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Old July 30 2014, 03:23 AM   #61
Rear Admiral
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Location: Canada
Re: Data's Sexuality

2takesfrakes wrote: View Post
Had Data been at all "real," somehow, what GalaxyX suggests seems to be the right answer. Metal and plastic is just not capable of lustful, passionate urges. Programmed simulations is all his "partner" is ever going to get from him, on that level.
That seems to be what the show implied.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
You can't prove that Data's reactions are 'programmed' any more than you can do so for humans. His brain governs his actions just like our brains do for us. He is no more or less programmed than we are.

Data is a sentient being with wants and needs of his own. And yes, sometimes this includes relationships and sex. The fact that Data is artificially constructed means nothing.
It's true that we are programmed as well. However, our programming is not even remotely close to Data's programming. At least not emotionchipless Data.

I don't think right now we even have an inkling as to why certain things feel pleasurable to the brain, and others painful.

And really it's all about how certain chemicals interact with certain neurons in the brain.

So really nobody knows. Why is eating an ice cream so pleasurable? Why is having sex so pleasurable? Sure we know the evolutionary theories, which make sense. But they don't explain why the brain interprets certain signals as desired, and others as undesirable.

IF Soong really had this deep understanding of the brain, perhaps he could have given Data those traits as well.

However, it seems that even in the 24th century, the Brain is only slightly less mysterious than it is today.

Ithekro wrote: View Post
Recall that Data was intoxicated in Naked Now as well as proving to be fully functional.
I don't think it was due to any sexual urges though. It was more like a curiosity of "what does Tasha want to do with me?" "Oh, so she mounts me and gets pleasure from that? fascinating!"
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Old July 30 2014, 03:33 AM   #62
Ithekro's Avatar
Location: Republic of California
Re: Data's Sexuality

No, what I mean is Data became intoxicated from the disease that people were getting. He got it from Yar, thought he mentions sweat glands which given them a clue how to treat it.
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Old July 31 2014, 12:34 AM   #63
2takesfrakes's Avatar
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Re: Data's Sexuality

"They" wrote Data fast & loose, for a long time thoughout TNG: in NAKED NOW, he's capable of getting a disease. In other episodes, later on, he's put into situations where his being an android means he's safe from getting disease. We see Data with the top of his head unscrewed; we see his mechanical innards, from time to time and yet ... he can still get a buzz from alcohol, once his emotion chip's installed. It all seems to revolve around letting Brent Spiner in on the fun, or not.

As far as having fun in the sack would go, for being fully functional went, it was kind of wasted on the poor bastard, when you think about it. He's only "known" 2 (two) women, that we're aware of. He was kind of dating that one woman for a while, but I was under the impression it was more "Dinner & a Movie" kind of "romance," rather than being intimate, in that regard. So it doesn't really matter what his sexuality was. In all the years we've known him he was almost never in a position to do much of anything about it - any which way.
It Takes Two.
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Old July 31 2014, 09:44 AM   #64
Kobayshi Maru
Location: France
Re: Data's Sexuality

There is a case to be made that just because a machine mimics perfectly the behavior of a man, doesn't mean that it is anything more than a machine. For example, I know that I am conscious but in the absolute I don't know if anyone else is. I only presume that they are because we are members of the same species and have 99,99 percent of our DNA in common. So I conclude along with pretty much everybody that has even asked themselves the question, that every one else is also conscious and self-aware. But if someone built a very convincing remote controlled automaton imitating macroscopically a man to the smallest detail, there would be no way to tell that he's not a sentient being. Because we don't have any device measuring self-awareness or conscience...
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Old August 7 2014, 06:12 AM   #65
Lieutenant Commander
Location: Burnaby, BC Canada
Re: Data's Sexuality

"Stars move, machines function, animals behave, and human beings conduct themselves." (Perhaps from "Ideology and Insanity" by Thomas Szasz.

If an android were truly chemically equal to humans, then he/she would have emotions. Could he/she behave though?

Emotions are measured by psychologists by: direct measurement such as blood samples or brain scans; inference from behaviour such as anger studied from aggressive behavior; and, self-report such as people explaining the phenomenology of an emotion or answering questionnaires or keeping journals.

If Data could understand all of the cognitive science of emotion without actually feeling emotion, then, he could emulate the last two measures of emotion without experiencing the first measure of emotion.

If Data were fully functional sexually, then this would mean sex role socialization, gender role socialization, and sexual orientation. Keeping in mind that he is "passing" as a human. Would he be a walking sex manual with parenting somehow programmed in too?

Perhaps if he had a 'Control-P' function, humans would finally have the perfect education in sexuality and parenting! Would we really want the "perfect" manual though?

In response to "Kobayashi Maru" though, has Spock yet learned what "Exact Change" only means?

Last edited by Endgame; August 7 2014 at 06:23 AM. Reason: Add question mark. Make statement.
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