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Re: Pitch a Movie

^^^If you want to sell it as a reboot Airwolf, you might want to remember it's Arch-angel.
"Understand, Commander: That torpedo did not self-destruct. You heard it hit the hull, and I was never here."

-Admiral James Greer
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Re: Pitch a Movie

Admiral2 wrote: View Post
^^^If you want to sell it as a reboot Airwolf, you might want to remember it's Arch-angel.
It was 4am, you know what I meant.
Not all who wonder, are lost.
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Duncan MacLeod
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Re: Pitch a Movie

The Great War series

The Great War: Darkening Skies

1914 – Britain, as the Great War begins the Armstrongs are drawn into the conflict. Thomas (Christian Bale) is the Naval Lieutenant, already a skilled professional at 27, Gunnery officer of the battlecruiser HMS Inflexible. Phillip (Colin Farrell) is the tough as nails hell-raiser who enlists in the Army as a Lieutenant of infantry. George (Hayden Christensen), just out of University, is the bon vivant who joins the Royal Flying Corps. Anne (Claire Danes) is the nurse pledged to ease the suffering of the war’s victims. And Richard (Jeremy Irons) is the one-eyed former Brigadier re-called to a position with the General Staff.

As autumn turns to winter and winter to spring it becomes apparent to all that this war will be unlike any other in both scope and carnage. While Thomas chases the elusive Graf von Spee and Germany’s crack East Asia Cruiser Squadron across half the world, his father, Richard, settles into his post in London. But Richard’s strategies are of a different age and ill suited to this new kind of warfare. In Hampshire, Anne sees the bloody harvest of battle as hundreds wounded in the desperate battles against the Huns in France are given over to her care.

As the Allied Powers fall back before the German advance it is the heroism of Phillip and his men that helps stem the tide of German grays rushing headlong toward them, while in his Yank built Curtiss NC-4 flying boat George hunts the elusive U-boats in the Irish Sea that threaten to starve England into submission. Finally catching and destroying the German Squadron after months at sea Thomas expects a return to home waters but HMS Inflexible is diverted to provide supporting fire for the campaign at Gallipoli, where Phillip is fighting for his life against determined Turkish infantry, whose German machine guns turn the beaches, hills and cliffs of Turkey into bloody killing fields that consume men by the thousands.

The five Armstrongs are held together by the bonds of family and a tradition of service that goes back over a thousand years. But will even that sustain them through the firestorm that rages across the globe?

The Great War: The Storm Breaks

1916 – Europe, as the war continues the Armstrongs find themselves once more thrust into the forefront of the conflict. After the carnage that was the Gallipoli campaign Commander Thomas Armstrong (Christian Bale) and Captain Phillip Armstrong (Colin Farrell) are hoping for some rest in England only to be thrown into two of the biggest battles of the war.

Thomas is now Inflexible’s first officer as she joins the Grand Fleet in the sortie that may well decide the war at sea – the Battle of Jutland. In France Phillip’s company is deployed to the front lines once more for the Somme, a campaign that will forever scar the English psyche.

Lieutenant George Armstrong (Hayden Christensen) is assigned to a fighter squadron but finds the novelty of aerial combat wears off quickly under German fire as he battles the “Fokker Scourge” in a do-or-die campaign in the skies over France, and romance finds Anne (Claire Danes) in the form of a young Belgian officer (Adrien Brody) wounded in the fighting in Flanders.

Meanwhile in London Major General Richard Armstrong (Jeremy Irons), one of the major planners of the Somme campaign, is faced with a decision that is almost certain to send one of his sons to his grave. But at first Phillip Armstrong seems invulnerable, standing unscathed as all about him German machine guns and artillery turn the ground red with English blood.

Finally after weeks of brutal carnage the advance grinds to a halt and Phillip’s charmed life comes to a bloody end, sending shockwaves through the Armstrongs that threaten to tear them apart.

The Great War: Final Thunder

1918 – Europe, as the war reaches its climax the Armstrongs, still bleeding after the loss of Phillip, must soldier on for the freedom of England. For it is now, at the end, that those in the strongest positions will be able to decide the terms of the peace.

