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Old September 23 2013, 06:43 AM   #16
Lieutenant Commander
Re: "Spock's Brain" Observation

CommishSleer wrote: View Post
Sorry this question is also off on a "cut" tangent. I was watching the remastered "Deadly Years" on TV and they said they were going to count the votes of who found Kirk to be incompetant. Then the next shot was in Kirk's cabin when Spock revealed that Kirk was stood down - the vote went against him.

They didn't show the vote on screen. I'm wondering if this was "cut out" or perhaps it was never in it. The Chakotay script says it was never in it. Now with talks of episodes being cut I'm getting paranoid.
Although the editing is done smoothly and people not as familiar with Star Trek probably don't notice the cuts, a lot of good stuff has ended up on the cutting room floor. "Spock's Brain" is a good example of that. Most of the bridge scene where Kirk is conferring with Sulu, Uhura and Chekov is missing. Another example is "The Doomsday Machine." Again, most of the scene where Kirk orders Spock to relieve Commodore Decker of command has been drastically cut, so that the whole drama of the scene has been lost.
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Old September 23 2013, 03:18 PM   #17
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Re: "Spock's Brain" Observation

WisTrekFan wrote: View Post
If the intent was to feature Spock, particularly to start the season, I think "The Enterprise Incident" would have been the better show to debut with and it too featured Spock.
And that was, in fact, the second episode aired in the season (and the fourth produced). But they went with the one that actually had "Spock" in the title, no doubt for promotional reasons. The episode title would be announced in TV Guide and other outlets leading up to the airdate, so it's natural enough that, given an episode that actually had the most popular character's name in the title, they'd want to lead off the season with that in order to draw in as many viewers as they could for the premiere.
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Old September 23 2013, 05:00 PM   #18
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Re: "Spock's Brain" Observation

Christopher wrote: View Post
I dunno, I'm pretty sure the reruns I was watching from 1974 onward were cut. Because many years later, when I saw the uncut version of "The Conscience of the King," there was a lot of material that I had no memory of ever having seen before.
It depended on the market, since at that time, the cuts were done at each individual station. WPIX in New York slashed the episodes apparently arbitrarily. In Conscience of the King, the entire "phaser overload" sequence was missing, the only action scene in the hour. Yet the dialog directly following that cut scene mentioned the overload, which confused me as a kid.

Meanwhile, over in Connecticut, WTNH (which I picked up with my TV antenna rotor - thanks Dad!) not only ran the series uncut (or close to it), they included the previews for the next episode. Same with WTXX a few years later, only without the previews. Minimal to no cuts all before the FCC ruling and prior to Paramount withdrawing the series temporarily and replacing the prints with pre-cut versions (WPIX and WVIA Channel 44 in PA ran the same exact prints).
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Old September 23 2013, 07:27 PM   #19
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Re: "Spock's Brain" Observation

Strangely, I can remember almost verbatim the capsule description for reruns of this episode that used to appear in TV Guide in the Seventies. It went something like: "Spock's brain becomes the object of a desperate search after a beautiful woman deftly removes the organ-- and vanishes!"
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Old September 25 2013, 02:09 AM   #20
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Re: "Spock's Brain" Observation

Well, according to Google I almost got it right. It was "bizarre search," not "desperate search."

I suppose I wasn't likely to forget the phrase "beautiful woman deftly removes the organ."
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