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Old April 21 2014, 10:59 PM   #106
Avro Arrow
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Re: Which 12 Constitution class starships in "Tomorrow is Yesterday"?

Timo wrote: View Post
The word "class" is used interchangeably with "type" or "category" in today's naval parlance, too - at least in certain cases. People still speak of AEGIS class ships, meaning all those ships equipped with this integrated air defense suite; originally, "AEGIS class" was synonymous with Ticonderoga class, the only ship class mounting the system, but nowadays it applies to two USN and several foreign ship classes. The expressions "destroyer class" and "cruiser class" are used on occasion, too.
This happens in Trek, too... Chekov referred to a "scout class" vessel in TSFS.

The alternative is to consider the thematic naming of ships today. The Royal Navy has several ship classes that have been known as the Town class, as every ship is named after a town (but none is named HMS Town!); several known as the County class; yet more known as Island class or Bay class, etc.
The list of themed class ships includes a ship that is sure to strike fear into the heart of its enemies... the Flower Class Corvette. (Interesting note: Canada also used Flower Class Corvettes, but because of our naming traditions, they were named after towns instead of flowers!)

Royal Navy dedication plaques do not refer to such class identities, but Starfleet ones might - so perhaps the Constitution class is one of the several Starfleet ship classes where the only unifying theme in naming is that every ship has been named after a past starship!
Canada's own navy has used a mix of theme classes and lead-ship name classes in the past, since we take traditions from both the British and the Americans equally! (In current times, though, we seem to stick uniformly with the lead-ship name method.) However, Starfleet seems to be fairly consistent on the whole, so my preference would be to keep things simple, and not have Starfleet use themed classes.
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Old April 22 2014, 01:19 AM   #107
Re: Which 12 Constitution class starships in "Tomorrow is Yesterday"?

Enterprise1701 wrote: View Post
Why is there so much fuss over the term "starship"? What's wrong with assuming that it is what it is - just like "airship" or "steamship"?
I think part of the fuss arises from the dialog in Bread and Circuses where Merrick specifically states that a "starship" is something special.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
The word 'Class', in its literal form, is simply the name of the first ship of that class to be built. That's all it is. So for there to literally be a "Starship class", there'd have to be a USS Starship, which obviously makes little sense. But since it was just used on the 1701's dedication plaque, which isn't really clearly legible onscreen, they let it go.
Unless it's "USS Enterprise Starship Class" and when they made the sign they were applying Jeffries' "first ship of the seventeenth design" idea, and Enterprise was originally intended to be the class ship.

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Old April 23 2014, 02:16 AM   #108
Lieutenant Commander
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Re: Which 12 Constitution class starships in "Tomorrow is Yesterday"?

I my self would like to see more of the inside of the starship as well of the out side of it as well to, but I do know there is not a hole lot of info of the ship in metric and this is what I am looking for in the ship so I can work out my plans of how big the ship can be built?. I know there is a lot of you say it can't be dun. How do you know do you have any computer cad program that do it?, if so what is the program name and where did you get it from on the website?. I my self would like to get it but it can't be no demo. It got to be under $75.99 for me to get the program and got to be a full working program.
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constitution class, starship, the original series

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