Determined to share the danger alongside the men he commands Richard Armstrong (Jeremy Irons), now a Lieutenant General, leads his divisions in a last ditch attempt to capture a key piece of ground in the Ardennes. In England Anne (Claire Danes) and Major Rene Peugot (Adrien Brody) are wed but as the last push begins their happiness may be short-lived. When Rene’s battalion is attached to her father’s command Anne cannot help but to recall Phillip’s death a year earlier.

In the air Captain George Armstrong’s (Hayden Christensen) daring has made him a legend but as the best of the Kaiser’s Air Corps battles to stem the Allied assault he learns that even legends can die when he is shot down, barely surviving a crash behind the Hun lines and is thrown into a POW camp.

At sea Captain Sir Thomas Armstrong’s (Christian Bale) cruiser may be all that stands between glorious victory and ignominious defeat as the German High Seas Fleet makes one final sortie and only HMS Defiant is in a position to spread the alarm. But first she must fight her way free of a squadron of fast destroyers that dog her heels. Turning on them, Thomas attacks, gambling that Defiant’s armor will protect her from the lighter caliber guns of the destroyers while his powerful batteries of 8-inchers sends them to the bottom. The gamble works and Defiant reaches England with mostly superficial damage, alerting the fleet in time to sortie and meet the Germans.

Meanwhile in the Ardennes, when Richard’s offensive bogs down in the dense woods he strips his divisions of their armor, which he forms into fast cavalry-like troops and sends around the flanks of the German resistance, freeing George from his prison camp in the process. But even as his strategy is proving it’s worth, his armor is dangerously over-extended and when the German’s mount a counter-attack Richard and his headquarters unit are cut off and surrounded. Richard orders George to fly a wounded Rene out in a captured Fokker D.VII while he and his armored units try to break through the German cordon and re-join his infantry divisions.

Leading from his un-armored touring car, Richard’s tanks thrust into the German lines forcing a breach. But when a battery of artillery opens up on the tanks with armor-piercing shells he realizes that the slow-moving Mk. V’s will never make it. In a suicide charge he sends his car hurtling across open ground to smash into the center of the Hun artillery, silencing the guns and allowing the armor to complete it’s breakthrough.

In the air George flies directly to Anne’s hospital but even as it comes within sight he is set upon by four German fighters. From the ground Anne sees the plane bearing her husband and youngest brother climb back into the clouds hotly pursued by three fighters while the fourth circles ominously below. She cries out in anguish as she realizes that she is about to watch two of the people she loves be killed before her eyes.

But though machine gun fire rips through the fabric of his plane, George Armstrong focuses as he has never done so before. He and the Fokker become welded into a single machine that climbs, dives and slashes through the clouds. Below Anne counts one, two, three DR. I’s as they fall, broken, through the clouds. But as George tries once more to land, the remaining triplane jumps onto his tail, firing burst after burst from his guns. As Rene is hit, George puts the plane into a steep dive with the German following close behind. At the last second he pulls up, but the pursuing DR. I’s weak 110 hp engine is unable to pull out of the dive and it slams into the French soil as the plane explodes in a ball of fire.

A month later, after laying flowers on Richard and Phillip’s graves, Thomas, George and Anne visit Rene at a convalescent hospital outside Paris. Suddenly, one after the other, the church bells begin to ring all around them. When Rene asks what has happened they tell him that the Armistice has been signed, the Great War is finally over.
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Duncan MacLeod
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Re: Pitch a Movie

The Last Lawman trilogy

The Last Lawman

In 2037 the world as we knew it came to an end. Society broke down as civilization’s thin veneer was stripped away and brother turned against brother until the holocaust had claimed 90% of mankind. In the end those who survived started to rebuild. That was 80 years ago.

The town of Caroline has been under the thumb of the Cord family for as long as most folks can remember. They control everything and do whatever they please with it. Justice under the law was a half-forgotten legend. Until the day Jim Brannock (Will Smith) rode into town wearing a US Marshal’s star.

Almost from the moment he arrives the battle is joined as Old Man Cord (Gene Hackman), long accustomed to being king of the hill, tries to show Brannock that the law is what he says not some outdated code from another time. Along the way Brannock finds allies in the form of Rachel Hannagan (Halle Berry), whose father was murdered by Elijah Cord (Nicolas Cage), and the good people of Caroline who slowly come to realize that Cord’s Way isn’t the only way anymore.

