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Old March 25 2014, 02:51 PM   #46
C.E. Evans
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Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
OpenMaw wrote: View Post
That does raise a huge nerd question I have... Has it ever been stated in any kind of "tech manual" just how much faster those new go-faster engines were in TMP?
Yep. According to the TMP blueprint pack and Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, the refitted Enterprise had a top speed of warp 12.

Then TNG came along, maxed out the new Enterprise at warp 9.6 and pretended those manuals never happened.
I doubt the producers of TNG even knew those manuals existed. Fans were the only ones treating them as some kind of gospel, and even then only some of them.
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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Old March 28 2014, 05:52 AM   #47
Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

I think Decker said they'd be "accelerating to warp 7" to intercept the cloud in TMP.
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Old March 28 2014, 06:30 AM   #48
Fleet Captain
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Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

I'm sure Earth has sufficient ground-based defenses. After all, a starship can only be on one side of the planet at a time. That would be my guess.
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Old March 28 2014, 11:41 PM   #49
Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

We have heard of and seen orbital defenses in many of the Trek eras. Surface-based defenses were seen twice, too: in "Return to Grace", a Cardassian outpost had surface cannon that Dukhat and Kira remounted on their vessel, and in "Once More Unto the Breach", a Jem'Hadar surface installation had weapons capable of hurting starships.

How big a role such surface cannon play overall is unknown, though, as V'Ger was able to shut down all of Earth's defenses with what appeared to be orbiting weapons. And in STXI, neither Vulcan nor Earth's San Francisco seemed capable of firing surface weapons at Nero's ship or her drill, even though we never heard of any weapons-dampening effect (merely a communications- and transporters-jamming one). Granted, the former may have been a remote and wayside location (we saw the Sarek residence nearby, and that supposedly sits in the obscure town of Shir'Kahr at the edge of a desert), but the other was an extremely central one, with a pronounced military presence.

Timo Saloniemi
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Old March 28 2014, 11:53 PM   #50
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Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

With regards to STXI we also don't know what kind of helpful information Nero might have extracted from Pike.
It was the best of Trek, it was the worst of Trek...
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Old March 29 2014, 12:01 AM   #51
Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

I'm sure secret codes played a massive part in his ability to defeat entire militaries with civilian hardware. Probably Pike gave him a way into the relevant datanets, and Nero then inserted some fairly mundane (by late 24th century standards) malware that not merely told the defenses not to fire, but caused them to malfunction, mistarget and confuse themselves in so many ways. Given Nero's two instances of taking prisoners for information, it also seems inevitable that he took a third one, off screen, to defeat the defenses at Vulcan.

However, surface cannon might be different game in the sense that they could easily be manned or manually repaired or overridden. The same goes for "paramilitary" vehicles; it's difficult to see how information warfare could stop somebody from taking a random flying pickup truck with a Gatling phaser hastily bolted on and using that to destroy the drill head. Such an improvised defense would not be deterred by a piece of malware that sends false commands to fightercraft formations.

Timo Saloniemi
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Old April 2 2014, 01:05 AM   #52
Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

Timo wrote: View Post
as V'Ger was able to shut down all of Earth's defenses with what appeared to be orbiting weapons
My assumption was that V'ger shut down Earth's defenses with access codes learned from Enterprise's computers, and that this was transmitted via high speed bursts from V'ger directly (similar to the transmissions Spock discovered earlier), just timed to the launch of the plasma weapons.
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Old April 6 2014, 10:22 PM   #53
Vice Admiral
Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

Lance wrote: View Post
IIRC the earlier drafts of the TMP script did address the issue head-on of why they would send a fresh-out-of-the-drydock new Enterprise to confront V'ger, instead of assigning other, more "service ready" starships. But this was one of those little details that ended up getting trimmed in the rewrites, when they turned the script into The Motion Picture instead of it just being a TV pilot episode.

In fact, in In Thy Image, there is another ship the Aswan, that encounters V'Ger before the Enterprise, but is destroyed, and later the Delphi helps transport Kirk and the Ilia probe to Starfleet and that ship in in Earth orbit.
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Old April 10 2014, 10:26 PM   #54
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Re: Why is Earth so poorly defended?

The whole Aswan bit was stupid. It foolishly intercepted V'ger and was destroyed about 2 minutes before the much more powerful Enterprise arrived.
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