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Old May 10 2014, 12:25 AM   #76
Emperor Norton
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

Did the Bajorans ever have colonies, perchance? I know there were refugee colonies and New Bajor. You can elaborate on what Bajor may have had post-occupation, but I was thinking more pre-occupation colonies that a militarist Bajor may have interest in retaking.
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Old May 10 2014, 12:39 AM   #77
USS Triumphant
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

Yes. However, I suspect that the strong unifying effect of their religion would preclude conquest, since the colonies would continue to see Bajor as being of central importance, unless it was a colony founded by a radical sect or outright infidels. It seems more likely to me that a rearmed and revitalized post-occupation militarist Bajor might want to "take back some of theirs" by going after *Cardassian* colonies and bases.
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Old May 10 2014, 01:04 AM   #78
Emperor Norton
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

USS Triumphant wrote: View Post
Yes. However, I suspect that the strong unifying effect of their religion would preclude conquest, since the colonies would continue to see Bajor as being of central importance, unless it was a colony founded by a radical sect or outright infidels. It seems more likely to me that a rearmed and revitalized post-occupation militarist Bajor might want to "take back some of theirs" by going after *Cardassian* colonies and bases.
I meant along the lines of this:

The Bajorans have existed for millenia, and have been in space since the European Renaissance. Even saying their technological development didn't proceed quickly (as is a discussion found elsewhere) it stands to reason they could have established colonies.

Given they have been in space for centuries, it stands to reason that some of those worlds were lost along the way. And given the Cardassian occupation, there is no way those colonies remained Bajoran. Either the Cardassians would have taken them, or they'd have lost contact with the homeworld and been abandoned, or maybe they would have tried to make it on their own, though given what we've seen of Bajoran refugees, the conclusion can be drawn they wouldn't have done all that well; otherwise, why aren't those refugees there?

A militarist Bajor could go with the idea of reclaiming what is theirs. And I agree that I could see them going after Cardassia, both in worlds the Bajorans laid claim to that the Cardassians never returned, and just out of revenge against Cardassian targets in general.

It can get complicated, though. It's one thing to join by choice; it's another by force. With worlds that were once Bajoran, what about whoever is living there now, whether they be Cardassians or another species? With worlds that maybe still are Bajoran inhabited, what about the culture and differences that have built up there over however many decades, where maybe they don't want to join or want to think about it, but will be made to by force?

On the topic of Bajorans worlds that somehow didn't get taken by the Cardassians themselves, I don't see how, with what we've seen in canon, you could have them be first rate worlds with countless cities and billions of inhabitants. Probably small settlements and maybe a few large population centers at most.

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Old May 10 2014, 08:22 PM   #79
Emperor Norton
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

On another topic, I am interested in seeing what Farrell will do with the episode "Valiant".

Red Squad is set up in the narrative, from it's first iteration, as the sort of Hitler Youth of the cabal. It's the elite of the elite, handpicked and cultivated. And we get a bad vibe from them. Taking into account Homefront and Paradise Lost, and Valiant, they're egotistical, self righteous, young and are feigning and playing adult officers...and they really might not be that elite.

"Valiant" just oozes that. They're all embarrassingly feigning adulthood and professionalism like a kid playing house, the first officer is something it's not polite to say, the captain could go back to Federation space but doesn't because he doesn't want to go back to being a cadet and he's a drug addict, and they're all morons who get themselves killed.

I think the intent may have been to do a send up and parody of Star Trek itself. Tim Watters is trying to play Captain Kirk and they're all doing this self confident happy go lucky seeking glory thing ... and it gets them killed. The scene before they attack the Jem'H-however you spell it ship, with the music and the montage, is a parody and were it real it would have proceeded a "valiant" victory, but it doesn't.

The way I see it, I think Red Squad would have been the Hitler Youth of a post coup government, and I think Tim Watters would have been a sort of protege of Leyton and a propaganda piece; eventually given his own command, awarded a number of medals and sold as what a captain should be, while in reality his egotism gets people constantly killed and injured unnecessarily in a sort of subversion of Captain Kirk. The reasoning I'll give for why he'd be so is that he seems like he was a prominent member, if not the leader, of Red Squad, hence my idea that he'd be sold as this golden boy.
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Old May 12 2014, 04:29 AM   #80
Emperor Norton
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

I've been thinking about where the USS Enterprise would fall in all this. I do think it would go against Leyton at some point. If there is a rebellion or secessionist group (add plurals as needed) which lasts anywhere in anyway, I think the Enterprise would be one of the prominent ships with it. Or it could just get destroyed with everyone killed. That would certainly be dark, but it may not necessarily be what is best for the narrative.

