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Old April 19 2013, 12:49 AM   #46
Danger Ace
Danger Ace's Avatar
Location: California
Re: Your own personal continuity

-Brett- wrote: View Post
I like to think that all of Enterprise, not just the last episode, was fiction within the fiction. A holodeck program that Riker occasionally indulged on his free time.
YES! Good one.
Danger Ace

Yes, Virginia, this post is an expression of my opinion.
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Old April 19 2013, 04:31 AM   #47
C.E. Evans
Vice Admiral
C.E. Evans's Avatar
Location: Ferguson, Missouri, USA
Re: Your own personal continuity

A few more of mine:
  • The 2280s Transwarp Project was a total failure, but it did lead to a refined warp scale by the time of TNG.
  • The Enterprise-A was originally the USS Yorktown (NCC-1717), a refitted Constitution-class ship that was crippled in Star Trek IV (the captain and crew of the Yorktown went on to a new ship with that name).
  • Starfleet is not a strictly military force but a multipurpose space agency modeled loosely after pre-Federation Earth's U.S. Navy.
  • "U.S.S." means "United Space Ship".
  • The TNG stardate system began in 2323.
  • During the TNG era, one-pip flag officers are branch admirals (admirals from non-command divisions).
  • Quite a few of the "new" ship designs first seen in First Contact have actually been around for awhile.
  • The Prometheus Class Starship Project actually was commissioned more than a decade prior to the Galaxy Class Starship Project but experienced multiple lengthy delays.
  • The "Warp 13" referred to the anti-time future in TNG's finale represented yet another recalibration of the warp scale.
  • The Intrepid-class starship is a multipurpose cruiser. It's variable-geometry warp nacelles was originally designed to allow it to maintain very high warp speeds, but this feature has since been discontinued in newer ships of this design due to improvements in warp engine efficiency and is no longer necessary.
  • The Sovereign Class Starship Project was developed to serve alongside the Galaxy-class, not to replace it.
  • The reason why the Borg have never sent more than one cube ship at a time to the Alpha Quadrant is because they are patient. They know eventually it will be theirs.
  • The Enterprise-J seen in ENT's "Azati Prime" comes from a future that has since been radically altered. The real Enterprise-J will not look anything like that.
  • The Temporal Integrity Commission allowed the Temporal Cold War to happen because they knew Jonathan Archer was key to ending it in the 22nd-Century.
  • Star Trek XI was an alternate universe even before Nero's arrival (the TIC also allowed that to happen as it would have no bearing on the Prime timeline).
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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Old April 19 2013, 07:18 AM   #48
Vice Admiral
T'Girl's Avatar
Location: Turkeystan
Re: Your own personal continuity

EliyahuQeoni wrote: View Post
5 year missions are not standard, 5 years is just the maximum time a Constitution-Class starship can operate between major overhauls.
The Enterprise was given a five years mission (most are open ended) because she was already scheduled
to enter orbital dock on a certain date for a extensive "refit."

In the real (original) timeline, it was family friend Admiral Robau who gave little Jimmy Kirk the talk about the birds and the bees. Because George and Winona's attempt had left Jimmy so utterly confused.

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Old April 19 2013, 08:07 AM   #49
Rear Admiral
Re: Your own personal continuity

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
Star Trek XI was an alternate universe even before Nero's arrival

This is mine too.
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Old April 19 2013, 08:33 AM   #50
Vice Admiral
WillsBabe's Avatar
Re: Your own personal continuity

Silvercrest wrote: View Post
C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
Star Trek XI was an alternate universe even before Nero's arrival

This is mine too.
Lol. I hadn't realised that I also thought this until I read this post. So, me three!

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Old April 19 2013, 08:34 AM   #51
Fleet Captain
Nightdiamond's Avatar
Location: California
Re: Your own personal continuity

WW 3 simply happened. Humans slowly advanced themselves afterwards.

Humans slowly improved themselves after WW 3, and then they accidently ran into the Vulcans. Different scenario than from First Contact.

The Borg are still functioning, No one still knows how they work, and they were never bested by Starfleet (i.e Voyager).

The Q are still dangerous and mysterious. No knows how they work. (I.e Voyager)

No one still knows why the Klingons had smoother heads in the past.

If one series features first contact with a species, then that overrules what any other series may claim later on. (I.e Enterprise)

Humans didn't stop using money or eliminate want until the invention of a replicator-like device.
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Old April 19 2013, 10:54 AM   #52
King Daniel Beyond
King Daniel Beyond's Avatar
Location: Beyond the Darkness
Re: Your own personal continuity

The Galaxy-class USS Yamato is numbered NCC-1305-E. Perhaps the original NCC-1305 was one of those badass Newton-class ships, and it died a heroic death some time prior to The Original Series.