When the final showdown comes the Cords have the fight of their lives as Brannock leads the charge to take back the town, killing Elijah in the climatic gun battle in the streets and forcing Old Man Cord to cut and run.

Return of the Last Lawman

In a world where radioactive hot spots dot the landscape and virulent plagues still stalk the land, untainted water is the most valuable resource. In sun-blasted Arizona even more so. The town of Holbrook sits in the middle of the Painted Desert and its wells are the only source of pure water in nearly a hundred miles. Unfortunately those wells are under the control Reverend Quint Yancey (Christopher Lee) and his band of fanatics.

When Marshal Jim Brannock (Will Smith) rides into town he is captured by Yancey’s men for interfering in their beating of a woman, Angelica Francona (Selma Hayek), trying to get more water for her sick mother. He is beaten badly and ordered into Yancey’s gold mines, there to work until he dies. Angelica is ordered to Yancey’s bed but she spits in his face, loudly proclaiming she’d rather die than be touched by him. The defiance earns her a savage beating before Yancey sends her to the mines as well. But Brannock escapes as they’re being taken to the mines and kills the guards freeing them both. Using the guards’ clothing, he infiltrates the mines, liberating the miners and then arming them.

Back in town one of the mine guards who had gotten away tells Yancey what has happened. Realizing that the prisoners will come after him in Holbrook, Yancey sets up an ambush. But Brannock is not so easily fooled having first scouted out the town. Using a diversionary attack he draws Yancey’s men off, while he then hits the areas that have been left undefended. As his forces drive through toward Yancey’s church a second ambush is sprung on them, as snipers open up on them from the upper floor windows. Driven back to a defensive position they hang on, but Brannock knows that they can’t remain there for long.

When Yancey arrives on the scene to parlay Brannock sends four Apache prisoners to sneak up on and quietly take out the snipers. While they do their lethal work, Yancey tells Brannock that the diversionary force has been wiped out. He did it with the help of a spy. And out steps Angelica who embraces her lover. Yancey had heard about Brannock from Old Man Cord and when he learned that Brannock was headed this way he set the whole thing up. He just wanted Brannock know what a fool he’s been before he dies. Then he orders his men to kill Brannock, but the Apaches have had time to do their work and not a single shot is fired.

As Yancey looks about in panic, mortars whistle in, destroying Yancey’s church stronghold. Then Yancey stares at Brannock and screams “You, Heretic! How dare defile the House of God!”

“I didn’t,” Brannock calmly answers. “You did. A long time ago.”

Practically foaming at the mouth Yancey orders Angelica to kill the heretic, but she drives a dagger into his chest instead. He crumples to his knees then looks up at the two of them with shock on his face.

“Guess she wasn’t your bitch after all.” Brannock says just before Yancey falls dead at their feet. Then turns to Angelica, “Sorry you had to touch him.”

“It wasn’t the first time,” she shrugs, “or even the fiftieth. You do what you have to do.”

Brannock nods, gathers up his own weapons that Yancey had taken, and climbs onto his horse. “I’ve got business in Denver. You know how to get in touch with me.” She smiles and nods. As he starts to ride off she yells out, “Thanks, Marshal!” He stops and waves back with a smile, then reins the horse around and rides for Denver.

Legend of the Last Lawman

For five years he’s traveled across the battered remains of the United States but now Marshal Jim Brannock (Will Smith) is going home. But as he rides into San Angeles he finds that home has changed. Now under the thumb of the ruthless and ambitious Senator Hiram J. McCallum (Kevin Costner) the city reputation for law and order is just a façade that hides a soul that grows more corrupt with each passing day. McCallum hopes to gain the presidency in the 2124 election and he’ll do anything to make that happen, including taking help from Old Man Cord (Gene Hackman) who has re-built his position of power with a mining operation in the Sierra Nevada mountains where he struck an incredibly rich vein of gold.

