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Old September 9 2009, 06:09 AM   #31
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Anwar wrote: View Post
I'm starting the betting pot right now for when the inevitable Niner/Voy Hater will pop with a "thank god those morons didn't get their filthy claws into my perfect DS9!"
Give it time.
Thank the Maker...
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Old September 15 2009, 05:13 PM   #32
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

anwar, you don't really mention how most of the characters grow/change over the course of these seasons. what of their interpersonal relationships with one another? you mention the b'elanna triplets dying, so is she only part of the show for the first season? do harry, tom and b'elanna all become best friends by season 2? since there's not much change in the overall characters of b'elanna and locarno (from paris) do they still end up together after being antagonistic to each other early on? what happens with seska? does everyone stay on board after seven arrives?

interesting take overall. i'm not sure i really agree with it, but it's an interesting revision nonetheless. i'm just more interested in the character outcomes than overall plot changes.
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Old September 16 2009, 12:55 AM   #33
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

The fully Klingon and Human B'ellanas both die, but the original still survives.

Seska dies at the beginning of the Conclave arc at the hands of the Vidiians along with Cullah.

I admit I'm not the best when it comes to personal characterization. This was more my first major attempt at redoing a series plotwise rather than character-wise.
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Old September 16 2009, 03:20 AM   #34
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

VOY goes back to the Alpha Quadrant using the Slipstream Drive and plot co-ordinates that will land them near DS9. When they get there their scanners detect over ten times the normal amount of vessels than should be there, including Romulan Warbirds.

Wondering what the hell is going on, and receiving some Fed messages about wartime status they fear that it's a Romulan Invasion and in the state they're in (powering up the Slipstream Drive took up almost all power except for what they could spare for life-support and basic stuff) a light Cardassian ship would take them out.

But then they see the Romulans arriving to pick them up along with Fed and Klingon ships, they're more confused than before when the Fed Admiral (Ross?) mentions "Good thing we picked you up before the Jem'Hadar did."

Next would be a homecoming episode where the VOY crew are taken to Earth for debriefing. They learn about the Dominion, the Cardassian alliance, and the destruction of the Maquis. Chakotay and the surviving Maquis take this hard and to make matters worse they realize now they're likely to just end up in prison for their actions prior to being on VOY.

But Starfleet tells them that Janeway spoke up on their behalf, and more importantly Denara Pel and the Conclave delegation also spoke up for them and the Feds are willing to make concessions in exchange for peaceful relations with a new potential ally.

Tom would then go (with Kes) to tell Harry's family about what happened to him, while B'Ellana's family would learn of how they now had three daughters and two are dead. The Doctor would undergo examination for his sentience and Seven of Nine would be a big point of interest.

Going over everything VOY encountered in the Beta Quadrant, especially the Fluidics, Starfleet wonders what to do especially with the Dominion situation happening now. They also are studying the Slipstream drive.

Due to their services Locarno/Paris is granted an official commission and the Maquis are granted Amnesty. Chakotay decides to re-enlist to fight the Dominion, Denara and co are put on maximum security to keep them safe from potential Dominion assassination or capture. B'Ellana decides to just resign as she's been through enough and is grateful to be home, the whole experience having helped her reconcile with her issues over her hybrid nature. Tuvok sees his family on Vulcan.

I think I'd do something radically different and have Seven revealed to be Annika Ransom, daughter of the missing Captain Ransom, who was lost years ago when Ransom's wife took Annika with her on a science mission and never returned (like the Hanson's in Seven's official backstory). Seven wouldn't really feel that bad since she doesn't remember her father at all and she's mad at her mom for endangering her.

We jump one year ahead with a text explanation of how Janeway, Tom, Tuvok and Chakotay fought in the Dominion War and are now recalled to Starfleet HQ for a new mission.

They're surprised to see each other again (they all fought separately). Tom is a Lt. Cmdr, Chakotay is a full Commander and Janeway received a promotion to Captain and is in command red now, having had her own ship in the war.

