert Hewitt Wolfe in charge for the full run of the show.
USS Galileo Galilei, NCC-8888
Starbase 31, Daran V
Prima Inter Pares
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Old May 17 2010, 07:08 PM   #3
Joe Washington
Fleet Captain
Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Re: Andromeda: AU Style

Ain't that the truth.
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Old May 18 2010, 10:02 PM   #4
Joe Washington
Fleet Captain
Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Re: Andromeda: AU Style

  • The Andromeda crew survives their encounter with the Magog Worldship. But after discovering that the Worldship will one day reach the Known Worlds once it has been fully repaired, the crewís mission to rebuild the Commonwealth becomes more important than ever.
  • Harper isnít infected with Magog larvae eggs but his experience with the Magog does scar him a bit emotionally. Trance is also affected by the battle with the Worldship after meeting face-to-face with the Abyss and recognizing him with a look of horror on her face. It is hinted that thereís some history between Trance and the Abyss which she refuses to tell the others about. But the crew does notice her eager determination for the success of Dylanís mission and her taking some shocking measures to make that possible without anyone or anything standing in the way of it.
  • Over the course of the season, Trance develops an array of strange and formidable abilities as she regains more of her memories.
  • Near the end of the season, the crew receives rumors that the last of the Pyrians is out there somewhere in the galaxy. Long ago, the Pyrians were a powerful, ancient race until a catastrophe rendered them extinct. Now every major power in the galaxy is out looking for a Pyrian who possibly survived that catastrophe. Whoever gets their hands on the Pyrian gets the power to alter the course of history. Dylan wants that power to complete the Restored Commonwealth and to stop the Magog threat. Most of the crew is with him on this except Trance who feels that the whole thing is a foolís errand.
  • Tyr finds out that he has a son and fakes his sonís death after the mother died to keep him protected long enough for Tyr to formulate a plan which his son will play a major role in. Tyr shares this with Beka, telling her that his plan can serve as a contingency if Dylanís Commonwealth doesnít prove to be strong to stand against the Magog. Beka promises to keep this between them but expresses her belief that Tyr may be wrong about the strength of Dylanís future Commonwealth and her hope that there wouldnít come a day in which she will have choose between Dylan and Tyr.
  • In the season finale, Tranceís growing abilities reach a critical point when she phases to an apocalyptic future in which Dylanís Commonwealth is being destroyed by the Magog Worldship while waging war against the Nietzscheans. Trance encounters her future self who had a baby with Harper. Itís revealed during their talk with each other that Trance is the last of the Pyrians and she has known this for some time. We learn that the Abyss caused the catastrophe that destroyed her race and that Trance forced herself to forget about her past and her race to provide for a cover for herself as she lies in hiding. Future Trance tells her the importance of having a baby with Trance which would continue the Pyrian race and that itís time for Trance to tell her crewmates the truth about what she is. When Trance comes back from the future, she sits down with Dylan and begins to tell him the truth starting with the fact that sheís the last Pyrian. Tranceís trip to and back from the future causes her to change physically from purple with a tail to gold and tailless.
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