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View Poll Results: Bajorans - do you like them or not?
Bajorans are great, a very well developed race/culture, I enjoyed plots that focused on them 36 60.00%
Bajorans are dull/annoying, I hated plots that focused on them 10 16.67%
They are so-so, I have no strong feelings on the matter 14 23.33%
Voters: 60. You may not vote on this poll

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Old April 24 2010, 05:21 PM   #61
Too Much Fun
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Re: Bajorans - yay or nay

Navaros, if memory serves, you and I have disagreed vehemently and felt exactly the opposite about certain things ("Star Trek: First Contact"?), but I think you are spot-on here. Well-put.
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Old April 24 2010, 05:41 PM   #62
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Re: Bajorans - yay or nay

I very much like your interpretations Nerys Ghemor. Sound logical.

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Old April 24 2010, 05:50 PM   #63
Nerys Ghemor
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Re: Bajorans - yay or nay

In the end, of course, it's speculation, but it makes sense to me and that's enough.
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Old April 24 2010, 05:59 PM   #64
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Re: Bajorans - yay or nay

The episodes that focused on Bajor too much felt like sitting in church when I was growing up.
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Old April 24 2010, 08:53 PM   #65
Fleet Captain
Re: Bajorans - yay or nay

Navaros wrote: View Post
Rather, they presupposed that the audience should care about them 'just because.'
They went out of their way to make Kira largely unsympathetic in the early going, and to judge by the common complaints about how grating she is in the opening season, they seem to have succeeded. She is traumatized and angry, often in an irrational manner. Some will find her overall situation to be compelling, others will just be repulsed by her behavior and demeanor.

Not coincidently the two opinions that you normally see regarding Kira in particular are either disgust and irritation or empathy and interest. Since that kind of tension is exactly what the writers were going for when they wrote the character as wounded, high-strung, angry and yet vulnerable, I see little evidence of a failure on their part in this thread.

In contrast to what had been done on TNG, Kira is a character written for people to react negatively to, at least initially. It worked. Most of what applies to Kira in this context applies to the Bajorans overall. Some viewers may end up sympathizing with them, but they are often presented in a rather unsympathetic light, sometimes as fanatics, sometimes as scheming politicians, sometimes as terrorists. It's not surprising that people have mixed feelings about these characters, since they are portrayed in such a way as to make it difficult not to have mixed feelings about them.

Navaros wrote: View Post
Primarily, Trek is supposed to be entertainment. Hearing characters I don't care about whine incessantly about how woeful their experiences are is the anti-thesis of entertainment.
People whining about woeful experiences they have had is a pretty common form of entertainment in one form or another. Duet, for example, is a widely admired episode. Lots of people like it. Either it's not incessant whining, or that incessant whining is indeed entertaining for many.

As for my personal opinion on the Bajorans, I'm in the "meh" category. I enjoy the political and religious themes of the Bajoran-centric episodes of DS9, and Kira is easily one of the best characters in Trek as far as the depth of her story arc is concerned. On the other hand, I can't escape the feeling that the Bajorans should be more interesting as a race than they actually ever end up being.

It's true that the variety of different personality types is an improvement over the standard Trek caricature races, but there is a fine line: granted, an alien race would likely be as diverse as humanity, but surely they would be different in some fundamental way as well?

Bajorans just strike me in the end as basically humans with nose ridges and a tendency to be religious. It's a bit thin, considering how much we see of them. The echos of ancient Bajoran civilisation were intriguing, especially the early development of interstellar travel, but this didn't end up receiving much attention.

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Old April 24 2010, 09:01 PM   #66
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Re: Bajorans - yay or nay

Dick1979 wrote: View Post
Zameaze wrote: View Post
Bajorans are Jews, Cardassians are Nazis--what would happen if they were forced to work together? Boring, boring, boring.
It's funny you should make that comparrison. I too have drawn the same parallels between these two species. As a
Matter of fact I have compared each major species in the Trekverse to that of our world. It's goes as fallows:

USA = The Federation
china = Vulcan
Japan = Romulan
Russia = Klingon
Euro Union = Trill, Betazed, Andor

Okay, bring on the heat.
I'd rather have the vulcans being British, especially after seing enterprise. And USA being "humans". Federation being NATO.

On some aspects, the Federation reminds me of the european union in the real world.
It's strong inside and people are proud of belonging to it, because it is firmly attached to humanist values.
And it's weak outside, because it tends to act as if the rest of the world/galaxy shared those values.
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Old April 24 2010, 11:54 PM   #67
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Re: Bajorans - yay or nay

Nardpuncher wrote: View Post
The episodes that focused on Bajor too much felt like sitting in church when I was growing up.
Damn, why didn't anyone take me to that church? I always miss out on the good stuff.
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bajor, bajorans

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