They learn that Starfleet has decided to make Voyager into a sort of memorial ship/museum ship since it was near the end of its operational lifespan anyways and was really jury-rigged from the Vidiian, Talaxian and Krenim tech they grafted onto it to make repairs. They took out the Slipstream Drive to study and have discovered that the resources that help stabilize and power it (which is different from Dilithium) don't exist in the Alpha Quadrant. They're able to synthesize it but not in large enough amounts to mass-produce the Slipstream Drive.

They have built some smaller ships for testing their own Slipstream drives and have constructed large mining/transport vessels while speaking with the Conclave Delegation. They've agreed to open relations with the Alpha Quadrant and will return to the Deep-Beta Quadrant now so to help in opening trade negotiations for the resources needed in the Slipstream Drive. Starfleet has prepared a new vessel to escort them home and the Conclave Delegation have requested that the crew of VOY be in command.

VOY has enough of the synthesized Slipstream material for 2 Slipstream usages: 1 to go back to the Deep-Beta Quadrant and 1 to go back home to deliver a status report of whether they were successful or not in gaining access to the needed resources.

The crew agree and Starfleet christens their new vessel, a new class known as the "Intrepid-class", "Voyager" in honour of its predecessor.

And so Captain Janeway, 1st Officer Chakotay, Helmsman Lt-Cmdr Paris, Tactical Officer Lt-Cmdr Tuvok, Science Officer Seven, the Doctor (uploaded from the Old VOY to the New VOY) and Kes take off to go back to the Deep-Beta Quadrant with their new mission.
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Old September 16 2009, 06:27 AM   #35
Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Sounds good so far...
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Old September 25 2009, 02:53 AM   #36
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Season 5


Emerging outside the edge of the Periphery from a navigation error, VOY detects another Fed ship heading for them from beyond the Periphery: It’s the Equinox.

Wondering what another Fed ship is doing so far from home they find the badly damaged ship and Captain Ransom. Janeway decides not to immediately tell him that they have his missing daughter on-board and that she was a Borg for a long time, and Seven (who has no memory of her father anyways) just goes with it.

In this version the Equinox accidentally found the Barzan Wormhole that deposited them far from the Federation (The boundary between the Delta and Beta Quadrants) where they were attacked by the Kowtowan Guard, etc and have been making their way home ever since. They detected the bizarre energy emissions from the Periphery/Central Core regions (the result of the Fluidic Wars and the more recent Borg invasion) and were heading there hoping for advanced life.

Janeway figures that since they only have enough Slipstream fuel to go back to the Federation once, they may as well continue through Slipstream to the Neo-Conclave and tractor beam the Equinox with them until they all go home together.

On the way there Ransom finds out about Seven and explains what his ex-wife and Annika were doing out in space where they were captured by the Borg in the first place. It was the same reasoning for the Hansons’ search for the Borg in the regular universe. He doesn't seem too distressed over Annika's fate and is more impressed that she survived at all (he's a lot colder in this version).

The VOY crew eventually find out about the Nucleonic lifeforms Ransom was using for fuel, and he pretty much tells them he knew they were sentient all along but he was willing to kill them to go home and thought data collected on the enhanced warp drive would help Starfleet more so why not? (He's a LOT colder)

Combining the Equinox's enhanced drive with the Slipstream tunnel they're in, the Equinox gets to the Deep-Beta Region before VOY does, and upon arriving Janeway vows to hunt Ransom down because now the Nucleonic lifeforms are attacking the new VOY as well.


When VOY gets back to the Neo-Conclave they find out that things haven't exactly been quiet in the time they've been gone (which is like 18 months or so).

The AIs of the Lokirrim Union have become tired of the way that they get treated by their masters, and renegade AIs that do not have the program blocks preventing them from harming their masters have begun a revolt against the Lokirrim. These free AIs are able to remove the program block in other AIs causing more of them to join their cause. Some AIs from the League have also broken away/been “infected” to help in this AI War.

