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Old February 21 2014, 05:45 PM   #1
Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

Hello all. I'm a new member to the forum so thanks in advance for any replies. I am working with another person to design a paper model of the Enterprise B. I've found all the screencaps from Trek Core and a lot of hi-rez pics of the model as the Lakota from the Christie's auctions. What I can't find are any regular pics (behind the scenes, personal photos, etc.) of the studio model wearing it's Enterprise-B markings. My big issue is you can't see the top of the saucer onscreen in "Generations" so you can't see exactly how the U.S.S. Enterprise and NCC-1701-B decals are scaled and positioned. I am obsessive over details and I can't find anything that shows this. I know the licensed plastic models come with decals, but without seeing it onscreen I don't know if even these are right. Does anyone know of any sites, published pieces, documentaries, ANYTHING that shows this model as the Enterprise-B. Any help is appreciated.
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Old March 17 2014, 07:16 AM   #2
Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

you ever find anything?

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Old March 17 2014, 11:50 PM   #3
Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

Modeler Magic showed actual production blueprints some time ago. One of the FASA fan sites has some toolkits based on that if you look around
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Old March 19 2014, 06:22 AM   #4
Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

I just hit the MM site. A few builds, but no prints. I'll keep looking. I d/l'd something off of a roleplayer site, but not sure it was the official FASA one.

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Old March 24 2014, 07:26 PM   #5
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Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

Issue 8 of "Star Trek The official Starships collection" has 2 shots of the USS Lakota, which was the Ent-B model. It has a close up of the saucer. According to this issue (you can buy them separately), it was the last screening of that model. When VOY needed it for Flashback, it was too damaged and a new one was built by Greg Jein at half original movie size.

You can also buy the toy (ok, model!) ship from Diamond Select, which I have!

Google images of the model from the Christies auction are here:

The magazine photos look as if they are from the same photo shoot.
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Old June 17 2014, 04:40 PM   #6
Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

Thanks guys. I haven't found any additional studio pics. I've referenced a lot of sites and I'm pretty sure I've seen all the auction pics there are. Unfortunately, and to my thinking unbelievably, it seems no one thought to take any pics of the premiere of the Enterprise-B ON SET There aren't even any shots from above or of the "Enterprise" name proudly displayed on the saucer! I get that movies are all speed and stress and the goal is to get done and get paid, but this was STAR TREK! One of, if not the most fan-obsessive franchise in history. You'd think they'd have shot a million pics of this model during building and filming, but I guess not. Or, if someone has them they aren't sharing. My goal was to get my Enterprise-B as screen accurate as possible and not having a lot of reference makes that much tougher.
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Old June 23 2014, 07:05 PM   #7
Peach Wookiee
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Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

Since the B is Excelsior class, try using the Excelsior as a reference.
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Old June 23 2014, 08:03 PM   #8
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Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

I'm sure there are tons of pix of the model in the ILM archives, but they're not exactly public.
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Old June 23 2014, 10:04 PM   #9
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Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

If something does not apper on screen, I believe the next best thing is an official reference work.

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Old June 24 2014, 12:51 AM   #10
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Re: Looking for pics of the Enterprise B

Weren't there a couple pics of it in the NEXTGEN MOVIE SKETCHBOOK? I'd've thought Eaves would include pics of the CG version as well as the practical. (I gave up on the book after going through about six of them, since they fall apart whenever I open one up, it's like the DS9 companion in that way.)
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