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Non Trek Fic: Doctor Who: The End of the Doctor

Doctor Who: The End of the Doctor
Scene 1 INT. Oswald Flat
On Screen Text: 25 December 2013
Clara Oswald is sitting with her family at Christmas Dinner.

SFX: TARDIS materialisation

Clara: Everybody just stay put!

Clara runs off, she runs back, grabs a bon bon and runs out again.

Scene 2 INT. TARDIS Console Room
Clara runs into the TARDIS and notices that it isnt the Doctor flying the ship its Tasha Lem.

Clara (incredulous): You can fly the TARDIS?

Tasha: Flying the TARDIS is always easy. Its flying the Doctor Ive never quite mastered.

Clara (apprehensive): Whats happened to him?

Scene 3 EXT. Christmas, Trenzalore
Daleks fill the town, the sky is full of saucers. The town is burning.

SFX TARDIS materialisation

Clara runs out of the ship, and runs towards the Tower, avoiding Daleks.

Scene 4 INT. Tower
Clara sees that theyre too late. There is no Crack in the wall. And the Timestream is there exactly as it appeared when they had entered the Tomb with the Great Intelligence.

Clara (grieving): Nooo! Were too late.

Clara breaks down and cries.

A Dalek enters the room.


Clara: He is. But youre not going to go into that Timestream.


Clara: But I can stop you. I have already stopped you!


Clara grabs the sonic screwdriver from beneath the Timestream.

Clara: The Great Intelligence already went through. So did I. The Daleks will fail.


Clara: Thats me, the Impossible Girl!

Clara presses the button on the sonic.

SFX: Sonic does something. Smoke rises from the Daleks dome.


SFX: The Dalek fires.

Clara avoids the Daleks beam. It sets some of the pictures on fire.

SFX: The Dalek explodes.

Tasha enters the room.

Tasha: I see that were late. Im sorry. Im so sorry. Run Clara!

Clara (Teary): Where?

Tasha: To the TARDIS! Its up to me to protect the town now.

Clara: The crack is gone!

Tasha: The Daleks will conquer Trenzalore regardless.

Clara nods

Clara: I forgive you.

Tasha smiles as Clara runs.

Scene 5 EXT. Christmas, Trenzalore
There are more Daleks then before. People are fleeing. Clara barely manages to make it to the TARDIS.

Scene 6 INT. TARDIS Console Room
Clara runs to the console. She puts the sonic down.

Clara: I remember, one of my echoes was on Gallifrey. Did she know how to fly a TARDIS?

SFX: TARDIS noises and lights (similar to Clara and the TARDIS)

Clara: No? Lets find out.

Clara concentrates and slowly manipulates the console.

Scene 7 EXT. Christmas, Trenzalore
SFX: TARDIS dematerialisation, jittery as Clara is working from extremely hazy echo memories.



Scene 8 INT. TARDIS Console Room
Clara sees that the TARDIS is in flight.

Clara: We are in the vortex. You know how to get to Earth.

SFX: TARDIS noises and lights.

Clara: Incorrect course set? Of course.

Clara makes adjustments on the console. She is knocked off her feet.

SFX: TARDIS noises and lights

Clara gets up and stands next to the console.

Clara: Thats right. Earth! It doesnt matter when. Ill figure that out next.

SFX: TARDIS noises and lights.

Clara: I know that you landed where he was needed. You can land where Im needed.

SFX: TARDIS noises and lights

Scene 9 INT. British Hospital Room Early 24th Century
SFX: TARDIS materialisation.

TARDIS doors open and Clara steps out.

Clara (V/O): Why am I here?

Clara glances at a calendar on the wall. Its Christmas, 2313
Woman (V/O): Grandfather?

Clara turns to the voice.

Clara: No grandfather, here. Id be a cousin some number of times removed.

Woman (V/O): Oh, It sounded like he was here.

Clara thinks. She gets an idea.

Clara: Was your grandfather called the Doctor, by any chance?

We see the woman for the first time. Its Susan, the Doctors granddaughter. She is quite elderly, with white hair.

Susan: Yes.

Clara: Do the words, Gallifrey and TARDIS mean anything to you?

Susan: TARDIS. I made up the name from the initials, Time and Relative Dimensions In Space. Gallifrey was my home, I left when I was young. And yes I know about the Time War and its end.

Clara (sadly): Im sorry to say, that your grandfather has died.

Susan: No!

Clara: He died of old age on his thirteenth incarnation.

Susan: Oh!

Susan recovers. She realises something, grabs a walking stick and clambers out of the bed.

Susan: How did you fly the TARDIS here? Only Time Lords can fly them.

Clara: Youd be surprised. But this is the first place I managed to reach after leaving the Doctors resting place.

Susan: She brought you here didnt she?

Clara: Yes.

Susan: One problem.

Clara holds out her hand.

Clara: Clara Oswald!

Susan: Nice to meet you, Clara. But that wasnt the problem. You see, I dont think Ill be able to fly the TARDIS.

Clara (shocked): Oh!

Susan: But I did help Grandfather fly it when I travelled with him.

Clara: That would be helpful...

Clara trails off. Susan realises that she hadnt told Clara her name.

Susan: Susan. Lets go.

Scene 10 INT. TARDIS Console Room
Susan and Clara enter the TARDIS. Clara closes the door.

Susan: Interesting desktop. I also see that the chameleon circuit is still stuck.

Clara: I think the Doctor liked it that way.

Susan: It grew on me too.

Susan arrives at the console. She concentrates and manipulates the console like Clara did earlier.

Scene 11 - INT. British Hospital Room Early 24th Century
SFX: TARDIS dematerialisation (similar to the departure from Trenzalore, Susan is also working from hazy memories.)

Scene 12 - INT. TARDIS Console Room
Susan: Were in flight. I dont know where were going. But were in flight.

Clara: We can get back to London later, I suppose.

Susan collapses.

Clara: Susan!

Clara runs to her and helps her up.

Susan: Its started.

Clara: Whats started?

Susan: My body is wearing a bit thin. Im regenerating.

Clara: Right. But I just met you!

Susan: Oh, Clara. Times change, and so must I. We all change. Were all different all through our lives, and thats OK, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. Ill not forget these last moments of when Susan was me, when she met the TARDIS again and you for the first time, I swear. Ill always remember when Susan was me.

Susan remembers the Doctor as he appeared in his first incarnation.

First Doctor: Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye Susan. Goodbye my Dear.

Susan stands. Clara gives her room.

SFX: Regeneration energy comes from Susans hands.

Clara: No! No!

Susan spreads out her arms.

SFX: Susan regenerates! Her second incarnation looks exactly like Clara!

Susan II looks at Clara. Clara is shocked that Susan now looks like her!

Susan II: Wow! To be young again.

Susan laughs. Clara is still shocked.

Clara: You could be my twin. Creepy!

Susan: Time Ladies can take on the form of someone they had recently encountered, prior to regeneration. In my case, you.

SFX: Alarming TARDIS noises.

Susan and Clara are knocked about.

Clara: Whats happening?

Susan: Were probably crashing!

SFX: Alarming TARDIS noises.

Clara: Into what?

Susan: Stay Calm

Susan manipulates the console, without success.

Susan: Just one question. Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?

Clara rushes to the console to try to help Susan.

The Doctor
Voice of the Daleks and Cybermen
The Doctor
And Introducing
As Susan
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