As Brannock arrives his homecoming with Deputy Marshal Rita Gibbs (Uma Thurman) is cut short when he is called to answer charges of having over-stepped his authority in Caroline 3 years earlier. In short order Brannock is stripped of his badge, fined and kicked out in the street. But Cord isn’t finished with him yet as he has three of his miners pick a fight with the ex-marshal that turns deadly. When two of the miners are killed Brannock is arrested and charged with murder. The trial is a farce as Brannock’s plea of self-defense is ignored and McCallum’s tame jury finds him guilty and sentences him to hang.

Sent to the prison in Alta Loma for execution he falls under the power of the sadistic warden that the prisoners call “The Machete” (Val Kilmer), who is determined to make Brannock’s last days a hell on earth. But at this point Jim Brannock has had just about enough. During a torture session he breaks free, kills The Machete, and shoots his way clear of the prison.

Meeting with Rita he learns that over the last few years every honest marshal has either been fired, killed or imprisoned on trumped up charges and that only the ones who are in McCallum’s pocket remain. She was the last and they fired her the day after Brannock’s trial. Brannock gathers the honest lawmen together and after a stirring speech they fight back taking down McCallum and his corrupt cops in a series of blazing gun battles.

As Brannock and Gibbs break into the senator’s office where McCallum and Old Man Cord are holed up, Cord gets up and starts to walk past saying “He’s all yours Marshal.” When ordered to halt Cord smirks, “Why? I haven’t done a single illegal thing. All of my actions have been completely legal according to the laws of the United States.” Brannock and Gibbs realize that Cord is right; there is no solid evidence of illegal activity at all.

But McCallum, realizing that Cord intends to leave him to hang, snatches up a pistol and, in a rage, guns Cord down before jumping out the window to a waiting horse and making a dash for freedom. Brannock calmly takes McCallum’s prized 20th century .460 magnum Weatherby Mk V big game rifle off the wall, loads it, aims and squeezes off a single shot. In a crack of thunder the huge magnum slug, powerful enough to drop a charging rhino at 500 meters, literally tears McCallum’s head from his body.

As he lowers the rifle, Gibbs remarks – “Senator, I think you’ve just been impeached.” Brannock slings the rifle over his shoulder before turning to her. – “Well don’t be standing around, Deputy Gibbs. We’ve a lot of work to do.” As they walk out of McCallum’s office the camera pulls back and then cuts to black. Roll credits.
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Re: Pitch a Movie

The Larry Gannon trilogy

Hot Iron

Police Inspectors Larry Gannon (Brad Pitt) and Bruce Parker (Robert Downey Jr.) are not exactly considered Boston’s finest. They destroy too many cruisers, shoot up too many neighborhoods and their methods of persuading witnesses to talk have landed them in hot water more than once. Their last case against underworld kingpin Alberto Storella (Al Pacino) was thrown out of court when the judge discovered their evidence was obtained illegally, and now the pair is one step away from an Internal Affairs investigation. But when a crazed lunatic that the press dubs “The Pig-eater” starts blowing away cops, Chief of Detectives Bernie Eidshide (Ray Liotta) gives Gannon and Parker one last chance.

Tracking their way through a case where no one seems to have seen or heard anything, the pair slowly close in on their quarry. But complicating matters is Gannon’s ex-wife, Lieutenant Kate Delvecchio (Uma Thurman), who would like nothing more than to see both of them off the force. One evening when Gannon is called in for questioning by Internal Affairs, Parker heads off to question a suspect alone. Following the late night interrogation by a smug Kate, Gannon is ordered suspended from the force for 60 days starting on Friday. The next morning, Parker’s body is found dumped in an alley in Chinatown with two .32 slugs in his head. Again, no one has seen anything.

When Kate expresses her sorrow at Parker’s murder, Gannon explodes at her – “If you hadn’t been playing your god-damned power games last night, Bruce wouldn’t have been alone! He would have had me there to back him up! There’s no way this whack-job would have got to him. Every killing has been a cop who was alone! That’s the sonovabitch’s MO!”

As he heads out to bring the killer in Kate tries to stop him, without breaking his stride Gannon knocks her cold and continues out the door. Parker was going to question a guy named Ritchie Iron (Billy Bob Thornton) that night, a man that the pair had connected to the murder weapon through a tiny, hole-in-the-wall gun shop that few people have even heard of.

