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Closed Thread
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Old July 31 2014, 01:38 AM   #676
Location: Ottawa, Canada
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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Sidebar re: the labour costs sub-thread of this discussion? Canada's film/TV sector is as unionized and guild-organized as the States, but some of the "runaway" productions keep coming here anyway. Even in spite of the continuing currency exchange rate fluctuations. Not sure what that means, and maybe someone in Toronto or Vancouver who knows can explain it.

Anyway, back to Axanar...and I'm hoping to see Prelude as soon as my regular computer gear's back up to snuff.

Dwight Williams
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Old July 31 2014, 02:59 AM   #677
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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

So...Prelude to Axanar's out.

The game's changed, everyone. Game got changed.
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Old July 31 2014, 03:07 AM   #678
Location: California
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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Old July 31 2014, 03:22 AM   #679
Bixby's Avatar
Location: Canada
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

I think it was said we could only see it on their Kickstarter page for now...
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Old July 31 2014, 03:23 AM   #680
Location: California
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Oh never mind brain fart. Waits patiently.
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Old July 31 2014, 04:29 AM   #681
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Location: Boise, ID
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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Borgminister wrote: View Post
Oh never mind brain fart. Waits patiently.
Hope your wait was rewarded. Mine certainly was. Wow!!
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Old July 31 2014, 04:56 AM   #682
Lieutenant Commander
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Very nice product right there. I was concerned going in that a few of the performances would be lacking, but there was no one who was less than solid. JG Hertzler was on another level -- 100 percent authentic; everything sounded extemporaneous.
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Old July 31 2014, 05:34 AM   #683
Psion's Avatar
Location: Lat: 40.1630936 Lon: -75.1183777
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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Very nice. The whole family sat riveted with wife and kid peppering me with history questions like they do with real historical documentaries.

I burst out laughing at "Narrated by John Gill". They hadn't a clue.

Tobias, your work was amazing. The actors gave solid performances. Loved the Andorian references. Excellent music and sound. I realize that there was a little cheating here in that the format made it easy to do one character at a time, but that wasn't at all obvious while watching it.

My wife found the idea of a soft-spoken, articulate Klingon like Kharn a little odd, but I'm glad they stayed away from a cliché. If you look at the first three, major Klingons in Trek -- Kor, Koloth, and Kang, you see great variation among their people. Kharn fits in quite nicely with that and he looks gorgeous. I sure hope to see more of Kharn in the final production!
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Old July 31 2014, 05:54 AM   #684
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Location: Citizen of the Kingdom of God (Living in Bargersville, IN)
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

What an outstanding film... Watched it twice tonight.

My only complaint is that I cannot watch it with my kids due to the language...

Great VFX, wonderful sound, plenty of subtle but appropriately positioned references to what has gone before, and the ships... Holy cow the ships!

That said, I have to say That Kharn is still taking some getting used to, more because I feel his visual look is off than any other reason. Gary Graham really brought it as Soval. I enjoyed Hertzler and Vernon were very good as well.

Mostly, though, having read a few reviews prior to tonight, I was blown away by Peters as Garth. He hit a perfect tone in his role, not a professional before the camera, but a starship commander. Outstanding work in this format, and I hope it translates over to the full length feature.

Great work.

"Purity in doctrine... Compassion in application."
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Old July 31 2014, 06:01 AM   #685
Location: California
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

MikeH92467 wrote: View Post
Borgminister wrote: View Post
Oh never mind brain fart. Waits patiently.
Hope your wait was rewarded. Mine certainly was. Wow!!
Outstanding work! I do agree that Garth was a little meeker as a character by comparison to the other more rough-hewn cast, to include the b-- um, never mind.

But overall very slick and professional, and whet my appetite for the full-length feature itself...
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Old July 31 2014, 07:08 AM   #686
Fleet Captain
Location: New York, New York
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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Nice work, and for anyone reading this with no clue how to find the Kickstarter, If you click on the link in my signature, you will find a link to the film in my Headline Dated July 30, 2014. If somebody reads this months from now and wants to find this film, look at at the Star Trek: Axanar page, Blog 57, in the Table of Contents.
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Old July 31 2014, 07:12 AM   #687
Ithekro's Avatar
Location: Republic of California
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

For now, Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar, can be seen here:
Star Trek: Axanar

(second video down, the 21 minute long one)

This will be the only known place to see it until after the Kickstarter is over in a months time.
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Old July 31 2014, 08:05 AM   #688
Harvey's Avatar
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

From a technical standpoint, it was very well put together for a fan film, perhaps the best I've ever seen. That doesn't make it anywhere close to a major motion picture on a technical level.

From a dramatic standpoint, I didn't find much of interest. We're told how inspiring Admiral Ramirez's speech was, and then we watch as Tony Todd tries to shout his way through flat material. We spend a lot of time hearing how great Garth is, but it isn't dramatized, and Alec Peters doesn't demonstrate the charisma the role requires. It's not a help that he's cast himself opposite so many professionals, which make the limits of his performance quite apparent.

Really, though, the whole thing is less a short film than a trailer. As a trailer, it demonstrates technical proficiency and showcases the film's cast. The faux-documentary format doesn't give a lot of insight into how well the final project will be realized, but as a trailer, the Kickstarter campaign is proof that it is quite effective.
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Old July 31 2014, 08:07 AM   #689
Kruezerman's Avatar
Location: ButtHerFace, SnooSnoo
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

That was fabulous. Y'all knocked it out of the park, I loved watching the D6 fall into the ground, looked perfectly like the Vengeance and was absolutely beautiful to watch. The characters were awesome, it was fast paced, there's action, y'all are doing a fan film right. Y'all made something fun.

Only nitpick are the sound effects, they seem to be slapped on instead of fitted into the scenes.

Keep going y'all. I can't wait!
Lifting to make a Klingon feel inadequate.
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Old July 31 2014, 08:28 AM   #690
Location: California
Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Go Spurs!
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