Of course, who created these AIs with no program blocks is a mystery (the original free AIs are those robotic warriors from "Prototype").

There's a lot of tension between the Neo-Conclave and the League now due to this, because the Lokirrim seem to have evidence that all the worlds where the AIs first began to rebel were planets also visited by VOY when they were exploring the Central Core almost two years ago, leaving the Lokirrim to suspect that maybe VOY had something to do with it, and they especially suspect the Doctor.

The Neo-Conclave thus is not exactly happy to see the VOY crew again. And to make matters worse the Nucleonic lifeforms have followed Ransom and VOY and are now attacking other vessels in the region as well because a lot of ships have been going over the same spots as the warp trail left by Ransom, and the Nucleonic lifeforms have catalogued the energy signatures that those ships give off too and are following them/attacking them.

It gets worse as the AI Revolutionaries have used stolen League data to take over a Old Conclave dig site where the League was uncovering an ancient Starship from the Fludic Wars. It's basically a giant missile launcher armed with still-working Null Bombs/Warheads, each one capable of destroying a planet in one shot.

It was a joint-venture between the Old Conclave and the Voth, to counter the Fluidics’ own System-killer attacks. (In this version the Fluidic ships form a ring around the central vessel with the ships all pointing outward in every direction and the energy wave they let out destroys entire Systems and not just planets)

It's still being repaired and upgraded for robot usage so the League, Conclave and Lokirrim have time to stop the AIs before they can use it. The countdown is on.
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Old September 29 2009, 04:06 AM   #37
I am not Spock
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Man, I really wish all of the season four we actually got was a Year of Hell arc. I'm liking this story so far. Keep it up!
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Old September 30 2009, 04:23 AM   #38
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

I'm enjoying it.
Thank the Maker...
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Old October 14 2009, 02:55 AM   #39
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Okay, it's been two weeks. Sorry for the delay, I'm actually writing this from Orlando Florida (family trip).

Machines behind the Man

VOY finds out that Ransom is helping the AI Revolutionaries and after capturing some of the Equinox crew they find out they've been getting orders from Think Tank, who were the ones the League hired to analyze the ancient ship to begin with.

The AIs also discover the remains of the Borg Expeditionary Force from before and try to reverse-engineer it but accidentally revive some dead drones in the process.

The Neo-Concave find out that all the worlds VOY was accused of inciting to revolt were also visited by Think Tank or had dealings with them.

So VOY track down Ransom to Think Tank and confront the Robotic Scientist there; they find out he's really just a drone, always has been, Korris was controlling him and using him to talk to the Revolutionaries. He built the original rogue AIs and has been manipulating the revolt all along.

His reasoning is that as a scientist he wanted to see what kind of civilization they'd set up. Also, he is in fact over a thousand years old and was the one who introduced the robotic technology to the races of the Deep-Beta Quadrant to begin with. This has been a very-long term experiment for him. He gives mention that he himself was inspired to do so from another source.

This has all been transmitted to the Revolutionaries who choose to stand down (the League and Lokirrim do as well). Due to Korris' deception being revealed all sides are willing to talk now.

The robots who want to stay independent are allowed to do so while the ones who wanted to go home (since they only left due to the revolt turning people on them) are allowed to do so, with more open-minded Politicians willing to work out agreements with them now that the virus has made them more free-minded. Peace is at hand, until…

Borg Redux

Everyone gets the message from the robots that have been taken over by the Borg tech, warning them that the Borg drones are using their tech to rebuild the Transwarp Conduit and summon more Borg from the Delta Quadrant.

Ransom is there, observing the Borg (curiosity, and because he knows VOY and his daughter Annika will come).

In the midst of the battle between the revived Borg and the combined League/Conclave force, which includes the use of the Null-Bomb Launcher on the infected planetoid, VOY and Equinox are sucked into the incomplete Conduit and deposited in the Delta Quadrant.