Breaking into Iron’s apartment Gannon finds evidence that proves Iron is the killer. But Iron returns suddenly and starts shooting. After a brief exchange of gunfire, he bolts. Running like a jackrabbit, Iron leads Gannon through the choked city streets where he doesn’t dare fire. Finally while crossing a high school football field Gannon gets a clear shot. The thundering .44 magnum slug sending the killer into a final death-slide on the damp grass.

Back at Police headquarters, Gannon drops his badge and gun on Kate’s desk. When she tries to talk to him, he ignores her and walks out. Outside, he stands looking at the police memorial as Bruce Parker’s name is added to the list of officers who have given their lives to protect others. After a few moments Gannon’s shoulders slump, he sighs, then turns and walks slowly down the street.

The Law

It’s six months after Inspector Larry Gannon (Brad Pitt) lost his badge in the aftermath of the Pig-eater case. Back on the force he’s assigned to a special undercover job with Capt. Briggs’ (Andy Garcia) Organized Crime unit in an attempt to finally take down Mafia Don, Alberto Storella (Al Pacino). Storella has been battling Mickey O’Brien for control of Boston for months, and has been slowly taking his rival’s organization apart. In his latest actions a Storella gunman killed 5 of O’Brien’s drug trafficers, gunned down at a party. Now Storella aims to move into the vacuum he’s created by setting up a new narcotics pipeline with a Turk named Namoe and the two are about to meet for the first time to hammer out the details.

The Org Crime unit intercepts the Turk before he can get off his plane, slipping Gannon in, in his place. Heavily disguised and backed up by his new partner, Inspector Beth Hanna (Eva Mendez), Gannon infiltrates Storella’s stronghold in Namoe’s place. But things fall apart when the digital recorder Gannon’s carrying malfunctions and begins playing back. Enraged Storella tears off Gannon’s disguise revealing the face of his most hated enemy. Now at full alert Hanna is also discovered and killed in a gun battle with Storella’s men. Gannon is beaten and drugged for several days in a secret room while Briggs and the Org Crime unit search for him.

After almost a week and in a nearly catatonic state Storella sneaks Gannon and Hanna’s corpse out for a midnight burial at the gravel pits. But Gannon manages to grab his gun away from Storella and orders them to stop the car. While Gannon is distracted fighting Storella’s men the boss makes a run for it. Gannon gives chase but is koshed on the head and tumbles to the bottom of the gravel pit. Storella turns the conveyors on and begins filling the pit, then leaves Gannon for dead and returns to the limo. But Gannon manages to claw his way out and again confronts the mobster. Storella snatches up a gun and fires wildly. Gannon’s .44 thunders once to deadly effect, blowing Storella’s head off. Leaving the dead mobsters where they lay Gannon gets into Storella’s limo and drives back toward the city.

Deadly Force

A few months after the Storella case Inspector Larry Gannon (Brad Pitt) is back in Capt. Eidshide’s (Ray Liotta) Homicide division when he is called to investigate a dead body in a car at the municipal dump. The body turns out to that of Narcotics detective Johnny Pappas, shot through the head at long range, on the seat next to him is a brick of heroin taken from the narcotics security vault, still bearing its police ID tag. On a rooftop with a clear view of the dump Gannon finds a spent shell casing.

Back at Police headquarters Eidshide tells Gannon that drugs have been disappearing from the vault for the past several years but Commissioner DeMarco has always ordered it swept under the rug for political reasons, right now the investigation has been put on hold until after the mayoral election. When Gannon expresses his dismay at the political situation he is told that Eidshide is going on with the investigation anyway but it has to be kept quiet. Just two officers, one detective from Homicide and one from Narcotics. Gannon will be half of the team, the other half will be his old friend Detective Sergeant Burt Lucas (Paul Walker), who had transferred from Homicide to Narcotics six months ago. All three men know that they can trust one another but all also realize that even if successful, they could still be fired for going behind DeMarco’s back.

Gannon and Lucas meet up and begin the investigation by questioning a known stool pigeon named Little Ricky (Elijah Wood). Although reluctant to cough up any information, Ricky eventually gives the pair a lead on an operator named Santos (James Franco) who works for an independent on the South side.