Personally, my ideas would include killing off Picard in some way and having Riker become Captain. I've always been fascinated with that, and certainly Picard dying goes with a narrative sense of innocence and/or purity dying too in the Federation, if Sisko joined with Leyton it'd be completely a sort of story arc from that scene in the pilot where Sisko hated Picard, it'd give a sense in the narrative that no one is safe, and so on. Or he could be some sort of Ambassador or something.
A critique of Captain Riker would be, depending on when he became Captain, he may be too old and past his prime to be what we'd want in a Riker who Captain's the Enterprise. In TNG when he was Captain in "Parallels", or when he could have been Captain in "The Best of Both Worlds" or when he took the command chair, it was a Riker relatively young and full of life and the kind of Riker we'd want to be Captain. By "Nemesis" he feels 50 (which he was). You could still do it, but depending on the era, what Captain Riker would feel like varies.

Assuming it does leave the Federation, and assuming it does join some organized secession/rebellion/whatever, I would take crew off of the Enterprise to have fulfill some role in that "whatever" thing. Geordi could join with Scotty to oversee Engineering projects, Worf (assuming he's not arrested or is somehow sprung, per Farell's scenario) could be an ambassador to try to get Klingon support, Data could be given his own captaincy after a while since they'd need captains, etc.

And that leaves the Enterprise open to new crew, and you could play with the people from the movies and show who got killed or assimilated or left. All the films, except for "Generations", take place after that change to history. So there's no reason for Lt Hawk to get assimilated, and maybe Paul Porter could become Chief Engineer. And maybe you could bring back Ro Laren, and make her First Officer in some sort of situation where the multiple factions of this counter-Leyton group are trying to get along, and they want this Maquis in alongside these Federationists, ala the Maquis fusing in with the Voyager crew. And she'd be a familiar face and a source of interesting tension and all sorts of things (from what I can recall, Riker didn't care for her). And with that in mind, if you really wanted to, you could get Thomas Riker on the Enterprise as well. But that may be too much.

Another thought I had related to Picard dying was also that somehow Picard returns and is this upstanding Starfleet officer in Leyton's Federation. (And let's say Picard had died before the Enterprise left the Federation). And everyone who knew Picard is shocked by this. And maybe Leyton dies and Picard takes command and pledges to end threats to the Federation once and for all and so forth. And what it turns out to be is not Picard, but a clone that the Romulans had produced which Section 31 kidnapped, advanced aged and brainwashed to become Picard. It's Shinzon. So that'd be the alternate Star Trek Nemesis.

Anyway, those are just thoughts. There's countless possibilities for what you could do with the Enterprise in the scenario.
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Old May 19 2014, 12:54 PM   #81
USS Fardell
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

The United Federation of Planets
Not so united anymore. The UFP only exists 'on paper' ('on file'? 'on PADD?').
It has broken into many different factions.
Below are the official names followed by the commonly used names.

United Federation of Planets/UFP Core/Leyton/Leytonists/Leyton's Federation
Admiral Leyton has siezed power on Earth. He did expect that to give him power over the entire Federation. All he has succeeded in doing is causing the UFP to splinter.
Leyton has control over the following areas: The Sol System, Alpha Centauri, Most of United Earth beyond the Sol System, The Untited Planets of Tellar, People's Republic of Coridan, The Andorian Empire and most systems within 10 light years of those areas.
He had had control over more territory, but he had to withdraw from those areas to fight off the Klingon invasion. Some of the other Federation factions are still in conflict with him.

United Federation of Planets/'Damn Vulcans'/The Vulcans/The Logical Successors
Despite the name, this faction includes more than just the Confederacy of Vulcan. It also contains some Terran colonies that are considered 'United Earth in Exile', and three other UFP members with a smaller combined population than the Vulcans.
The biggest thorn in the side of Leyton in trying to unite the Federation under his rule, the High Command and the various Starfleet ships loyal to the Vulcans (mainly due to having Vulcan captains) are quite able to defend the area.
- It is Leyton who calls them 'Damn Vulcans'