End of S5.
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Old November 3 2009, 12:50 AM   #40
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Season Six

Delta Quadrant

Because the Conduit was incomplete and unstable, Equinox and Voyager emerge in different areas of the Delta Quadrant.

In this version, the DQ is very much a wasteland with nothing but Borg-scarred worlds and refugee fleets of survivors who survive mainly because their ships and technology are less advanced than the tech already assimilated by the Borg when their worlds were first attacked. The Borg pretty much see them as less than nothing and leave them alone. Seven comments that the Borg may just be leaving them alone in the idea that they will inhabit some new world and the multiple survivor races will work together to create new technologies and ideas that the Borg can them come in and assimilate.

IE, it's a Borg breeding program with no one realizing it.

After going around looking for Ransom and trying to co-relate any data they got on the unstable Conduit with other DQ survivors to perhaps try and stabilize it or make their own to return to known space, VOY learns that there is at least one Civilization, the Arturians, that has survived thus far and heads there to see if they know anything.

Turns out they've survived for two reasons: They hunt down individual ships of advanced races and set them up for the Borg to take them so they'll leave them alone, and they form conscript fleets of unwilling alien races to defend themselves from Borg attacks so anything the Borg assimilate is from those other races and not from the Arturians, meaning if they're interested they go after those races and not the Arturians who conscripted them in the first place.

The greater of two evils

VOY and Equinox both find themselves reluctantly conscripted into a massive armada put together to defend from a Borg Cube that has finally decided to investigate one of the Arturian's own planets, meaning if they fail the Arturians are doomed. Thus lays the moral quandary: the normal populace are unaware of what their army has been doing and are innocent. If the armada fails they will all be assimilated once the Borg decide to really attack the Arturians. But they cannot ignore how the Arturians had been sacrificing others to save themselves.

They don't have time to fully answer these questions as the Borg attack and they are forced into the fight. They do manage to do enough damage with their various different weapons (Borg can't adapt to all of them at the same time) but upon its defeat (and the destruction of 1/4 the armada) the Cube just leaves rather than fight to the end, much to everyone's puzzlement.

Equinox has been critically damaged, and its crew are transferred to Voyager, since to the Arturians they can work together, being the same organization. This leads to conflict between the crews, especially between Ransom and Janeway who is disgusted with how Ransom is trying to act paternal to Seven.

More conscript ships are arriving to reinforce the fleet in case the Borg return, and Ransom tries to convince Janeway to just abandon the conscripts and take them back to the Deep-Beta Quadrant through the unstable Conduit, since he's combined their data with his and he knows how to stabilize it and enter it. Janeway is unsure since stabilizing it leaves the possibility of the Borg themselves using this new conduit, and she doesn't want to abandon the other conscripts.

Meanwhile, Seven keeps having Borg related nightmares, but doesn't know what they mean.

Before they can reach an agreement, the Cube returns, but with friends. Other Cubes are there as well and they all combine together to form a Massive Fusion Cube (8 cubes together).

The whole time this was a Borg trick, to send in one Cube to learn while testing out their new Fusion Cube as a weapon (possibly against future battles with the Fluidics).

The battle is a slaughter, and when things are looking bleakest the conscripts receive a transmission that unlocks all the controls the Arturians had put on their ships and an armada several times the size of the conscripts arrives, entirely made of Arturian vessels.

They have decided that the Fusion Cube cannot be stopped by the conscripts and rather than have them all die they are released, while the Arturians will use their advanced weaponry for the first time to fight the Borg. Janeway finally makes her decision to leave and head for the unstable Conduit.

As they leave, Seven comes to Janeway to tell her she's deciphered her dreams: she'd unwittingly been overhearing the Collective through some leftover Borg tech in her brain. They scanned that VOY was a Fed ship and were wondering how they got to the DQ and to that end had sent a second Borg vessel after them, a Tactical Sphere (not the smaller FC one).