Earth always looked the way it does in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, we just never saw it in it's glory until now (actually, that's the truth I think...?)

The way things look in Trek is fluid. If you can recast an actor, you can update or swap out the look of something just as easily. Maybe TOS "really" looked a little more like THIS?
Star Trek Imponderables, fun mashups of Trek's biggest continuity errors! Ep1, Ep2 and Ep3
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Old April 19 2013, 11:58 AM   #53
Rear Admiral
Bry_Sinclair's Avatar
Location: Deep Space 9
Re: Your own personal continuity

Trills have always been spotty, rather than the lumpy version seen in "The Host".

Ktarians have always been horny (head out of the gutters please ), rather than the lumpy version seen in "The Game".
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
8.01 - Darkest Before Dawn (Chapter 8 added, 12/09/2015)
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Old April 19 2013, 01:51 PM   #54
Vice Admiral
Chris3123's Avatar
Location: Pensacola, FL
Re: Your own personal continuity

I accept every show and movie (including the Abrams ones) as part of my personal continuity, though with some minor differences.

  • TOS happened as shown, but the way everything looks is different such that it doesn't look aesthetically primitive compared to the real-world present and Enterprise.
  • NCC-1701 was always "the Federation Starship Enterprise", and the plaque says "Constitution Class".
  • As for TAS, same as above, except no life-support belts.
  • Abrams Trek, same as with TOS above. That means that I accept that the Spock and Nero we saw are from the same timeline as everything else. There are still aesthetic differences between 23rd century prime and 23rd century Abrams, but the differences are relatively minimal.
That's all that comes to mind at the moment.

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
  • The Borg really are Swedish. We don't like to talk about it.
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Old April 19 2013, 02:29 PM   #55
R. Star
Rear Admiral
R. Star's Avatar
Location: Shangri-La
Re: Your own personal continuity

The time police of future Starfleet reset future Janeway's crap and we never have to see silly godmode armor and torpedoes.
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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Old April 19 2013, 11:52 PM   #56
_C_'s Avatar
Location: _C_
Re: Your own personal continuity

My other little thoughts:

Changelings are pretty much immortal unless they're killed.

They CAN reproduce if a dying Changeling is absorbed by a healthy one. It gestates for awhile and separates again once it can survive on its own. It starts over as a baby, but with all the knowledge it had previously. Essentially it's like a Phoenix* and it only happens if the population drops below a certain number.

Changelings have quite a bit of genetic diversity, and that determines their "default" humanoid form**. That's how I explain why they all don't look like exact copies of Odo. They can choose which gender they want to appear as and they can pick their hair and eye color if they want, but their body shape and facial features will always have some variances. (I hope that makes sense lol).

*I had this happen in my For Freedom's Sake fic, where the baby Changeling from The Begotten absorbed itself into Odo. Except it was so sick by the radiation that killed it that it used a lot of Odo's DNA to reconstruct itself, so as a result it literally became his offspring, and Odo developed maternal instincts towards it while it grew inside his body. My avatar is a photomanip of that baby after he grows up. Odo named him Kejal. Kira was with Odo when he had Kejal. Kejal and Odo linked during the birth; Kejal pretty much felt how much Odo loved Kira. Kira and Odo were the first faces Kejal saw, so when he could take humanoid form **he ended up looking exactly like his mother, but he chose to have Kira's hair and eye color because he wanted to "look like how much Odo loved Kira." He does call Odo "mother" and Odo doesn't mind. Doctor Mora Pol is "father" since he is the one who raises Kejal in secret. (Odo gave Kejal to Mora when Kejal was just a newborn because he feared the Founders taking him away and punishing/corrupting him. He made Mora promise not to experiment on him and to let him go if he wants to find Odo when he grows up, and Mora kept that promise. Raising Kejal was very healing for Mora, as it turns out, since I firmly believe he regrets driving Odo away. I've got ideas about Mora's past and his motivations to raise Kejal right, but we'll be here all DAY if I start into that!)

Oh God, I'm rambling about my own little fanon aren't I? I'll shut up now.
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Old April 20 2013, 04:43 AM   #57
Ryva Brall
Ryva Brall's Avatar
Location: Empok Nor
Re: Your own personal continuity

Gojira wrote: View Post
Nemesis never happened.
Yes. Data was never blown up, Picard was never cloned, and Troi and Riker never got married.

