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Old November 16 2009, 03:28 PM   #1
Location: New York City
'Anomaly' Ep.#302

After only seeing about half a dozen Enterprise episodes ever I've read on TrekBBS how season3 the stories start to get pretty good.
I have Season 3 Disc1 from Netflix now which has 'The Xindi' Ep.#301 & 'Anomaly' Ep.#302.
I've just watched both for the first time.

'The Xindi' was a great season opener by director Allan Kroeker.
I must say though after just watching 'Anomaly' that it has some great action. A lot of camera shake (in a good way) as it reminded me of great Trek movie action scenes (different than VOY camera shake somehow). The music in Anomaly was also good.
Good phaser battle inside NX-01, good ship-to-ship space skirmishes, good stuff with crew in Environment suits, good ship tactical maneuvers, alien vessel interiors.

No comment about the captain's behavior [locking Osaarian prisoner in in a decompression chamber as torture].
I'd rather not discuss that but the great things that this episode does do.

As the Treknation review of 'Anomaly' says
A more creative and engrossing episode than last week's season opener,
Yes I liked it more too.

I'm looking forward to more season 3 Enterprise. Actually while watching it I was imagining how much better ENT would be in HD on Blu-ray. Since this was the first Trek series to be shot and mastered in HD it could only add to the presentation. I've not seen any ENT episodes in HD yet on HDNET.

Hmm 'Anomaly' was directed by David Straiton. Maybe I'll have to see some of the other things he directed.
He did 10 episodes, 2002-2005 on ENT.

What do you all think of Anomaly?

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Old November 16 2009, 04:19 PM   #2
thew40's Avatar
Location: The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
Re: 'Anomaly' Ep.#302

Meh. I thought it was okay, but not as good as episodes that would follow it. It's very much more about Archer's struggle to use excessive force than anything else -- though (if I recall) it does establish the spheres, which is key.

The line about mercy is pretty cool and it's something that gets dealt with later in the season. I did find the episode lacking a little bit at parts, though.
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Old November 19 2009, 05:58 AM   #3
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commodore64's Avatar
Location: Communist Portland
Re: 'Anomaly' Ep.#302

Agreed. I thought Anomaly was twice what Xindi tried to be. Sussman had a nice line up in season 3. I was disappointed ultimately with his contribution in season 4.
Thanks, HR!
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Old November 19 2009, 07:03 AM   #4
Flying Spaghetti Monster
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Location: Flying Spaghetti Western
Re: 'Anomaly' Ep.#302

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I agreed with Jammer's take on it. I agree with him that the music, in particular, just rocked!
"That was the guy.. that was the guy from Ender's Game." - an 8-year-old's reaction to seeing the TFA teaser
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