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Old August 25 2009, 09:49 PM   #46
Disrespectful of his betters
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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

ClayinCA wrote: View Post

OmahaStar beat me to it!
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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Old August 30 2009, 07:58 PM   #47
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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

I'm not sure Maryann's "husband" is literally the devil but he's definitely in that league. Without giving away details, what's going on with her is far older than Christianity is and what/who she is trying to bring forth is definitely ancient evil/anarchy.

The series is good. It has a surprising amount of nudity and simulated sex acts but definitely not porno. Softcore at best in it's raunchiest and it's treated as a part of the series, not as an excuse to show people doing wild sex acts (Phlox's has to be the best/worst one yet) and being gratuitous.

It's on par with the amount of violence we see in the series, which itself is actually no more violent than some network series depict. The difference is in the graphic depiction itself. So for example, someone in a network series gets shot or stabbed, we may see some blood. In True Blood, it gushes more realistically or is more believably a wound of that nature.

I always find it odd people are okay with excessive violence but you show someone's tits or a sex act and suddenly it's taboo. Like beating someone to a literal bloody pulp is okay but seeing two people screwing is obscene and offensive.
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Old August 30 2009, 11:50 PM   #48
Greg Cox
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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Anna Paquin is a horrible actor, I don't know how anyone here can think she isn't.

Aside from the fact that she won an Oscar for THE PIANO . . . ?

She was also good in the X-MEN movies and ALMOST FAMOUS.
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Old August 31 2009, 12:55 AM   #49
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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

Anybody who appears in a movie where Harvey Keitel shows his penis should win some sort of award. That is probably pretty traumatizing when he starts waving that sucker around.
sometimes in real life a villain will burn your house to the ground, kill your family, rape your wife, and shoot your dog and then laugh because he liked it. Some people are just assholes.
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Old August 31 2009, 01:19 AM   #50
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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Anna Paquin is a horrible actor, I don't know how anyone here can think she isn't.

Aside from the fact that she won an Oscar for THE PIANO . . . ?

And Crash won best movie... so they know so much...

Her acting on this show is just horrid, it's unbelievable.
"Did you (republicans) fall down,hit your head and think you woke up in the 1950s? Or the 1890s? Should we call for a doctor?" - Senator Elizabeth Warren.
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Old September 6 2009, 01:37 AM   #51
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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

melancholymecha wrote: View Post
Im about to start watching this series soon, its the next dvd in my Netflix queue...I hope I like it. I usually love vampires & I loved Moonlight but I could never get into the Whedon vampire shows...
ooookay I just saw the first 2 eps and Im HOOKED! Its amazing how tame Moonlight is compared to this naughty beast of a show.

Im already in love with Bill & I love the bar owner looking over Sookie.(I know what his "deal" is thanks to a spoiler, though I dont know exactly why so Im looking forward to that being explained.) I just hope they dont ruin my love for these 2 by making either of them do something unlikable later on. I also like Sookie's bro even though he's an idiot and a scumbag(but he's funny). I cant stand Tara though, yeesh she's annoying! Sookie's grandma- she's a goner isnt she? she's just too sweet to stick around in this type of show.
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Old September 6 2009, 02:00 AM   #52
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Re: True Blood-Freaky porno

I watched theu every available episode, and now eagerly await each week... Frakking new good shows.. I have too many already!
If you're one of the meatheads constantly droning on about "take my country back"... GET OVER IT. The confederacy LOST.
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