United Federation of Planets/The Federation/The Constitutionalists/Anti-Leytonists
The largest of the Federation factions. To the spinward of the Leytonists and Vulcans.
Headquartered on Betazed, the Constitutionalists are one of the two Federation Factions that border onto the Bajorans, Cardassians and Maquis. (The latter they refuse to deal with, especially after Eddington's defection. They want the Defiant back at Deep Space Nine, where it can be best used for the defense of the quadrant, Klingon blockade or no Klingon blockade.)
They consist of 45 Federation members and 40% of the pre-coup Starfleet (including the Enterprise, Picard recognised that they had the best chance of regaining power from Leyton)
These include the aformentioned Betazoids (the highest population) and many Terran colonies (Mainly Terran colonies that attained Membership on their own, but also more of 'United Earth in Exile', that didn't join the with the Vulcans.

United Federation of Planets/The Federation/The Restorationists/Anti-Leytonists
The last of the Factions that still call themselves the Federation. To the coreward of the above three (bordering the Cardassians, and the Romulan Neutral Zone, although the Leytonists also border the RNZ).
Contains 25 members and 20% of the pre-coup Starfleet.

Coalition of Resisting Planets/The Coalition/The Resistance
To the Antispinward of Leyton, between his power base and the Klingons. is a battleground. There are Starfleet and Local defence forces here, but they are focusing on fighting back the Klingons. The planets of the Coalition/Resistance have become lawless as they are faught over (indeed they are becoming like the Maquis. Too bad they don't border each other...)

League of Aliied Worlds
To the rimward of the Coalition, Leyton and the Constitutionalists, the League consists of worlds that left the Federation once it was clear that Leyton had gained power. The worlds in question formed the League once they found that facing Leyton on their own was a bad idea. The League is a looser union than the Federation had been, with greater oversight over their Starfleet...

There are other, smaller Federation remnants. Various worlds, ships and outposts going it alone, or in alliances of convenience, between the major factions. They mostly oppose Leyton, or the Klingon invasion.
Deep Space Nine is one. The Starfleet presence on the Station has declared neutrality in the Civil War (Despite Leyton attempting to use Sisko to get them on his side, this has increased since Eddington took the Defiant. The Constitutionalists have also attempted to bring them on their side).

The Maquis
Don't consider themselves a Federation faction. Eddington has been using the Defiant in attacking Cardassian outposts on the edge of the DMZ. (And making them think it's Klingons...)
The Constitutionalists have been actively searching for the Defiant (which is rather difficult, given that Eddington's cell has a makeshift base for it deep within the Badlands).

The Romulan Star Empire
Leyton's coup took them by surprise, as did the subsequent splintering of the Federation.
Many hawkish factions in the Senate (and the military) have advocated taking advantage of the Federation's splintered state (including some shouting 'Take the Vulcans Now!!!'). Others, however, including the Praetor are urging caution, especially after the Klingons attacked Leyton. They do not want to be seen as in league with the Klingons.
However, there has been a build up along the Neutral Zone, especially opposite the Leytonists. Once news of the Defiant being taken by the Maquis reached them, a taskforce was sent to the Badlands...

The Dominion
The Founders are biding their time ("It's only a matter of time," the Female Changeling says to a meeting of Vorta administrators shortly before the signal regarding Odo's condition is received (see below).

Broken Link
Odo comes down with a condition.
Gowron demands that the Constitutionalists withdraw the from the Archanis sector, which was Klingon territory before the Treaty of Organia.
(As the system is still under blockade by the Klingons, the there is no Boslic captain for Odo to confront, but his condition still worsens.)
Bashir gives Odo, two options. To go to Bajor and see Doctor Mora, or try to find the Founders.
Dax, Bashir, the Bajoran Major and Garak take Odo on the Rio Grande into the Gamma Quadrant and transmit a signal to attract the attention of the founders.
They soon find themselves surrounded by Jem'Hadar ships. The Female Changeling beams aboard with a First. Similar arrangements are made for travel to the Founders' new world.
Dax and Bashir wait for Odo to be judged...
Garak attempts to use the runabout's ordinance to obliterate a significant portion of the Great Link, but the Bajoran Major is able to stop him.
Odo's judgement has the same result.
Once they return to Deep Space Nine, Gowron announces that the Empire will take the Archanis sector from the Constitutionalists.
Odo realises that Gowron is a changeling. [1]

[1] He isn't of course, but Odo doesn't know that.
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

