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Old February 20 2011, 08:10 PM   #61
King Daniel Into Darkness
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Re: Shatnerverse

^Although Titan is kept ultra-vague in Captain's Blood (I don't think we leave Riker's ready room) most of Riker's bridge crew get namedropped in Captain's Glory. I'm pretty sure that was after the Titan series began.
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Old February 20 2011, 08:16 PM   #62
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Re: Shatnerverse

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Actually I took the Shatner/Titan to be following Riker's line that it would be part of a new Romulan Task Force. It didn't even have any other crew mentioned except for Riker and Troi, of course this was before the Titan books were announced.
Well, yes, that's true of the second volume of the Totality trilogy, Captain's Blood. But the third, Captain's Glory, came out after the TTN novels had begun and did include characters from those novels including Vale, Tuvok, and Lavena.

And just to clarify, both the TTN novels and the Totality trilogy followed up on the line about the Romulan Task Force from NEM. Naturally, all tie-ins have to be consistent with canon. What I'm saying is that they differed on how long the Romulan mission took. In the TTN novels, the ship helped out at Romulus in December '79, got whooshed to the Small Magellanic Cloud for most of January '80, and had undertaken its primary mission of exploring uncharted space by March '80. In Totality, Titan stayed at Romulus for pretty much the whole of 2380 and didn't make its inaugural first contact until halfway through 2381 (around the time Over a Torrent Sea happens in the TTN novels).
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Old February 20 2011, 08:24 PM   #63
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Re: Shatnerverse

^ I wasn't meaning to contradict your post. Probably shouldn't have had the "actually" lol. I'm not on Captain's Glory yet so Blood was freshest on my mind.
Admiral Young
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Old February 21 2011, 04:09 AM   #64
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Re: Shatnerverse

I've read all of the 'Shatnerverse' novels with the exception of Captain's Glory. I thought the first two trilogies were awesome- they are actually what got me into TrekLit in the first place. I wasn't as enamored with the third trilogy and am not exactly chomping at the bit to read book number 9- possibly because, having discovered the wider world of Trek Lit, my standards have altered.

I think the minor continuity variations mentioned by Christopher, while valid, don't really cause a problem for me. I don't sit there with a Calendar while I read TrekLit, and unless there is a really obvious continuity hole then I am happy to shift events around in my mind to make the continuity fit. The annoying thing about the Shatnerverse trilogy is that people called it the Shatnerverse long before it conflicted with the TTN series, primarily because massive, epic events occured in the Shatnerverse (a Federation-wide plague, for example) that weren't really registered as having occurred in the DS9 relaunch continuity. I didn't really see a problem with this and I think it was just snobs who thought the Shatnerverse didn't live up to their idea of what Trek was meant to be, deciding to put it in it's own continuity. As far as I am concerned both continuities coexist with each other in my mental space. That's just me, however, and I respect that, because the Shatnerverse does play fast and loose with epic events in the Trek continuity, that the relaunch continuity made the right decision in disregarding them as 'real' events, to be referenced.
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shatner, shatnerverse

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