Instead, Troi married Reg Barclay, and spent the rest of her life trying to cure all of his neuroses.
Mentally unstable like a fox!
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Old April 20 2013, 05:06 AM   #58
Rear Admiral
sbk1234's Avatar
Location: Los Angeles
Re: Your own personal continuity

King Daniel wrote: View Post
. Maybe TOS "really" looked a little more like THIS?
I just wanted to say this is COOL.
In all the history of the world, a riot has NEVER broken out at a Sci-Fi convention.

"It's a fucking TV show!" - Gary Lockwood
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Old April 20 2013, 06:11 AM   #59
TheRoyalFamily's Avatar
Re: Your own personal continuity

-The Borg are all one mind and one personality - and that one mind and personality is the Queen's. Think Deus Ex: Invisible War's hivemind ending, with the Queen as Alex Denton.

-Thousands of years ago the Borg spread their (biological) species to primitive areas of space, as an experiment on social development or whatever. This is why Kirk's Enterprise encounters so many crazy human worlds, why the Borg all look like humans, why the Borg haven't taken out the Federation, why the Borg seem so focused on Earth, and not the rest of the Federation, and why they don't just swat down Voyager like the pest Janeway is. It's all just collecting data. V'ger was the same deal - just a test on their lab rats.

-The reason no one knows about the Borg in TNG, despite Archer finding them? It was just filed away in the "weird one-off crap Enterprise encountered" file, which was only really studied by historians and particularly nerdy high-school students.

-The Illuminati, Masons, whatever, were real, keeping true technology levels hidden from the general public, among other things. The several factions fought their wars through small proxy conflicts; Kahn and his group were one of them, but they got ousted somehow and fled in their sleeper ship. Things went down hill, etc, the public found out little by little, and eventually it led to WWIII. The high tech levels were why the Vulcans kept checking on Earth every so often, and why Cochrane was able to build a highly advanced warp engine in a post-apocalyptic world at some dumpy missile silo in Montana.

-The Daedalus class was the first ship designed by Federation engineers, combining the knowledge of the various founding races.

-Because of the needs and physiology of the several species in the Federation, design philosophies of the early-mid 23rd century were severely minimalist, with unlabeled lighted buttons and switches dominating (flat touchscreens were not favored by Telarites, or whatever). As other species joined the Federation, the switch to easily-modifiable (in both layout and spectrum) displays and controls became more used, until the LCARS was developed.

-The Scimitar was a top-secret Romulan Doomsday weapon, developed by the Tal Shiar, built in some of the spent dilithium mines of Remus to hide it from the Senate. Because of the secrecy, they didn't post enough guards over the Reman laborers, and they were able to take over the ship, having to be led by Not-Picard since they were a bunch of know-nothing, pretty dumb Remans.

-Trip didn't die as seen in Riker's holodeck program. Trip actually had his own command at that point. The Enterprise's engineer did die, but history remembers Trip as the Enterprise's engineer, so that's what Troi remembers when she made the program to help counsel people.

-STO is canon, in its basic form and story. The ships are all canon, and came from the time period they look like they're from. There are even a few refit-Connies still running around - none of the acutally refitted original Connies, but the new ones built at that time period. The Excelsior-class took over flagship duties, but the Connies remained in service, eventually replaced by the Vesper class, but still sticking around like the Mirandas despite that. (Some of the remaining Connies were upgraded to the Exeter class during the Dominion War, to be able to actually possibly survive (the Mirandas were manuverable enough that they had a chance), but they weren't finished in time to take part in the conflict).

-The Enterprise-A was the Yorktown, which was badly damaged doing something shortly before TWoK and was actually decommissioned rather than get repaired - there were new Connies being built, and they didn't need the old ship; it was only being repaired enough to be put in mothballs. However, the Enterprise was destroyed, and Kirk saved the Earth, so Starfleet decided to reward him with a new one; however, the only Connie around was the decommed Yorktown, so they just gave it a quick paint job after Spacedock got back up and running. That's why it was in such bad shape in STV.

-The Intrepid class was the fastest in Starfleet at the time. They were even fast enough to escape from Dominion patrols, so they were mainly used for scouting missions, VIP transport, and other sensitive duties, which explains why we never see them in fleet battles.
You perceive wrongly. I feel unimaginable happiness wasting time talking with women. I'm that type of human.

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Old April 20 2013, 06:22 AM   #60
Lenny Nurdbol
Lieutenant Commander
Location: New Jersey, with the Jersey Devil...
Re: Your own personal continuity

Misfit Toy wrote: View Post
Star Trek, and all of its incarnations, are simply stories made to entertain the masses. Some like a little, others like a little more. That's my favorite way to deal with the inconsistencies.
What a sick and twisted interpretation!
I just don't think that I could live with something like that!

Trek isn't just's a Lifestyle!
If it wasn't for Trek...there would be no reason for my continued existence...
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