They get shot enough to damage the shields and Seven is beamed onto the Borg vessel and re-assimilated while VOY is using Ransom's equations to stabilize the Conduit, it works but the conduit is shrinking. They got through with the hope that the Sphere will follow them and they can get Seven back, but instead the sphere hits them with a tractor beam while they've just entered the conduit and is dragging them back.

But, as it turns out Seven's time away from the Collective had given her enough independence combined with her knowledge of the Borg to perform a miracle: she is able to influence the Collective on the Sphere for 1 second. But 1 second is all she needs.

She orders the ship closer to the Conduit, which is now too small for it to fit through. It collides and combines with the Conduit which cancels both out, destroying the Sphere and the Conduit. VOY survives due to Seven's sacrifice.

Ransom then breaks down and admits what a poor father and Captain he was, and puts himself in Janeway's custody.

The final image of Ransom in this series shows him in a Jail Cell holding two photographs: one of his family (his wife and young daughter Annika), and one of Annika's adult borg self, Seven of Nine.
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Kai Winn
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

well, i propose one change only. voyager abducts quark from ds9, and he shoots neelix and kes upon arrival on the ocampa world.
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Old November 15 2009, 02:34 AM   #42
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Eye of the Storm

VOY is recovering from their final battle with the Borg and the loss of Seven, the Equinox survivors are put into Conclave custody and things have settled down from where the volatile situation it was in before.

The League report that Fluidic activity is building up again and deliver an ultimatum: They KNOW that the Conclave was able to create an anti-Fluidic weapon from information they got studying the databanks of the AIs that were taken over by the Borg, and they're demanding that they distribute it so the League can create a superior weapon with their better military sciences. They threaten to attack and take it if need be.

The Conclave replies that they could easily just destroy the nano-weapons if threatened but their bluff is called when Conclave HQ (a giant space station built by all the Conclave races to be their place of gathering instead of one of their homeworlds) is threatened by a ship even larger than a League Mobile Command decloaking and locking weapons.

The Voth have returned.

Ancient Answers

The Voth City-Ship delivers a trade agreement: VOY comes with them and they won't open fire on the Conclave HQ and all the representatives housed in it.

VOY is then swallowed up inside the massive vessel and taken somewhere while the crew are given restricted access to the ship. They notice that much of the design seems similar to League technology even though the Voth have not been seen for 2,000 years.

A Voth scientist (Quarren) who states he is an anthropologist greets the crew. He's wanted to study the Federation people for some time now but it took the growing situation with the Borg and the return of the Fluidics to convince his people to end their period of hiding away.

He decides to answer some questions in return for their cooperation, but this is mere courtesy since the Voth could just take over the ship, strip it of all knowledge they seek and tear whatever personal information is needed from their minds.

He explains that this one massive vessel is all that's left of the Voth people and that a side-effect of the usage of bioweaponry in the Fluidic Wars left it hard for them to reproduce, some side effect near-sterilizing their DNA. But since they all live for so long they didn't die off long ago. Their elders are contemporaries of the First Fluidic Wars.

As for why they only took a direct interest now when they showed no interest in galactic affairs before? They DID have an interest: The Voth shows them a timeline of the League's existence and VOY notices those times of expansion are around the same time the Voth claim they would show up to observe how the Deep-Beta region was recovering from the Fluidics. The Voth in fact created the League from nothing by periodically advancing their technology and giving advice/motivation to the League leaders so they could act as the Voth's proxy/front while they remained safe on their City-Ship.

But now with things reaching a critical point they feel they must take a more direct hand in this second Fluidic Invasion.

They appear at the League capital world where they are informed that the League succeeded in capturing and holding a Fluidic separated from its people and its craft without it committing suicide. It's now at a lab and they want to test out VOY's nano-weapons on it to see if they themselves can improve on them.

