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Old September 5 2014, 07:42 PM   #871
Location: UK
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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm relatively new around here, and watching TNG on BBC2 throughout the mid-nineties made me into a Star Trek fan. I started with S4, as I'd refused to watch it before then, but my best friend at school kept banging on about it and convinced me to give it a go. I was hooked from the first episode I saw (BOBW part 2). The Enterprise D felt like such a great place to be, and I liked hanging out with the characters. It was a team I would have loved to belong to.

I followed each new iteration of the franchise, and mostly loved it. Star Trek is up there as one of my main "fandoms" (Doctor Who, Bond, Star Wars and Star Trek), but TNG will always be special to me.
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Old September 8 2014, 05:32 AM   #872
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Location: Warner Robins Georgia
Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

from Warner Robins, Georgia
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Old September 8 2014, 11:05 PM   #873
Location: Italy
Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm new My favorite character of all Star Trek is actually Spock, my username is Data because I really understand Data, I have a lot of problems in social skills; Data is my favorite character of TNG anyway and I like Picard too.
TNG is probably my favorite serie with the TOS.
The worst episode, IMO, is the first episode, except Q's trial, is awful and I dont'like "Justice" too.
My favorite episode is "The Measure of a Man", I guess.
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Old September 15 2014, 01:48 AM   #874
Location: Edmonton, Canada
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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi, I'm not all that new to the Trek BBS, but I'm new to posting frequently. I grew up in Canada - still live here too. I'll be 30 in a month. Not sure how to feel about that yet...

My family and I discovered that TNG was in fact NOT a bad show and WAS worth watching around the time the 3rd season was being broadcast [I was barely 3 when the pilot premiered, and only about 6 when we started watching the show. Given the low quality of the first season episodes, I'm not surprised that my parents were nonplussed by it].

I remember TNG came on every Thursday at 5, and watching it was my reward for completing my times-table practices. In later years, the reruns would be broadcast on the SPACE channel at about 5 or 6pm, and TNG became a handy salve on any bad day or sick day. I grew up with this show, and while I also watched DS9 and VOY (and even ENT), those shows never impacted my psyche the same way. I mean, my first ever crush on a male character/actor happened on that show. (That's Data/Brent Spiner, in case you're wondering).

My favorite episodes are typically considered TNG classics, such as "Tapestry", "The Measure of a Man", "The Inner Light", "Brothers", "Darmok", "Time's Arrow I and II", "Descent I and II", and some that might not be as highly regarded in general, such as "Pen Pals", "Captain's Holiday", "Ship in a Bottle", and "Data's Day". I even enjoy stinkers such as "The Royale", and ones that are kind of laughable now, such as "Masks".

My favorite characters were usually Data, Picard, Worf and Geordi, and I always liked Q, even when his episodes weren't written so well. I also never hade the same hate-on that most people have for Wesley, but I'll agree that his character is rather a dull one.

I haven't read much of the Star Trek literature out there. I also like watching TOS episodes, and to some degree those of DS9 and VOY as well. ENT as a series has become far less appealing to me than it was 12 years ago.
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Old September 16 2014, 11:22 PM   #875
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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

23 year sold from Ottawa, ON. Grew up with TNG, and to a lesser extent DS9 and VOY. A never watched TNG religiously thought and I largely forgot about it when it disappeared from the air...

A few years ago I had gotten into Trek, this time as an adult and was seriously interested in going the full journey. Bought TOS and it's movies (which I've just recently finished) and strangely I feel more connected to Kirk and Bones than the officers and the ship I would come home front school to watch...for now.

I cracked my TNG S1 BR today and watched Encounter at Farpoint, one that I didn't see as a youth, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

"Let's see what's out there..."

I, for one, will.
Space...the final conquest...
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Old September 20 2014, 11:53 AM   #876
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Location: Berlin, Germany
Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hiya, I am Laxyn and have been TNG fan from the very first Episode, remembering how I ran home from Elementary School to not miss the first minutes of an episode. Re-watching them as an adult made me also see how much I had not understood as a child, but interestingly enough still had loved.

I could not even say who exactly my favourite character is as every single one of them had awesome parts and not so great parts. But I know that Picard will always be 'my Captain'.

Favourite Episodes are many, but a few of them ar Darmok, The Inner light, all of those that feature Q (I love that omnipotent bugger).

While I love Star Trek as a whole, including all series and movies, TNG will always be my favourite.
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Old September 22 2014, 03:15 PM   #877
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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm 33 years old and I've also been a TNG fan from day one. When the show was over, I remember feeling like I was losing contact with part of my family. Tasha's delivery may have been cheesy, but Jean-Luc really was like another father-figure, and he'll always be the best Captain in my eyes. I'm not sure if I have a favorite episode, but I always loved the one where Jean-Luc and Beverly were telepathically linked; it's a shame they didn't get together.
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Old October 2 2014, 04:50 AM   #878
Dec 25
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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi, y'all. My original post is way back on page 2, if anyone cares enough to blow the dust off it. All my reasons for loving TNG are still the same nine (nine!) years later. Anyway, hello.
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May 20
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Old October 29 2014, 03:36 AM   #879
Mr. Data
Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello, I'm new and very surprised my name wasn't taken. Fan of tng for a long time, my favorite character is of course Data.
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Old November 19 2014, 05:23 AM   #880
Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Gold Grizzly wrote: View Post
We don't tend to have much pinned in this forum, so I think that we can get away with having one of these introductory threads. If you're a regular poster or visitor here, or a recently arrived newbie, then take a moment to post in here, and give us a few words telling us which characters/actors and aspects of TNG are your favourites to discuss.

I will start us off ... I like to think of myself as fairly flexible in my TNG viewing, but have come to have a slight preference for the more character driven stories in recent years. I also like finding good qualities in some of the more often critisised episodes ("Justice", "Shades Of Gray", "Sub Rosa" etc ...).

While I consider Picard and Data to be the best written characters, Riker is nonetheless my favourite, with Q my favourite guest star.

I like to amuse myself by disturbing people with Picard/Q pictures like this one.

Anyone else?
Although Dr. Crusher's character wasn't as fully developed as it could have been, I do like her quite a bit - competent, compassionate -a human before a bureaucrat.
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