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Old October 28 2009, 05:26 PM   #1
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TV Report Card - Halloween Edition

Since nearly every show is taking a break this weekend, I'm going to break down what I've been watching and how it's been stacking up. Feel free to chime in, of course.

New Series:

Accidentally on Purpose - D - they should have stuck with Courting Alex which was much funnier than this. I don't think this will last much longer. Bailed after two episodes.

Community - C - I like Joel McHale, but I don't know how long this show can continuously hold my interest. I'll probably just wait till the end of the season to check the rest of it out.

Cougar Town - B+ - Really funny stuff. Great cast and some interesting stories. I'm going to keep watching.

FlashForward - A- - I really needed a Lost-like fix, and I think I have it.

Glee - B - It's steorotypical, stupid, has horrible syncing... yet I can't stop watching. It's too funny.

Hank - C - I gave up on this one too. Just nothing interesting. I don't see how they can keep up the premise

Mercy - B - now that it has a full season pick up I'm going to start watching again

Modern Family - B- - Nothing spectacular about this show. It's decent, but I don't understand all the acclaim

NCIS: Los Angeles - B- - It's hit or miss. I think I'm going to hold off for the DVDs

Stargate Universe - B - Hit or miss. The pilot was great, but there wasn't another great episode until episode 5.

The Cleveland Show - A - I wasn't terribly impressed with the pilot, but I'm really liking the show now

The Forgotten - C - nothing to distinguish itself from the 50 other procedurals out there except they're not cops

The Middle - B - it's like Malcolm in the Middle for 2009, but it's entertaining enough to keep watching

Returning Series:

Criminal Minds - A - still entertaining

CSI - B - much better than last season

CSI: Miami - D - I thought I'd give it another shot, but it's still bad. Bailed after the premiere again

Curb Your Enthusiasm - A - Still hilarious

Dexter - A - excellent stuff. John Lithgow is creepy

Family Guy - B - it's what I expected... I still laugh

Fringe - C - except for one episode, I've been thoroughly disappointed compared with all the build up from last season

How I Met Your Mother - B - There's only been one episode I haven't liked this season

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - B - much better than last season

The Big Bang Theory - A - great stuff once again. Every joke is funny to me

The Office - B - loved the wedding episode and the one following it
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Old October 28 2009, 05:35 PM   #2
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Re: TV Report Card - Halloween Edition

Just the shows I watch:

FlashForward - C

Could be better, but so far it's been hit or miss. I'll stick with it though.

Glee - B

I don't know why I like this show. I probably shouldn't, but I love the music, and Sue is a great character.

Parks and Recreation - A

This show has definitely gotten better. Each week it's hilarious.

30 Rock - A

Hard to tell with 2 episodes, but this show is awesome.

Survivor Samoa - B-

Hopefully things pick up this season because it's been a bit dull lately.

The Amazing Race - C

Not my favorite season. Hopefully the back half is a bit more exciting.
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Old October 28 2009, 06:58 PM   #3
Mr Light
Location: Pennsylvania
Re: TV Report Card - Halloween Edition

I like Cougar Town and Community. Cleveland Show isn't funny yet but I'll keep watching anyway. Dunham Show wasn't that funny. Stargate Universe I gave up on, just very boring and uninteresting. Flash Forward has promise but it's not must-see.

Big Bang still funny. 2.5 Men I haven't been enjoying the past half year with the fiancee I don't like and Alan becoming increasingly insane and annoying. Parks is better than last year and I enjoyed last year. Office and 30 Rock and Philly are hilarious as always. Clone Wars is cool so far. Dollhouse continues to bore. Simpsons and Family Guy and American Dad continue to be funny.

Heroes isn't great but it's better than the "Fugitives" volume. Fringe continues to bore with the occasional cool bit.

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Old October 28 2009, 07:48 PM   #4
Vice Admiral
Location: Space Massachusetts
Re: TV Report Card - Halloween Edition

The Middle is the Malcolm in the Middle for 2009? Might have to try it out.
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Old October 29 2009, 08:41 PM   #5
Campe98's Avatar
Location: Tennessee
Re: TV Report Card - Halloween Edition

The Amazing Race (B) - Despite my girlfriend's attempts to get me to watch more, I hate reality TV with the exception of this show. This entertains me for some odd reason but it being reality-based automatically brings it down a notch in my book. Still, its always fun to watch what these people are going to be asked to do for $1 million.