The lab as it turns out is very low-tech in most regards, to keep the Fluidic from being able to escape if it did break out of the containment area (one of the only advanced parts).

When VOY does get there they get no response from the Lab. After being told this is part of procedure to keep the lab a secret Janeway decides to go down there herself with the nanoweapon data because she doesn't want to risk anyone else's life. But to insure that she will keep her end of the bargain the entire bridge crew are sent down there by the Voth so she will have to worry about others' lives.

The Fluidic has escaped and it killed the guards and trashed the most advanced parts of the lab. All that's left are the run-down parts of the place (it used to be a refinery).

The surviving scientists and the crew come up with a plan to fight back: The Fluidics' mental powers have been dampened by drugs it was exposed to on arrival but it still has awesome physical strength so they have to find a way of trapping it again. There are parts of the old Refinery that can be sealed off so it can't get out (the doors are too thick for physical strength to break) and they plan to try and use their weapons to ignite refinery gas and cause a big enough blast it will physically blow the Fluidic creature towards the part of the tunnel system where it can be trapped.

The get to work setting it all up when the Fluidic attacks them prematurely, and one guy fires his phaser while being assaulted which sets off the blast. It forces everyone including the Fluidic to the end area where the door can be sealed, but the Fluidic still isn't inside the area yet.

Tom, having been rather depressed for a while since everyone he became close to has died or left him like Harry, B'Ellana and Seven, sees they have a chance and runs into the chamber after getting the Fluidic to follow him. This sets off the motion device that triggers the door close while its' killing Tom. It's trapped but Tom is dead.

After the League sends in another battalion of troopers and engineers to get the place fixed up, the Voth demand that VOY use their nanotech weapons in experiments on the Fluidic. Kes then tells everyone to stop and realizes she can communicate with the Fluidic; it's still weakened mentally but can now communicate. It's weary of fighting and killing, seeing enough inside Paris' mind to know when it's beat.

It agrees to communication and when everyone demands what the Fluidics' intentions are, why they have been so hostile for 2000 years, etc. it responds that its people are prisoners in this dimension and have been since they were pulled here 2000 years ago by the “Controller” who refused to let them leave until they had destroyed everything in the Galaxy, telling them that the inhabitants wanted a challenge. All attempts at communicating failed and war broke out due to these failures to communicate, leading everyone to where they are now.

When Kes asks about the Controller, what she sees is too much for her mind to comprehend but she realizes it is very familiar.

Correlating all their data on powerful beings in the Deep-Beta Quadrant that had been around for the last 2000 years a list is done up when Kes realizes what she saw in her mind and cross-references it with the data.

She brings up how the Caretaker and his mate arrived here 2000 years ago and how while the Caretaker remained to care for the Ocampa his mate left for other pursuits. Now they know what happened to her and what that pursuit was.

The "Controller" is the female Caretaker, and everyone that had happened in the last 2000 years has all been her grand experiment.
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II


Voyager heads to the Ocampan homeworld at Kes' request while the majority of the Conclave Armada and League StarForce assemble to defend against a new assault by the Fluidics who are gathering in such a great number it seems like the start of the next Fluidic War.

Kes uses her mental abilities to link with the rest of her kind and together they "mindscan" the space near their world where the Array was and pick up on the leftover traces of the Caretaker. With the mental "scent" of a Caretaker they are now able to search out for the female one and find her. Turns out she wasn't very far from the Array and has been observing everything. She arrives in her little girl form and announces that due to VOY's entrance to the Greater Beta Quadrant her experiment has been contaminated; she's a little upset over 2000+ years of hard work going down the drain. But she's a scientist and still has many years left to her so she can start again: She's the one causing the greater build-up of the Fluidics as she hopes to create such a massive battle that both the Conclave and the League will be virtually destroyed while at the same time they unleash the nanoprobe weaponry on the Fluidics. This will wipe out 99% of all the factions and she can wait to see how it will all go out again over the next 2000 years.