I agree with those of you who think his coup, even if it had succeeded temporarily, would not have arosed any widespread support and would quickly have been terminated. He had few followers, so he had little support. Thankfully, the Federation citizens are more enlightened than to follow a "well-meaning" dictator.
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Old May 25 2014, 08:57 PM   #83
Emperor Norton
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

varek wrote: View Post
I agree with those of you who think his coup, even if it had succeeded temporarily, would not have arosed any widespread support and would quickly have been terminated. He had few followers, so he had little support. Thankfully, the Federation citizens are more enlightened than to follow a "well-meaning" dictator.
I have critiques of that. Leyton's conspiracy would fail in such a way if it were just "I'm taking command from the president now" followed by a possible "Muwahaha". But Leyton's coup was shaping up to be more insidious than that. It was a lot of false flag operations, and a lot of stuff behind the scenes. It doesn't seem to be so blunt and bold as the image of him making a big announcement on all channels that he's in chage now. It seems to be a situation of build up, where he's cultivating more power, and exploiting the situations or creating situations in order to ask and be granted more power, and it's a build up to the point where the Federation is de facto rather than de jure under the cabal's control, and the de jure may come thereafter. The exact reasons you mentioned are the exact reasons why I don't think Leyton would have gone such a route. You can make the argument that it's a show and the narrative is one where it is destined to fail, but it can't be boneheaded in a realistic sense.

Also, if you check out the novels, and I'll point to that ebook series about what the Enterprise is doing between Generations and First Contact, it's not just Earth nor allies on Earth. The entire Federation is basically on lockdown after what happens on Earth, and Leyton has allies across the Federation and who he is having carry out subterfuge across the UFP. So the wider picture is it's not just Earth nor a handful of allies. Leyton and the cabal are having this plot carry out across the Federation. You can make the argument that it's not canon, but neither is the "what if" of what we are discussing.

Also, the Federation citizenry are happy to trade freedom for security. That was a huge point of the episode. That's what Sisko's father says: he was all against the troops in the street and the blood tests and all, until the Changeling attack. Now he was glad for it and happy to go along with it. You can criticize that, but it'd be more a criticism of DS9. And I would argue that Leyton's coup and whatever aftermath there is is the logical conclusion of every negative thing in DS9. Every action of doing evil for good, whether it be getting Michael Eddington through biowarfare or killing a Romulan Senator. Every statement where the happy-go-luck Crest smile is actually a facade. All of that.

My argument would be there could certainly be dissent and secession, but on the scale of any fracturing or civil war, it would only be after Leyton already had power, possibly after a Dominion war. And it would only be realized what the Federation had become after it was already that, and there'd be multitudes who denied it was a dictatorship.
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Old May 26 2014, 06:13 AM   #84
Emperor Norton
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

Btw, Fardell, if you want another actor to play some jerk, you could bring in Miguel Ferrer. He was in Star Trek III, but he could have gotten away as one of those actors who played another guy.
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Old June 10 2014, 08:03 AM   #85
USS Fardell
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

Apocalypse Rising
Dax had informed the Constitutionalist Starfleet Command about Odo's suspicions regarding Gowron, but the team they sent to Qo'Nos didn't survive.

(The Martok Changeling remains in place - for now...)

However, the talks between the Bajoran and Ferengi governments come to fruition, and the Ferengi break the blockade...
Chancellor Gowron 'chews out' Zek over subspace before declaring war on the Ferengi. (Just as said Martok Changelink had planned...) The Klingons are now fighting a war on four fronts. (Against the Cardassians, two of the Federation factions and now the Ferengi...)

The Ship
Dax leads the survey in the Gamma Quadrant.
They still don't have the Defiant back, so they leave the ship behind when Killana and her Jem'Hadar show up. (That Founder still dies, so so do the Jem'Hadar...)

Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
By this time the Bajorans and Ferengi are cooperating in their protection of the Ba'hava'el system. A Bajoran ship allows Grilka through to Deep Space Nine.

Dax helps Quark with his 'problem' with Thopok.

Nor the Battle to the Strong
Jake is on Earth, Julian stays on the station, so the story doesn't happen.

(Jake story)
Jake has been working for The Times-Picayune for the last 6 months. In the course of persuiing a story on a minor scandal in the Lousiana Government, he is told to 'lay off' by Starfleet Officers. He doesn't lay off, and his father has to step in...

"No Dad! This shouldn't be what we're about! Don't you see? Leyton is trying to control things on the local level. And it may not be just Lousiana either."

