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Old August 16 2013, 03:10 PM   #16
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Re: where no one has gone before?!?!

SonicRanger wrote: View Post
Let's make a rough estimate here... Andromeda is approximately 2.5 million light-years from us. Let's triple that as a rough guess -- let's say 8 million light-years -- if the E-D is three galaxies away. That's over 26,000 light-years per year. That'd make Voyager's trip only 3 years. That's also 73 light-years per day. So one could get to Vulcan (16 lys from Earth) in just 5 hours.
M'rk, son of Mogh wrote: View Post
We don't know how far away the Enterprise is, though.
3 galaxies away can mean anything.
If I say I'm 3 countries away in Europe, that's, what, a day of driving in a car?
Now say that in North America.
The episode says they ended up in the galaxy M-33, which Data says is 2.7 million light-years from their previous position.

Where No One... wrote:
PICARD: Position, Mister La Forge.
LAFORGE: Well, sir, according to these calculations, we've not only left our own galaxy, but passed through two others, ending up on the far side of Triangulum. The galaxy known as M Thirty Three.
PICARD: That's not possible. Data, what distance have we travelled?
DATA: Two million seven hundred thousand light years.
PICARD: I can't accept that.
DATA: You must, sir. Our comparisons show it to be completely accurate.
LAFORGE: And I calculate that at maximum warp, sir it would take over three hundred years to get home.
This is from Universe Today...

Universe Today wrote:
Gieren et al. observed 26 Cepheids in M33 and established a distance of ~2,740,000 lightyears. The team added that, “As the first modern near-infrared Cepheid study [of] M33 since … some 30 years … we consider this work as long overdue …” Astronomers often cite distances to objects in lightyears, which defines the time required for light emitted from the source to reach the observer. Despite the (finite) speed of light being 300,000,000 m/s, the rays must traverse “astronomical” distances. Gazing into space affords one the unique opportunity to peer back in time.
"Just give me two seconds, alright, you mad bastard!" - Montgomery Scott, Star Trek Into Darkness
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Old August 22 2013, 01:05 AM   #17
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Re: where no one has gone before?!?!

No no no guys!

The reason the time is all off with this episode and the others is that the other ships didn't have the creepy ass, mitten wearing Traveler to make eyes at the younger crew members and disappear into a fart cloud!

You need a creep factor to travel at warp at high speeds and long distances!

What was up with the guy traveling with him? Where they a couple?
Sokath - his eyes uncovered.
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Old August 22 2013, 02:55 AM   #18
Rear Admiral
Re: where no one has gone before?!?!

In Q Who the Enterprise was 7000 ly away and it would have taken them two and a half years.

In Voyager they needed to pick a time frame that seemed like a lifetime so they were happy just dividing by 1000.

But, according to technical manuals published in the TNG time frame, 1000 times the speed of light is warp 8, and that's always been treated as the sustainable cruising speed.
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Old August 22 2013, 03:28 AM   #19
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Re: where no one has gone before?!?!

It was just another Voyager Retcon. Those writers always took something that was good and mess it up just to tell a story.
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Old August 22 2013, 04:34 AM   #20
The Old Mixer
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Re: where no one has gone before?!?!

Notice that Data said maximum warp, not a sustainable warp speed.
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Old August 22 2013, 12:56 PM   #21
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Re: where no one has gone before?!?!

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
In Q Who the Enterprise was 7000 ly away and it would have taken them two and a half years.
To be fair the travel time was to the nearest starbase and not to their point of origin. At their max cruising speed of warp 9.2 it would still be over 4000 light years away.
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Old August 23 2013, 04:29 PM   #22
Therin of Andor
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Re: where no one has gone before?!?!

"Where No One Has Gone Before" is loosely based on Diane Duane's TOS novel, "The Wounded Sky", in which the tests on the new engine are overseen by a female alien scientist who resembles a large, transparent glass spider.
Thiptho lapth! Ian (Entire post is personal opinion)
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