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Old May 6 2013, 05:04 PM   #16
C.E. Evans
Vice Admiral
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Location: Ferguson, Missouri, USA
Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

TheSubCommander wrote: View Post
Besides, as stated before, any TV show will end up being a spin off from the current continuity.
Not necessarily, because it depends on who CBS hires to create it (Abrams and his gang are not a given). CBS itself--and perhaps every non-diehard Trekkie--could care less what continuity it's set in as long as the show has a concept (and a budget) that appeals to them. As such, a new show could be set in the prime universe, the Abramsverse, or even an all-new continuity. Either way, it's likely to have it's own unique look and tone, IMO.
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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Old May 18 2013, 04:59 PM   #17
Lieutenant Commander
Xavier_Storma's Avatar
Location: Duesseldorf, Germany
Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

Lee Enfield wrote: View Post
Why even reboot anything. Why not make films to other Trek related (Starfleet-) content, without using the enterprise, but within the established politics of the 24th century?
They could make up a crew year after year till they hit one with a good review and stay with it for some films. This way we could explore the Trek Universe more and see how other people (besides the well trained super starfleet soldiers) work in the future. There are other points, like more freedom when it comes to continuity.
Thanks! I agree completely.

The 24th century post NEMESIS and post XI is a very interesting time to place a story.

You have a broken Empire (Romulans) a galaxy which is after a devastating war a decade ago (Dominion).

There is no need to follow the adventures of the Enterprise-E or any other known crew for that matter. That's the beauty of TREK in the first place, it does NOT depend on the same names over and over again.
Star Trek - A Final Unity
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Old May 25 2013, 12:35 AM   #18
Location: Silver Spring, MD, USA
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Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

If they decided to do a spinoff movie, I'd love to see a Eugenics War movie, taking place in the 1990's, with no time travel or 23rd/24th century era-framing story (although, the Eugenics War elements could be based on Greg Cox's novels). It would serve independently as a science fiction film with the audience not needing to be familiar with Star Trek or even necessarily knowing that it is a Trek film.
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Old May 29 2013, 11:26 AM   #19
Oso Blanco
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Location: Berlin, Germany
Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

Xavier_Storma wrote: View Post
There is no need to follow the adventures of the Enterprise-E or any other known crew for that matter. That's the beauty of TREK in the first place, it does NOT depend on the same names over and over again.
I completely agree, but tell that to Paramount!
Time is the fire in which we burn
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Old May 31 2013, 07:40 PM   #20
Location: Manchester, UK
Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

I was thinking that maybe the best potential for a spinoff movie is a new crew in the current Abramsverse, at the same time frame as nuKirk etc. On a different ship perhaps? It would allow the possibility for a crossover between the two and both of them borrowing cast members from each other in future movies.

This is instead of jumping ahead 80 years and losing the ability to crossover.

The other option is to simply put all the TNG era characters and ships into the TOS era, this would not be explained away by a simple timeline divergence and would cement the nuVerse as a true reboot that gives all the characters from every era the chance to interact.
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Old June 13 2013, 01:24 AM   #21
Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

Ever since Bad Robot came out, that's what I do.

comix, prose, video games and rpgs. Ymm!
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Old June 13 2013, 01:25 AM   #22
Sran's Avatar
Location: The Captain's Table
Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

No more reboots.

"Many things seem clever to an imbecile." --Captain Thelin th'Valrass, USS Enterprise-- "The Chimes at Midnight"
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Old June 23 2013, 11:55 AM   #23
solariabsg25's Avatar
Location: Bristol, UK
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Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

A new Trek series will not pander to hard-core fans. The priorities for TPTB are:-

Does it hit the demographic? Will it bring in the advertising dollars?

Will it be cost-effective? Despite people's thoughts on execs, they know space opera isn't cheap, but will the income outweigh the outlay?

It it's successful, can they sell it easily to other markets for syndication?

Will they be able to salvage costs via dvd/bluray release if the series tanks?

Will there be a viable merchandising opportunity?

Those are what the TV execs care about. They won't be thrilled if the slave-planet episode got a Hugo, or the effects got an Emmy. Getting top marks and glowing praise in TV Guide reviews will mean nothing to them, they want an audience.

Both Firefly and Crusade, despite being great shows, got dumped as they didn't pull in the numbers. Enterprise despite a faltering start, improved as time went on, but the falling numbers led to it's death, ironically just as it upped it's game to it's height.

Much as I personally love Andromeda (well, until the last season anyways!), it wasn't in the same league as those shows, yet got multiple seasons.

The execs won't give a flying fig about changing it to the United Planetary Federation, with the Starnavy, deciding Vulcanians will be the comedic geniuses of the universe, in contrast to the highly logical Andoruns!

Their bottom line is $$$$ and they won't care who they trash to do it. If they want Trek:90210, cos that's what the bean-counters say will sell, that's what we'd get.

That being said, if they go to series, they will also look at what was most successful. And that would be TOS, TNG, the '09 Trek. The latter would be seen as more in the public consciousness, so they would combine nostalgia (TOS) and hip and trendy ('09), to get the best of both worlds.

Over-saturation would also mean that they would probably not try any series spin-offs at the same time - not a problem restricted just to Trek, many Law & Order shows died off, CSI: Miami is gone and apparently CSI: New York is hanging on by it's fingernails, and these are all well-written, well received shows.

You would not therefore see a great overlap like TNG/DS9.
"A perfect organism, unclouded by remorse, or human illusions of morality." - Ash, Alien
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Old June 26 2013, 12:08 AM   #24
Location: Manchester, UK
Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

They have to appeal to the target demographic of today and this might result in something different to the formula we got 50 years ago and 25 years ago. It can't be the same forever or else you end up with something that appeals to us old-timers but is a total turnoff to the teens & twentysomethings. We have to accept that it will change because if it doesn't it dies. Adapt to survive etc.

We can't just rely on the 1966 formula forever or else you eventually end up far too dated. What is needed is a producer able to find the sweet spot between old-Trek and nu-Trek that appeals to everyone, a producer that will take risks. JJ Abrams has done this but I don't think his concept would hold up as a TV show. It is essentially the 1966 Trek with the cracks papered over with flashy visual FX and action set pieces.

Future Trek needs to reboot again to take into account decades of technological progress in computing, robotics, electronics, internet/networking, medicine etc
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