"Jake, stay away. At least until this crisis is over!"

"This 'crisis' may never be over!" (Walks out)...

And later... Leyton talks to him.

Ajion Prime: worse than canon.

The Assignment

Keiko is still possessed by a Pah-wraith, and a similar chain of events occur.

(Differences: Dax in Sisko's role, the chain of command that O'Brien recites to Rom ends with Dax)

Outcome: One dead Pah-Wraith. Dax is very annoyed that O'Brien wouldn't come to her about the situation. She's less trusting of the Station personell as a result. The beam emmited by the station still hits the runabout, rather than the wormhole.)

Trials and Tribbleations
The Cardassians mislay the Orb of Time. (It's missing, somewhere). Weddle/Darvin remains stuck. (So doesn't happen)

The crew of Deep Space Nine deal with the repercussions from another of Kirk's missions during his legendary five year voyage.
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USS Fardell
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

Let He Who is Without Sin...
Risa is part of the Constitutionalists.

Given recent events, the New Essentialists aren't there [1]. However Risa is booming, as people try to get away from their worries about Leyton, the Klingons and the Dominion...

Bashir and Leeta still go there to break up, with Quark in tow. Dax is too busy running the station to go and Worf is still imprisoned.

[1] Haven't even formed.

Things Past
Much the same, just without Sisko.

The Ascent
Odo still takes Quark on the Runabout to the Grand Jury (in Constitutionalist territory).

The Orion Syndicate still plants a bomb on the runabout, and they still crash on the same planet in the same spot.

The Syndicate's activities have exploded in the nine months since Leyton's coup...

Nog and Jake move in together in a house not far from Joseph's restaurant. (Jake's still trying to bypass Leyton's content restrictions, so he suspects that Nog is going to try to get him to censor himself. Nog has no such orders, but is worried about his friend. He is attached to command of Ben Sisko in New Orleans.)


The Cardassians return the painting, but without Sisko and his visions, B'Hala remains lost.

The Constitutionalists and the Restorationists both accept Bajor's petition for Federation membership. Shakaar plays the two of them off each other, before deciding to try to unite the two factions by accepting membership in both!

Of course, that doesn't work, causing the Third Republic of Bajor to become a new Federation faction. Both factions ask the other to leave. Dax declares the Station to be allied to Bajor, a move that the Major supports.

(The Vulcans don't recognise the Bajoran Membership, while Leyton appoints Sisko as 'Emissary and Starfleet Governor'. Sisko doesn't like that!)
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USS Fardell
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Re: What if Admiral Leyton's Coup Was Successful?

The Darkness and the Light (Guest starring Nana Visitor as 'Kira Nerys')
Prin is still targeting the former members of the Shakaar Resistance Cell.

Despite Bajor's new status as a Federation Faction (and mediating between the Constitutionalists and the Restorationists) the D'jarras are still dividing the population on the planet [1]. Akorem and Winn are still trying to get the populace to follow them. (Shakaar is trying to keep the peace between the factions). Kira is no longer trying to be an artist, but is now leading most of the members of the former resistance cell as a vigilante group acting against d'jarra fundamentalists.

The outer colonies still don't have the d'jarras instituted.

Prin's actions in targeting Kira's vigilante group stirr up tensions on the planet, causing the outbreak of violence. The Kendra Provincial Government declares martial law. (The Chamber of Ministers is divided on the issue, but Shakaar's casting vote allows it). Unknown to Shakaar they begin to discuss secession...

Prin is horrified at the situation on Bajor (but continues 'punishing' Kira and her cohorts anyway.)

After the deaths of Lupaza and Furel, Kira returns to Deep Space Nine to use the station's resources to track down the killer. (Odo allows her to do this, after the initial shock at what the Founders have done to him passes.)

Prin then abducts Kira from the Station...

Kira survives, but Prin doesn't. She returns to Bajor and discloses to a slightly haggard Shakaar what she has been doing for the last few months.

Before The Begotten

Bashir is abducted by the Dominion while on the way to a medical seminar in Constitutionalist space, and replaced by a Changeling.