Eidshide calls the pair in and tells them that Santos’ prints were found on the shell casing that Gannon discovered on the roof, but Gannon has to admit that he didn’t have a search warrant when he searched the roof, thus making the shell casing in-admissible as evidence. Eidshide goes ballistic as he sees their best lead go up in smoke because Gannon didn’t follow procedure. Lucas mollifies him with the news about Little Ricky’s lead, but Eidshide orders the pair to make sure the investigation can hold up in court.

That evening as he returns home Eidshide is severely beaten by a masked assailant who leaves a blood-spattered message to stop the investigation

Tracking Santos down to a cheap dive in the Combat Zone, Boston’s notorious red-light district, Lucas questions him at gunpoint until he gives them the information that they want. The hit on Pappas was ordered by a man named Contrez (Emilio Estevez), an independent operator selling narcotics around the city’s schoolyards, who also makes kiddie porn. Pappas was his narcotics supplier but when he started to get nervous and threatened to turn state’s evidence Contrez had Santos kill him. Contrez has already arranged a new inside man at narcotics and so didn’t need Pappas anymore. Meanwhile Gannon has a vicious brawl with the masked assailant eventually killing and then unmasking the man who turns out to be Narcotics Detective Lieutenant Falcone, the new inside man.

The next morning Lucas contacts Gannon with the news that reporters have gotten a hold of the story on the killings and Commissioner DeMarco’s retribution has swift. Eidshide is being forced to resign and he and Gannon have been demoted to Traffic starting Monday morning. After mulling things over the pair decide to use the time they have left to pressure Contrez into making a bad move.

They manage to invade his mansion, plant a bug, and push him into making a last big score; but they have misjudged his reaction to the confrontation badly. That evening Lucas’s long time girlfriend is found dead of a massive heroin overdose, and the next morning it is learned that Gannon’s niece has also been killed in the same way. Lucas goes completely to pieces and quits the force.

Gannon, however, is mad as hell and goes after Contrez at the final score. In a running gunfight among the sand dunes on Cape Cod the two battle it out. Gannon is seriously wounded but manages to kill Contrez in the final confrontation. The narcotics that Contrez has in his possession forces a major, public investigation that brings down the corrupt DeMarco and clears Eidshide, Gannon and Lucas of any wrong-doing.
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Re: Pitch a Movie

After reading the Marvel Zombies series, i am thinking about a movie or a TV show that is The Walking Dead meets Fringe.

A dimensional portal opens up and the zombified inhabitants of another earth pour out into the protagonist's earth.

The portal does not last for more than a few hours but it keeps reappearing all over the protagonist's earth thus the zombies can appear anytime and anywhere. You could have a huge mass of zombies, a few zombies or no zombies at all coming out of the portal whenever it appears.

A team of protagonists is selected by the world's governments and is tasked to enter the portal when it appears and find a way to close it permanently from the other side.

During the mission to zombified earth, they find out that, in the final living years of that doomed planet, the survivors tried to create a dimensional portal to another world for the tens of thousands of survivors to find refugee in. The experiment worked partially. They could open the portal but they could not control how long the portal could last and where it appeared. The zombies eventually attacked and overwhelmed the survivors during a portal test. The portal machine was not shut down as a result.

The protagonists come across labs and government offices where the scientists and administrators have left video diaries about the progress of their experiment. The protagonists also get suspicious that they may not be the only living humans on that earth.

The protagonists have to find the testing area where the portal machine was located and find out what happened to the scientists and engineers who worked on that machine and find a way to shut down the portal machine, knowing it could be a one way trip.
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Re: Pitch a Movie

I would like to see a supernatural adventure about an average Joe whose life is turned around when he meets and teams up with a vampire, a werewolf, a witch, and a ghost to combat criminals, demons, and all sorts of evildoers, set in a major metropolitan area like Miami, FL. It would be like Supernatural meets Being Human.

An alternative would be a scifi adventure about an FBI agent who encounters an extraterrestrial team of aliens, cyborgs, and droids who have secretly come to earth to track down all sorts of interstellar fugitives. The premise is X Files meets Men in Black, with a serious tone.
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