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Old September 18 2013, 05:06 PM   #31
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

This is bullsh!t

This is bullsh!t

What may have happened is that in post production they took the filmed scenes of Regula etc and tinted them red/brown to achieve the look they wanted---but during the restoration they simply transferred the film as it originally was.

This happened recently with the US Blu-ray of Conan the barbarian (1982)---there was a scene shot 'day for night' where they, in 1982, darkened the scene so the Conan was running from wolves just before sunrise. But in the 2011 Blu-ray release the same scene is shown as broad daylight---thus removing the idea that he has been fleeing these wolves all night or whatever. When they later re-released the Blu-ray in the UK they listened to the complaints about the scene and remembered to darken the scene so that it matched what had been scene in theater and all of these years.
Maybe that's what happened in the Blu-ray of TWOK in the Blu-ray screencaps linked above, but it was never meant to be that blue.

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Old December 27 2013, 03:54 AM   #32
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Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Re: Khan Side By Side Review

I (the OP) finally now own TWOK on BluRay.

I love the HD experience.

I dislike the blue everything.

I HATE that this extends to the red uniforms and the ambient red alert lighting, both of which are now a deep, ruddy orange. Those bright red uniforms were (guilty admission) one of the things I loved about this movie, changed from the boring uniforms of TMP.

Until we get a decent HD release (who knows...) I do still have my Director's Cut DVDs.
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Old January 1 2014, 09:12 PM   #33
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Well I have all of them on Region 2 DVD first editions / SE / the son of the original motion picture collection (if Paramount says so) and the hopeless bluray with sick DNR and botched up 70mm Dolby film and I thought Paramount took things Paramount. Importance, obviously not.

This is by far the best for listening to the film in its purest over bluray and DVD which has a single missing sound effect on the English language track that is faint spark like sound effect. WOW I must have hearing to spot that years ago.

Thank goodness for the purity of LASERDISC.

I prefer to play the classic film though my DOLBY CP500 in USER1 Pro-Logic with Dolby A-type off as its not needed here.

Maybe the only home cinema to use two professional LUCASFILM LTD THX SOUND SYSTEM'S and Sony SDDS.

Captures are off the CRT with camera mode set to SR/AUTO

Time counter I left switched on so you can see the time frame.

Its tricky to get the camera to react to the contrast and odd colour values off the CRT screen over LCD screen or video projector but I'm not starting up the projector which would show a little more SCOPE width over the CRT that has a slight % of over-scan.

The blue is slightly overexposed due to the camera. I can try other settings but it adds in horroble lines that camera adds in artificially.

Generally speaking anyone who is proud enough to still own the USA NTSC pressing would know how it looks on TV or projector with some up-scaling to 1080i use on my projector though the AVR Onkyo TH SR-875 which does a neat job of it.

Picture came out a little blued as I was running it as PLAY. The Pioneer DVL-909 has digital freeze pause so it can still frame on CLV discs but the digital freeze tends to add in a stepping noise along image so I try with some shots to take a picture as its playing and hope I don't get motion-blur due to moving image.

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Old January 2 2014, 12:47 AM   #34
The Stig
Rear Admiral
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Location: Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey
Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Sorry, but that looks atrocious.

I'd never noticed the blue shift in the blu-ray before. I'll have to go back and compare with my Director's Cut DVD. If it's bad, I'll have to rip it to disk and do some color correction.
Some say that daylight savings time was implemented to give him another hour of track time and that he goes through Pon Farr every 7 seconds.

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Old January 2 2014, 03:07 AM   #35
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

The Blu-ray has problems but too much DNR is not one of them.

By the way where does side 1 end and side 2 begin?
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Old January 2 2014, 10:34 AM   #36
Kronos's Avatar
Location: Running with the Badgers
Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Nothing will ever look as neat as a Laserdisc, really feel like you've bought something.

Oh, the ST2 blu-ray is next to worthless, still waiting for a decent transfer.
Now I can breathe and I feel grace rush over me.
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Old January 2 2014, 12:30 PM   #37
Lieutenant Commander
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Bottom line is I'm a listener and ex projectionist and these bluray a TRAIN WRACK of a mess.

The Dolby mix for STTMP may not be that dyer directors cut which as so many missing Foley effects and sound effects of the bridge alarm sounds like a pack of ally cats meowing.

There is echo added to Scott on the intercom before the Enterprise goes to warp that echoes annoyingly on the side wall surrounds and stage right. It should be clear dry sound not sounding like the Enterprise inside the Merseyside tunnel. WTF!

The mix on the film doesn't sound like the rare 70mm six-track Dolby Stereo, which I would like to listen too and feel as well.

Its an okay mix but I'd use the LASERDISC USA pressing as that is as near close to 35mm DOLBY STEREO in decent THX sound system you'd ever hear at its purest form.

