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Old December 30 2013, 02:29 PM   #61
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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

David Marcus is amazing. He helped give birth to a planet.
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Old December 30 2013, 05:51 PM   #62
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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

the reboot seems to do everything with switched roles when it comes to Kirk and Spock so following that pattern the one who might end up being a father here could be Spock (and by far it would make more sense since he's the one with an actual relationship here) think about the possibilities of S/U having a kid since he's half vulcan... it would surely cement this reality as a separate thing from the prime verse as well as serving to the franchise a pretext to make future tv-series/movies with another human/vulcan character.

The thing is (and the responses in this topic seems to further confirm that), up this point a romance between Kirk and Carol is taken way too for granted by everyone and knowing Orci et Co chances are that they will either pair her up with someonelse or kill her or imply they will get together only in the end of the trilogy without showing it on screen. I read that their original idea that they couldn't realize in the first movie was to have Carol as Kirk's childhood best friend and JJ joked about the fact that no one will make Kirk settle down because he's the ladies man.
I dunno, this franchise can't give too much space to romance. You see it with the Spock/Uhura one that they hardly have the time for this kind of stuff. The subtlety of their romance works in the specific example because of the characters that are part of it (especially Spock) but I'm not sure that the same subtlety could work with a 100% human romance.

Rķu rķu, chķu wrote: View Post
Carol didn't seem to like Kirk much at all in STID so I would assume that a romance is not likely. Although anything is possible.
well, the way Carol smiled at him in the end and looked at him at the memorial seems to suggest that she likes him now.

I didn't see that much chemistry between them. Indubitably, they played a bit with the fact that people knew that prime K/C were a thing in the other reality so they'd look for clues that they will be in this one too.. but do the writers actually suggest something concrete here?

eta: in the star trek app there is a poll where they ask what's the couple you were rooting for in stid and aside from Spock/Uhura they listed Kirk/Carol AND Bones/Carol.
(funny they didn't put Kirk/Uhura too, then. I mean not saying they were a thing or they ever will but they have more interactions that would usually register on the shippers radar IMO )
Kirk: So her first name's Nyota?
Spock: I have no comment on the matter.

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Old December 30 2013, 10:52 PM   #63
Rķu rķu, chķu
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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

talfe'anhar wrote: View Post
From what I saw of Carol and Bones together, I think it's possible they will pair them up in the next movie. When I saw Spock and Uhura together, I was like, WTF??? But Carol and Bones would be good together.
Well, Bones already has at least one EX-wife. So Carol may not want to become the second...
"A hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz." - Humphrey Bogart

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Old December 30 2013, 11:59 PM   #64
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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

Hopefully the next one will touch on the relationship and the breakup in passing to satisfy the fanbase, and then move on to more interesting things. In other words, show Kirk and Carol fighting and her request for a transfer, and then let it go. We know what happens next.

I think it's time to do something new in this timeline and not revisit old characters and plots.
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Old January 1 2014, 05:55 AM   #65
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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

Lance wrote: View Post
I predict she's gonna hook up with Bones instead.
Kirk always gets the girl!!!!!
Live Long, and Prosper....
"Make It So" -- ENGAGE!!!!
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Old January 1 2014, 06:28 AM   #66
Santa Kang
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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

Keith1701 wrote: View Post
Lance wrote: View Post
I predict she's gonna hook up with Bones instead.
Kirk always gets the girl!!!!!
Didn't work out that way in the first movie.
Nerys Myk
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carol, kirk, mccoy, romance

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