She leaves to observe, confident that they will die in the crossfire knowing the truth but unable to stop it.

An all-out final battle is occurring between the combined forces of the entire Deep-Beta Quadrant (AI Nation, Conclave, League, and anyone else) and the Fluidics. However, he crew of VOY realize that the real enemy is the female Caretaker: she’s also affecting the minds of the combined forces so the aggression caused by the battling increases. This occurs to them when they try to get through and explain what’s happening but most fleet commanders are in a fighting rage to listen. Kes clues them into the Caretaker’s influence.

Janeway pulls out her secret weapon: she contacted the Devore before they started searching for the Caretaker and had a fleet of their ships armed with anti-telepath weapons which they unleash on her. This weakens her to the point that the League/Conclave commanders are free of her and listen to VOY and the Fluidic attack begins the fall apart. While the League/Conclave fight off the retreating Fluidics, they send what available ships they have to battle the Caretaker. But it’s still not enough; their technology can’t overcome her sheer mindpower.


Kes, Tuvok and Lon Suder tell Janeway they’ve devised one alternative: They use a shuttle to go to the Voth vessel during the engagement and release the captive Fluidic there. They then immediately share their minds with it and make it realize the grand manipulation they’ve all suffered via the Caretaker. Surprised that they released him the Fluidic sees the truth in their minds and the knowledge of the greater battle. Linking his mind to theirs and then to the greater Ocampa telepath link it calls out to its’ people to stop and shares his knowledge and as the Caretaker is injured it can’t stop the message.

The Fluidic race combines their psychic link with the Ocampan one and then with the entire Quadrant’s armada. With a single shared goal and enemy they assault the Caretaker mentally while she is assaulted physically by the Devore weapons. For one instant the minds of everyone in the Deep-Beta Quadrant are united together in their desire to be free and seek their own fate, free from outside manipulation; for one instant all sentient life in the Deep-Beta Quadrant share a united mind, which gives them a deeper and better understanding of one other than they ever had before. This overpowers the female Caretaker, erasing her threat (forever?).

The Fluidics are finally able to create a rift back to their home dimension now that the Female Caretaker is dead, while the Federation is able to harvest enough of the Slipstream fuel they need to begin actively trading/interacting with the Greater Beta Quadrant. With the Fluidic threat finally ended (they were so sick of our universe they just upped and left with little intention to return) the League is cutting back on the military and diverting more resources to diplomatic departments. Whether they like it or not, the people of the Deep-Beta Quadrant now have a better understanding and connection of one another and what they have in common.

Thus, the 2000+ years of harshness and hostility has finally come to an end and for the first time in millennia there is a chance at true peace. Will there one day be a new war that will draw in the Conclave, the League and the Federation, will a threat greater than the Fluidics ever emerge? Who knows what the future brings?

But for now, the pain and hostility of the past can be outshone by the bright promise of a better tomorrow.

Star Trek Voyager – The End
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Since I'm done with this now, and this is the first rewrite/polishing of the story I was wondering if anyone here knew anyone I could go to for ship designs/aesthetics of the Deep-Beta Aliens I created. Like League starships and stuff.
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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Anwar wrote: View Post

- Voyager is an older Ambassador class ship. This means there's a larger crew, so more people to kill off without severely hampering the ship, and it can stand up in a fight longer against Kazon raiders and Vidiian Cruisers, even though it's weapons and shields and stuff are outdated compared to Starfleet's present ships. So it's an older vessel with older tech more prone to need repairs and stuff but still able to survive.
I like the general idea The whole spin on it being an out-dated Ambassador class ship is pretty cool, but what if it was a Galaxy class that had the saucer section destroyed in its first encounter. The drive section is not vary large and the crew has to interact a lot closer, tempers flare and more problems arise. also without the saucer section's phaser array I believe it would be somewhat under powered, although it would be faster and more maneuverable, I think a lot of the species you are talking about would be more than a match for it. I don't know, what do you think?
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