Mad Men (B) - This show continues to drag me in no matter how hard I try to break away from it. In all honesty, the fascinating writing of absolutely horrible people keeps me coming back for more. Plus, any excuse to watch Christina Hendricks is good enough for me.

How I Met Your Mother (B+) - This is probably my favorite sitcom on the air right now. Doesn't mean its a great show, and I really think the quality's declined the past few seassons. I hate that we've taken so much focus off of Ted and onto Barney. I like Barney as a character but I like the fact that the show should be an ensemble not the NPH half hour.

Glee (A-) - I come from a musical theatre background and this is a show that I absolutely adore. Yeah, there are far too many instances of poorly done auto-tuning but its fun to see an almost musical every week even though there have been hits (the mash-ups and "Somebody to Love") and misses ("The Thong Song"... don't let Matthew Morrison rap anymore... please). Plus, Jane Lynch is hilarious and any excuse to see the beautiful Dianna Agron (despite her horribly nasaly voice) is a good one.

Community (C+) - I was disappointed that I missed Joel McHale when he was in town this past weekend as I find him hilarious. This show probably won't get past a second season. The rest of the characters are just... okay... and I can't imagine them keeping this premise going for more than a season's worth of episode before it gets stale.

FlashForward (B-) - As someone else said, this is kinda filling my Lost kick for the moment. I don't think its a great show, but its certainly an interesting concept and could be great but they need to push the envelope a bit and take it into some interesting directions. I'm interested to see what Dominic Monaghan's going to add to the show starting tonight.

The Office (A-) - I hated last season of The Office and was very disappointed with the direction it was going with the exception of The Michael Scott Paper arc. This season, however, has been firing on all cylinders. Jenna Fischer and Steve Carrell put in awesome performances last week. I hope they can continue to keep it going in that direction.

Fringe (B) - I actually like the direction this show is going and the character interactions although I was disappointed in the offing of Charlie.

30 Rock (B) - Its really hard to grade this after only two episodes have aired, but as per usual I love Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin and this show has consistently been full of win.

Stargate Universe (C-) - I'm really not sure why I keep watching the show. Its not very good but its something that doesn't use a lot of brainpower to wake up to on Saturday morning so I guess thats it.

Psych (B-) - I just love the two leads on this show and their chemistry. That's what keeps me tuning back to a series type I normally avoid like the plague.
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Old October 29 2009, 08:54 PM   #6
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Trekker4747's Avatar
Location: Kansas City
Re: TV Report Card - Halloween Edition

Flashforward: An OK series that seems to be taking a while to hit a real "stride." This deep into loss I was engrossed this series I'm liking it but not envolved with it yet, it remains interesting enough to continue watching, however.

That's the only "new series" I've picked up this year.

Returning Series:

House: This season seems to be taking its time to hit a stride too, it's dallying too much with getting House back into his position of heading up the diagnostics department, the medical "mysteries" have taken a back-seat to character stuff and House's position in the hospital has mostly left Forman in charge and he's not nearly as interesting a doctor to watch as House. Also, Taub and Thirteen are MIA.

Smallville: This series remains what it is. A time-waster that entertains on some level, if not for the Superman connections I wouldn't watch.

Survivor: Been an interesting season so far even though my pick to win left last episode.
Out of hope.
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Old October 29 2009, 10:53 PM   #7
Gary Mitchell
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Location: ¯\_(°·O)_/¯ Florida
Re: TV Report Card - Halloween Edition

Failed for me after watching 1 whole episode:
Modern Family
The Middle - what a stinkeroo
Cougar Town

How I Met Your Mother - B
-not as good this season. I'm not really a fan of Robin/Barney
Accidentally on Purpose - D
- I agree with Starbreaker: Courting Alex was a much better show than this (plus it had Dabney Coleman).
2 1/2 Men - B
- I don't really like the fiancee and that dummy bit with Alan has to go.
Big Bang Theory - A
Trauma - B
- liked this show but I just saw that it was canceled.
Heroes - D
- I'm not sure why I still watch it. I don't really enjoy it but I have to see what happens.
Castle - B


- It doesn't engage me like NCIS. I don't really like any of the characters.


Law and Order SVU - C


Flash Forward - B
- not bad. I hope it lasts long enough to see what's going on.


Law and Order - B
Stargate Universe - B
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