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Doctor Who "Bigger on the inside..."

View Poll Results: How would you rate The Light at the End?
Excellent-- five out of five (Doctors)! 3 21.43%
Above Average-- great fun, but not quite a classic (Doctor) 7 50.00%
Average-- not good, not bad, just there 4 28.57%
Below Average-- a real disappointment 0 0%
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Old November 1 2013, 09:57 AM   #31
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Re: The Light at the End-- SPOILER Discussion Thread

I quite liked Dark Eyes.
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Old November 1 2013, 10:06 AM   #32
Guy Gardener
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Re: The Light at the End-- SPOILER Discussion Thread

She called it a Tardy-box constantly. Not once, but constantly.


(but yes I liked it too, and Darkeyes was a dozen times better than Light at the end, yet Dominion was ten times better than Darkeyes.)
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Old November 1 2013, 10:20 AM   #33
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Re: The Light at the End-- SPOILER Discussion Thread

I thought it started well and the World War I sequences were well done but I'm tired of Daleks and Time Lords and companions having some kind of dark secret connecting them to the whole thing. I lost interest rapidly after the first part.
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Old November 19 2013, 10:58 AM   #34
Re: The Light at the End-- SPOILER Discussion Thread

Hmmm, solid stuff mostly, mainly from the performances rather than the writing, Sophie Aldred especially was a revelation, she seemed to be really pitching her voice up as high as possible to sound like TV Ace and it really worked.

There were lots of nice little moments, such as the 7th and Peri, but there were also a lot of very odd moments as well (Nyssa's complete lack of reaction to meeting the man who killed her father, especially as it's before he killed her father, a more guttural reaction would have made much more sense. Yes, perhaps a bit dark for the tone of the story, but then if you don't want to go into dark places you don't put those two characters in a scene), meaning it sort of levels out as average rather than amazing.

One big shame is that for a chunk of the play it felt as if Briggs was going to pull of the John Dorney/Eddie Robson trick of having the plotting all click together really neatly at the end, but things rapidly fall apart as the Master actually explains his plan (it turns out the First Doctor is actually responsible for all the trouble and if he'd never bothered it's not clear what the Master would have done to have it all play out. What a complete tit 1 is), the title turning out to be overly literal was a bit groan inducing as well.

The usually solid Dorney struggled with a very anaemically written character who only gets one very brief scene at the start where he's "Normal" and thus has no chance to ground the character meaning the performance of the brainwashed/harassed by multi-Doctor visits version is just very, very oddly played.

Still, it sped along and didn't drag and the sound design and music were pretty good (bar the theme of course). I think though, I'd rather have had John Dorney write it and Nicholas Briggs play the confused everyman.

Oddly enough my favourite bit was 6's utterly hilarious first impression of 7 as being a lovely man.

Oh, and does anyone else feel really old now Benedict Briggs is of an age he can play speaking roles? I remember when he used to play babies! Where has the time gone?
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