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Old February 14 2010, 09:50 AM   #16
USS Fardell
Location: Australia
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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

10. Midnight
The Hostess
Who is this Doctor? Why is the creaturre inside Miss Sylvestry only copying his words?
Who is he to be bossing us about?
"...because I'm Clever!" he says, as well as the creature inside Miss Sylvestry...
"What does that make us then. Idiots?" the Professor says.
"No..." he and the creature say.
Why won't you say your name 'Doctor'? Why did you have to give your name as 'John Smith'? Who are you that you will not reveal your real name?
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Old April 2 2010, 01:19 PM   #17
USS Fardell
Location: Australia
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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

11. Silence in the Library
Strackman Lux
Who is this 'Doctor' who has come to The Library ahead of my expedition? What does he know? Does he know of CAL? What does Doctor Song know about him? I ask, but she refuses to answer. Who is he and what does he know of this 'Vashta Nerada'?
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Old April 3 2010, 07:56 AM   #18
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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

Interesting...I think the best one you wrote is Jackson Lake. I think you should do one for the Eleventh Doctor RIGHT after his regeneration from the Tenth. Who am I? I'm the Doctor! You should also do one for the Master. Who is the Doctor? Ooooh I know the Doctor better than he knows himself! Sarah Jane and Rose need to be included in as well.
Admiral Young
Chief of Operations

Ignoring the The Last Stand since 2011.
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Old October 10 2012, 12:36 PM   #19
USS Fardell
Location: Australia
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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

12. The Doctor's Daughter
General Cobb
Who is this mysterious 'Doctor'? Is he working with the Hath? How is it that a soldier cloned from him could turn against us? The person who he was with doesn't seem to know him very well either. Who are you Doctor that your companions do not know what is down inside?

13. The Poison Sky
General Staal
I look at the Doctor as he makes his ultimatum. "Give up or be destroyed" he says. Who are you Doctor that you would sacrifice yourself for the Earth?

14. The Planet of the Ood
Ood Sigma
I look at the Doctor as he and Donna go into the blue box. I wonder who he is that he travels so far and wide. Stories about him form a song throughout the history of the galaxies, and yet the stories do not tell who he is. Who are you Doctor?

15. The Fires of Pompeii

I watch as the Doctor's Temple-Ship disappears as mysteriously as it appeared in our house down in the doomed city. Who is he that he travels about in such a magical thing? Why does he travel? What motivates him? What I sensed earlier before the eruption was layers and layers of mystery. What are those mysteries, Doctor? What are they hiding?

16. Partners in Crime
Miss Foster
Who are you Doctor, to be meddling in the Adipose's business? What is your motivation for this? Why are you protecting this planet? Who are you?

17. Voyage of the Damned
The Doctor. He is wonderful. But who is he? How is it that he is able to help us in this situation? What motivates him? And more importantly, what is he running from?

18. 42
Kath McDonnell
Who are you Doctor? How did you appear on our ship while it is falling into a star? What do you know of what is affecting Korwin? How do you know that he is gone? And most importantly; why are you here?

19. The Lazarus Experiment
Tish Jones
Who is this 'Doctor' person who Martha has become involved with? How is it that Martha has fallen under his spell as it were? How did he know how to defeat Professor Lazarus? What sort of things has Mum been told? Who are you Doctor?

20. Evolution of the Daleks

Dalek Sec
Who is the Doctor? What is his motivation that he has always opposed the plans of the Daleks? How is it that he continues to travel after loosing Gallifrey? Who are you Doctor?

21. Planet of the Dead
Christina de Souza
As I look back at London as I fly away I reflect on the unexpected adventure on the other planet. I wonder why the Doctor did not let me join him. Is it because of what I do? Or is it because he doesn't want anyone travelling with him? Has he lost anyone? I think he is lonely and needs someone to be travelling with him. But why doesn't he know this? Is it because he has lost someone who meant a great deal to him? Someone he loved? If so, what was the circumstance? Why do you want to be alone Doctor?
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Old August 3 2013, 11:02 AM   #20
USS Fardell
Location: Australia
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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

22. Gridlock
Brannigan lands the car outside the building of the New New York Senate. He says to Valerie that he would be back within 15 minutes and picks up the Doctor's coat. He then steps outside of the car for the first time in 6 years and walks towards the Senate.

I wonder what the motivation of the Doctor was, to help the citizens of the Undercity after all that has happened. I also wonder why he was looking for this 'Martha' person so! I also think that the Doctor has lost someone, the look of it was in his eyes. I wonde...
Brannigan's train of thought is interrupted as he sees the bodies of the Senate Members scattered all around the chamber.
"Brannigan! There you are! Come and meet your benefactor!" the Doctor says as he comes into Brannigan's feild of veiw.

