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Old May 23 2013, 03:05 PM   #31
RXTT's Avatar
Location: Gamma Quadrant
Re: did anyone else like Bashir from the word go?

I liked Bashir right off the bat, and grew to like him more as he grew up.
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Old May 26 2013, 06:38 AM   #32
Re: did anyone else like Bashir from the word go?

I liked him when he helped Data with his dreams. I liked him better when he was the only one able to intellectually enjoy Garak's company. But then that thing with him being genetically enhanced and having that weird bromance with Miles kinda brought him down.
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Old May 27 2013, 12:22 AM   #33
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Re: did anyone else like Bashir from the word go?

I have loved and always shall love Bashir. He is definitely my favorite character out of all the series and he's just so darn amazing. As you pointed out, he can be kind of arrogant but he has that certain quality that just makes people connect with him. I mean come on! He became best friends with Garak! I love how at the beginning he's so childish but by the end of the series he's more grown up. He's kind, caring, and smart and just everything a doctor should be. One of my favorite episodes is "The Wire" when Garak is sort of going through withdrawal symptoms. Julian not only cares for Garak but he actually stays overnight with him and lets Garak let out his rage on him. Now that's what I call friendship. Julian will always be my favorite!
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Old May 27 2013, 02:11 PM   #34
Re: did anyone else like Bashir from the word go?

I didn;t mind the character from the start, but for me the acting early on was so terrible it was hard to care about him. For instance, the rolling the eyes and speaking very slowly bad guy in the Passenger.

I reckon it was only when the actor himself settled down into the role that Bashir started working.
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Old May 30 2013, 10:38 PM   #35
Re: did anyone else like Bashir from the word go?

Agreed on The Passenger. Sid didn't do "possessed" very well I don't think. He was equally stilted as the Changeling Bashirs in both The Adversary and in Purgatorys/Infernos.

That said, I have to say I LOVED Bashir in both the early and in the later seasons, and, I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually think the retcon *worked* really well for the character.

In the early seasons, knowing how dark and gritty the station and the crew was, and seeing doe-eyed Bashir come on I thought "This guy is going to get eaten alive!" To see him around O'Brien and Kira in those early seasons made me wince, but having that conflict between the characters is what the show was about. To have them all grow closer to one another over the years was one of the reasons the show is so endearing to the fans I think.

For me, the game-changer for Bashir was Distant Voices. Not only was this an excellent episode, with some top-notch acting from Siddig, but for me this was the bridge that connected early season Bashir to the more confident Bashir of the later seasons.

In that episode we get to see what's inside Bashir's head as the Lethian calls Bashir out on several issues, telling him "There's no secrets in here". In that context, you understand that the early, seemingly naive Bashir was a total con. Sure the writers didn't know the genetically enhanced angle yet, but still - the intentional flubbing of his entrance exams, the fact that his Dad discouraged him from becoming a tennis pro, the nervousness about the attention of getting the Carrington award - it actually works. It's not a perfect retcon of course, but it's one I'm willing to go with. Honestly, after the retcon was revealed, it actually made me like early-Bashir even more.
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Old June 6 2013, 09:01 PM   #36
Vulcan Logician
Lieutenant Commander
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Re: did anyone else like Bashir from the word go?

I was a little so-so about him being genetically modified, but I grew to accept it. He did a great deal for the show. Right off the bat? Yes, I liked him.
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