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Old April 17 2014, 07:02 PM   #46
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Re: Reality of Data

Makarov wrote: View Post
I'm not so sure about machine's taking our jobs. I don't know any grocery stores that have only automated checkout, in fact a local store recently removed their automated registers they were trying out. Web designers can shift their focus a little bit and still be highly valuable.

If you guys have seen "Her" I think it's a good example of how the divide between robots and humans would be huge. While an AI could mimic humans there's still an aspect that's inhuman, it may pretend to have human emotions when it's really just cold calculations going on.

Data of course is more a person, with all the little dashes of humanity they give him, but imagine Data without those. For instance in "The Most Toys" after the woman helping him was vaporized, Data is clearly in revenge mode. But an actual machine would probably be indifferent, which would be a disturbing lack of reaction to what occurred.

This avoids the REAL question, much like Ultimate Computer did...instead of "cold calculations" what if an AI really did think like a human, at what point do you draw the line in how you treat it?

While Data, by all accounts is sentient, he was not designed with a an emotion chip from the start..but he can! STNG tells us he could have been fully human-like. He was designed to learn and grow. When he did get the emotion chip, the learning curve was too steep and it was back to the drawing board. This does not mean it isn't possible that he couldn't be indistinguishable from us at some point.

Most AI researchers think a human level, or even supra human level AI is possible in a few decades. We'd better start planning to deal with them rather than telling ourselves they can't possibly think or feel like us.

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Old April 17 2014, 10:19 PM   #47
Re: Reality of Data

I certainly don't agree with Maddox or that character who refused to work under Data's command in Redemption. I just think without the benefit of the little human touches Data is given it would be a lot easier to sympathize with the other side of the argument.

In the show Data is still pretty human even while meant to have no emotions. They write him that way so that we'll like him.

In a more real scenario you might actually have Data killing someone or losing someone under his command and then him having no reaction. Or he might instantly shoot Picard whenever ordered by Lore. Do you want to serve under a being that devotes only a micro-thought and zero emotion to you if lost on a mission compared to a human, I think that would be a genuine concern - as indicated in that episode with Data's girlfriend.

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