The Begotten

Quark still obtains the baby changeling and Odo still buys it from him. Dr. Mora is still brought in.
(The progression of events occurs much the same, with Shakaar in Starfleet Command's role, and no O'Brien birth.)
Odo becomes a changeling again...
(The negotiations between the Constitutionalists and the Restorationists continue)

For the Uniform
Eddington finds himself increasingly hunted. By the Constitutionalists (specifically, Captain Sanders on the USS Malinche), by Romulans, by Klingons [2] and Cardassians.
However, the Defiant soon finds itself dead in space, the subject of a tense standoff between the Malinche and a D'deridex class warbird, with Constitutionalist and Romulan fleets inbound.
(However, Sanders, rather than Sela, captures Eddington and his Maquis crew, including his wife, Rebecca. The Malinche tractors the Defiant back to Deep Space Nine.)

The Situation at the beginning of 'In Purgatory's Shadow'
Bajor, the Federation factions and the Maquis
United Federation of Planets/Third Republic of Bajor/The Bajorans/'What was Shakaar Thinking?'
Despite Bajor's new status, the alliance with the Ferengi still stands.
Shakaar continues to be patient with the squabbling Constitutionalist and Restorationist delegates. He has spent his time travelling back and forth between the Bajoran Capital and Deep Space Nine, where the delegates had been meeting in the Ward Room, getting nowhere.
On Bajor itself, unrest between the d'jarra and non-d'jarra factions continue and threaten to spread into civil war. Akorem's fanaticism doesn't help matters (despite Winn's attempts to temper it...)
At least one of the colony worlds is openly discussing secession.

United Federation of Planets/The Federation/The Constitutionalists/Anti-Leytonists/The Betazed Faction

On Betazed, there is much discussion in the Federation Council about Shakaar's attempt at mediation with the Restorationists. Most want to deal with Leyton first, and reunify with that faction later. The others argue that reunifying with the Restorationists would help them take the core systems back from Leyton sooner rather than later.
Eddington's Trial has begun...

United Federation of Planets/The Federation/The Restorationists/Anti-Leytonists
There is also much discussion in this version of the Federation Council, abou the First Minister's attempt at mediation with the Constitutionalists. Most also want to deal with Leyton first before reunifying.
Following the revelation of Romulan activity in the Badlands, they have beefed up their fleet activity along the Neutral Zone.

United Federation of Planets/UFP Core/Leyton/Leytonists/Leyton's Federation
Leyton is still holding off the Klingon invasion. He is also happy that the Defiant is no longer in Maquis hands (and annoyed at Shakaar's attempt at bringing two of his rivals together.)
He has also reinforced fleet numbers along the Neutral Zone...
Jake has joined an underground news organisation (Nog suspects, but hasn't reported).

United Federation of Planets/'Damn Vulcans'/The Vulcans/The Logical Successors
They are remaining neutral, other then having 'disputes' with Leyton. They are alarmed at the chaos the Alpha Quadrant has become.

League of Aliied Worlds
They are still holding together, mostly (especially the areas near Leyton). Some have joined the Constitutionalists, others are going it alone.

Coalition of Resisting Planets/The Coalition/The Resistance
The area has become more of a battle ground. The worlds are constantly exchanged between the Klingons and Leyton's forces. The Resistance strikes at the supply lines of both... Many Starships, on all sides have been lost... Others are drifting, with heavy damage (lack of workable warp drive mostly; ejected cores, or saucer separation with the stardrive destroyed...)

There are still various worlds, ships and starbases going it alone...

The Maquis
They are adapting to the loss of Eddington and the Defiant, and attempting to chase the Romulans and Klingons out of the DMZ. "We don't have a quarrel with you, just those ### Cardies!"

The Cardassian Union
The Klingons are still occupying some areas of their space.
They are also about to join the Dominion. Dukat has been negotiating with Weyoon 5 about that (similarly to canon).

The Klingon Empire
Gowron (and the Martok Changeling) is continuing his campaigns against two of the Federation factions (Leyton and the Constitutionalists), the Maquis, the Ferengi and the Cardassians. There are increasing tensions with the Romulans also...

The Ferengi Alliance
Zek is annoyed at Bajor aligning itself with the two Federation factions, but he still sees an opportunity for new markets...
There are at least three Marauders docked at Deep Space Nine...

The Romulan Star Empire
With Eddington captured, their forces are beginning to leave the DMZ, however one fleet is now in Bajoran space...
Many voices in the Senate are still pushing for intervention in the Federation's woes. (Mainly, "Take the Vulcans now!")

The Dominion
The Founders are happy that the Cardassians are about to join. "It gives us a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant," the Female Changeling says.
Their forces are approaching the wormhole...
(Unknown to them, Tain is about to send his message...)

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