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Old October 30 2013, 06:04 PM   #1
Fan-made video site?


I'm new here, but a long time Trek Fan, I used to watch the original series when I was a child. (gave away my age I guess.).

Anyway, has anyone run across a site dedicated to fan-made Star Trek themed shorts, parodies, etc.? You find the occasional bit on youtube, which I guess is as good as any, but aside from comments, there's little real discussion.

I would like to see a site dedicated to star trek media, with forums that would allow would-be directors and filmmakers to collaborate on projects and share results.

And, along those lines.... 25 or so years ago, several friends and I were talking about doing a little tweak to the Star Trek opening sequence. I finally did it and put the tweaked opener on youtube. It's subtle, can you catch it? (non-monotized video, I make nothing if you watch it, I just want to share.)

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Old October 30 2013, 06:33 PM   #2
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Re: Fan-made video site?

Check the Fan Productions forum here.

While down there, look for posts from Barbreader. She maintains a site called Star Trek Reviewed, which covers hundreds of fan films with directions on how to find them, with a link in her signature.
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Old October 30 2013, 10:55 PM   #3
Re: Fan-made video site?

Thanks Melakon, I will.
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Old October 31 2013, 12:02 AM   #4
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Re: Fan-made video site?

Moving to Fan Productions
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Old October 31 2013, 10:25 AM   #5
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Re: Fan-made video site?

Hi. I'm Barbara Reader. I maintain what I believe is the most extensive listing of Star Trek Fan Films and reviews of them on the web, Star Trek Reviewed: . The focus of the website is on existing, ready-to-watch Fan Films. However, I do have a system of marking existing filmmaker's pages with an (A) for active, a (C) for complete, and a (B) for between, usually a filmmaker who has something in the can he or she hasn't released for a long time and nothing actively in the works.

I also have a listing of people planning fan films who have not produced any. . People who have recently started or who seem to me to be actively working have a single letter or number designation, (A) through (Z) or (1) through (9). People who claim to be active but who have done so for a long time (I arbitrarily decide how long and it's not always the same) without producing a film (defined as a release that tells a whole story, which I can choose to limit to stories at least 10 minutes in length) are marked with two-character enumerations starting with A, such as (AC). Films which for whatever reason I deem to be on long term hold or abandon are marked with two letters, starting with B or a letter after B such as (BI) or (CD).

I try to map the locations of active filmmakers or retired filmmakers who have produced a film over 10 minutes in length which tells a whole story. You can find that map here: . This is intended to allow would-be filmmakers or joiners to find filmmakers near them.

This forum serves as a discussion website for some filmmakers, but there are also groups on Facebook, on Trek United, and some fan films still maintain individual forums, but most are so slow that they are almost inactive. There have been problems in recent months with malware at Trek United, and I'm not clear on whether or not they have gotten rid of it. Nothing beats in person contact, so if there is an active filmmaker you can assist, you will learn a lot by doing. Volunteering to help an existing project will answer questions you would not have thought to ask, as well as give you a feel about how much work is involved (a lot).

I am not a filmmaker, I am a file clerk, so I have little to offer by way of advice to filmmakers. But I maintain Star Trek Reviewed, which is a website you can go through to find filmmakers who might be able to offer advice.

There are currently three high quality complete TOS era sets, a few additional partial TOS era sets, as well as at least one TOS-movie era set in the USA. I know of no full sets for films from other Trek eras. People who own these sets usually have some criteria for allowing others to use them, and the prices I have heard (which might not be current or accurate) range from costs to $1000/day plus costs, depending on which set you use.
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Old November 7 2013, 06:12 AM   #6
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Re: Fan-made video site?

An update. Trek United has created a new forum which they hope will be temporary here: . It lacks the detail of the old forums, but is clean and safe. I have confirmed that the old forums are still infested with malware and which could infest a visitor's computer.
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