23. The Shakespeare Code

I watch as the TARDIS disappears and the Queen raving that her sworn enemy had escaped.
How was it that the Lord of Time upsetteth the Queen so? What has or will he do that will upset her so? Will be, or was, Martha there when that occurrance happened? (Possibly not, as Elizabeth has not mentioned Martha yet)
How is it, Doctor, that you do not recognise that Martha's heart throbs for you? Surely your recent loss has not blinded your heart to other possibilties?

24. Smith and Jones
Martha Jones
Who is this person who says that he is "Just the Doctor."? Who seems to know things about these 'Judoon' who have transported the Hospital to the Moon. What is his plan to deal with what is happening? Why is he saying that he is an alien?

25. The Runaway Bride
Donna Noble
I watch as the TARDIS shoots up into the sky. I then reflect on the Doctor's offer.

"You want to come with me?" he asks.
"Why not. The universe is filled with wonders."
"And it is terrible! ..."

Why did you ask me to join you Doctor? Is it because you still want someone even though you have lost your friend? Why did you just stand there as the water rushed in and drowned the Racknoss's children? What ever it was, it must have been absolutely terrible.
"Donna, come on in, out of the snow!" her mother calls.

26. Doomsday
Rose Tyler
Rose is standing on the beach at Bad Wolf Bay after the Doctor's message from their home universe fades away.
Doctor, I will miss you. I hope that you will find someone to keep you company and keep you from being lonely. At the same time, I know that you will never forget me...

27. Army of Ghosts
Jackie Tyler
What is the Doctor trying to do? Track the source of what is causing these apparitions? What if...
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Old September 28 2013, 03:16 AM   #21
USS Fardell
Location: Australia
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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

28. The Power of Three
Kate Stewart
Kate sees the Doctor for the first time as she enters the Williams' house.

So this is the Doctor. Who helped UNIT all those years ago. Daddy was right, he's very mysterious...

29. A Town Called Mercy

Marshall Isaac
Who is this mysterious new 'Doctor' who has arrived. Who is he to tell us what to do with Jex? To ask us to turn him over to the Gunslinger?

30. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Brian Williams
So you are the 'Raggedy Man' that Amy has been talking about since her childhood? But who are you that you run about seemingly mad? Are Rory and Amy safe? Could you tell me that?

31. Asylum of the Daleks

Dalek Prime Minister
Who are you, Doctor, to question what we find beautiful?

One Planetary Explosion Later

Doctor Who? Doctor Who? DOCTOR WHO?

32. The Name of the Doctor
Clara Oswald (Impossible Girl)
The Doctor, I've saved him. But why is there a secret incarnation? What was it that was done in the name of peace and sanity that wasn't done in the name of the Doctor?

33. Nightmare in Silver
Emporer 'Porridge'
Who is this 'Doctor' who was able to resist a partial Cyberconversion. How was he able to do that? How was it that he wasn't instantly converted? How was it, Doctor, that your companion was able to take control of the punishment patrol?

34. The Crimson Horror
Mrs. Gillyflower
Who's this 'Doctor' fellow who has interfered with our plans? Why must he meddle so? We will show him...

35. Hide
Who are you, Doctor? I can't 'read' you like other people, but you seem, so, old, and lonely...

36. Cold War
Grand Marshall Skaldak
Doctor! Why do you want to save this pitiful world? What is it to you? Who are these people to you? Who are they that you would protect them?

37. The Rings of Akhaten
Who is this Doctor who tried to save us from Grandfather and failed? How did he and Clara get here. He's very mysterious.

38. The Bells of Saint John

Clara Oswald
Why has he asked me to travel with him? In that alien box of his? Is he lonely?

39. The Snowmen
Clara Oswin Oswald
Wow! Who is this man that travels in this box that is smaller on the outside than the inside?

40. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Madge Arwell
Who is this Doctor, who is able to do all this?
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Old August 9 2014, 03:40 AM   #22
USS Fardell
Location: Australia
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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

41. The Wedding of River Song
Amelia Pond (Alternate)
How is the Doctor going to get time moving again? What is his plan?

42. Closing Time
Alfie Owens (Stormagedden)

How does he know the name I have given himself. How was he able to save my Dad?

43. The God Complex

How was the Time Lord able to defeat me?

44. The Girl Who Waited
Amelia Pond (The Girl Who Waited)

Why has he taken so long to get back to me? Raggedy Man, why?

45. Night Terrors
Who is this man who thinks he can help George overcome his fears?

46. Let's Kill Hitler

Meldoy Pond/River Song (Mels incarnation)

So this is the Raggedy Man that Amy has talked about since she was seven? He's cute.

47. A Good Man Goes to War

Madame Kovarian
You think you're so clever. But I will win. The Time Lords will be extinct. I'll make sure of that.

48. The Doctor's Wife

I don't see how you can defeat me when all those other Time Lords didn't...
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