ST II is the same with missing single sound effect as English 5.1 only.

ST III has a opening credits issue with scope that is annoying.

STIV has possible dynamic range reduction when the crew sees the new USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A just as the shuttle clears USS Excelsior, the score lacks 70mm six-track Dolby Stereo slam depth that I only heard and felt in THX Sound System at the Empire Leicester Square, Sunday 8th October 1989.

ST V has dialouge panning issues from the first line "I thought weapons was forbidden on this planet" Its been centre rather than panned to stage right with a mild soft half centre mix.

The rest of the dialouge panning is a TRAIN WRECK of a mess. It sounds like dialouge track mix which would be separate track has been messed with by some teenager using a diy crappy Pro-Tools wired up to some egg boxes using Dolby pro-logic II music mode, and he should have his fingers super-glued never to near a mixing console ever again.

The bass has reduction with Klingon belching its only deeper in German if I can recall NOT ENGLISH!

Paramount Pictures should all be ashamed of themselves.

I had email from Paramount a few years ago as it only took me seconds to know its a RIP OFF! The person I spoke to is liar. He said they meet studio standards. Yeah right and am ex projectionist to knows what to look for and listen.


Okay some of the DVD are not too bad and best are the SE editions but still that missing sound effect on STAR TREK II but I doubt most of you wouldn't even care to listen?



STAR TREK IV is okay it still lacks that 70mm slam at the end on the score.

STAR TREK V doesn't have the botched dialouge panning issues and the film uses a lot of dialouge panning nice mix from the Todd-AO stages.

STAR TREK VI is fine
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Old January 7 2014, 07:40 PM   #38
Flying Spaghetti Monster
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Right now I only watch the DVD (which is the directors cut) and not the blue-ray, until they get the blue color timing fixed. It's bad
"That was the guy.. that was the guy from Ender's Game." - an 8-year-old's reaction to seeing the TFA teaser
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Old January 7 2014, 11:12 PM   #39
Fleet Captain
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

The TOS Movie collection is definitely a mixed bag. Only 1-3 are watchable, and while 2 has a nice grain structure, it's blue-shifted. A good comparison between the "before" and "after" would be to compare Spock's funeral in 2 and 3, specifically Kirk's close-up, as well as the TMP stock footage in 2.

It seems like the DNR in 3-6 gets progressively worse. 3 is satisfactory. 4 is borderline. 5 is pretty bad. 6 is miserable.

I notice in Star Trek V, the contrast has been boosted to the point where "God" is totally invisible in the pillar of light in some of the shots.

For Star Trek III, there's only one time in the movie where you can see film grain, and that's on Genesis when it's snowing. I guess they had to dial it back, otherwise the DNR would wipe out or blur out some of the snow.
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Old January 8 2014, 12:09 AM   #40
Indysolo's Avatar
Location: Sunny California
Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Grant wrote: View Post
By the way where does side 1 end and side 2 begin?
Side two begins with the exterior shot of Regula 1 and then the landing party beams onto the station. You can now deduce where side one ends.
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Old January 9 2014, 07:08 PM   #41
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
Right now I only watch the DVD (which is the directors cut) and not the blue-ray, until they get the blue color timing fixed. It's bad
Yep, it's all I watch as well. Gave away my TWOK Blu-ray.
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Old August 5 2014, 08:57 PM   #42
Lieutenant Commander
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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
Right now I only watch the DVD (which is the directors cut) and not the blue-ray, until they get the blue color timing fixed. It's bad
Its more like a normal print or a off the shelf copy that was botched with lazy ass sat in front of computer screen that applied some disgusting colour tint who was colour-blind.

Paramount have got some answering and I think we should all get FREE copies them all since we own the VHS (Laseerdisc ) DVD the son of the DVD the son of the DVD again with a few weeks or months between the bluray that had the same rotten colour and botched up 70mm six-track mag Dolby Stereo turned int a 7.1 is not needed.

The 7.1 is just a market campaign to get us to buy old films.

The 70mm road show Dolby mixes in THX sound system, was untouchable.

Someone else needs to get the prints and do new telecine with the framing totally exposed. Let us at home mask off the portions on the sides let us worry about that.

I want the whole frame of these scope films and one super35.

I want the full 70mm six-track mag master Dolby Stereo, uncompressed sound mix in my lap!

STAR TREK V had bad botch up of the dialogue panning that started off centered on the bluray, when it should be panned to stage right with half centre pan. Paramount must think we're dumb to not notice the colour botches and the soundtrack that carries millions of sounds. I have my Vulcan pointed ears pricked up and listening.
Ex-projectionist UCI Warner Bros village cinemas.
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Old August 6 2014, 08:08 AM   #43
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Location: Scotland
Re: Khan Side By Side Review

I don't know what laser disc is. So young!
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