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Old June 3 2014, 02:55 PM   #31
Rudi Brüggemann
Location: USS Heliopolis
Re: Favorite Characters From Each Series?

My first post on this board!

I actually love all regulars of ENT, TOS, TNG and DS9, so this is a very hard one. I must resort to picking one regular cast member and one recurring/one-episode character.

ENT: Trip / Shran
TOS: Spock / Pike
TNG: Data / Lore
DS9: Odo / Garak (though there are so many brilliant ones in this, it's extremely hard to choose)
VOY: Tuvok / Doctor ( I know these are two regulars, but I haven't seen much of Voyager)
Abramsverse: Cumberbatch-Khan (no regulars yet... I have only seen half of both movies)
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Old June 3 2014, 06:19 PM   #32
Admiral James Kirk
Admiral James Kirk's Avatar
Location: Tucson, AZ
Re: Favorite Characters From Each Series?

ENT: Trip
ST: Kirk
TNG: Worf
DS9: Jadzia
VOY: Holodoc
Bonus! JJ Trek: Kirk
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Old June 5 2014, 08:41 AM   #33
od0_ital's Avatar
Location: Nacogdoches, Texas
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Re: Favorite Characters From Each Series?

- Spock (regular)
- Scotty (recurring)

- Data (regular)
- Miles O'Brien (recurring)

- Odo (regular)
- Martok (recurring)

- B'Elanna Torres (regular)
- Seska (recurring)

- Hoshi Sato (regular)
- Shran (recurring)

- Spock (regular)
- Spock Prime (recurring)
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Old June 5 2014, 05:51 PM   #34
Location: Earth
Re: Favorite Characters From Each Series?

TOS: Saavik
TNG: Ro Laren, Shelby
DS9: Dax
VOY: Seska, when she looked Bajoran (oops, kinda sounded like a line from Darmok )
ENT: tie between Hoshi and T'Pol
nuTrek: Spock, Kirk, and that swoon-worthy Chekov
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