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Old February 24 2013, 07:26 PM   #16
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Re: Try this on for Size

Vasquez Rocks wrote: View Post
It would have been nice if they had switched over to the DS9 uniform during the sixth or seventh season. In universe explanation, maybe it took longer for the Enterprise to phase out the other one.
I still think that's it. It's too much of a change to happen suddenly after seven years of only wearing one type, whereas if there had been even a vague suggestion in seasons six and seven of the tv show that they switched between these two uniforms all the time in-universe (even if it was only the background guys wearing them rather than the regulars) then the sudden mish-mash seen in Generations wouldn't have made us blink an eye.
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Old February 25 2013, 07:52 PM   #17
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Re: Try this on for Size

And yet, did anyone really blink an eye when they changed uniforms after season 2, but for awhile both syles of uniform were being seen side by side?
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Old February 25 2013, 08:27 PM   #18
Re: Try this on for Size

How do we, as fans, deal with new elements introduced in Trek? Do we assume the new element is new in and out of universe? Or do we assume the new element is an old element never before seen?

The DS9 jumpsuits were not seen anywhere before their introduction in "Emissary". That's because they were new to DS9, to visually distinguish it from TNG. In-universe, though, what do we say?

Do we say that to commemorate the acquisition of DS9, Starfleet issued new uniforms for officers assigned to DS9 to wear? That doesn't strike me as realistic, in that such a large organization would probably not care about a minor facility such as DS9.

So the alternative is to assume the new element was always available but unseen. The DS9 jumpsuits are some sort of less formal work attire available to Starfleet officers, and given the gritty environment of DS9, a uniform you wouldn't be afraid to get dirty in was needed. Sisko, as a former engineering officer, decreed the jumpsuit to be the duty uniform.

Could they have laid some foundation for the DS9 jumpsuits previously? Absolutely. There were plenty of times that the TNG crew needed to wear something more work-oriented than the office wear uniforms they donned most of the time. There were a couple of jumpsuits that were seen in TNG, such as the pic that Vasquez Rocks linked to. The DS9 suits seem similar to that, with colors reversed, though (and division colors on the shoulders). We could consider that a precursor to the DS9 uniforms.
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Old March 1 2013, 11:12 PM   #19
Therin of Andor
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Re: Try this on for Size

Pavonis wrote: View Post
How do we, as fans, deal with new elements introduced in Trek?
Screaming, crying, gnashing of teeth - if we are to believe online BBSs.
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Old March 2 2013, 04:43 AM   #20
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Re: Try this on for Size

Not "in universe", but modern military branches each have multiple uniforms that can be worn.

The Navy has shirt & tie w/pants or the crackerjacks, either in white or black, depending on the season.

The other branches have multiple options too.
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Old March 2 2013, 09:54 AM   #21
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Re: Try this on for Size

The question isn't really about whether navies (modern or futuristic) have alternative uniforms, though. It's about the [in]consistency of the presented universe. If the Enterprise crew wearing the DS9 uniforms had been phased in during the last couple seasons of the tv show, all these threads that question the mismatched look in "Generations" wouldn't keep coming up on here every few months. People would just accept it better. Instead, it does tend to raise questions, even though the answers are actually very straight-forward.
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Old March 2 2013, 04:56 PM   #22
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Re: Try this on for Size

I doubt I'll ever live to see a day where people stop asking Trek questions for which straight-forward answers are readily available...
It was the best of Trek, it was the worst of Trek...
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Old March 18 2013, 07:40 PM   #23
Location: Mile High City
Re: Try this on for Size

I think the jumpsuit was new and came with everything new Starfleet did. When DS9 became a starfleet commanded post it was something new. DS9 also got runabouts. When the Enterprise D received her refit between the show and Generations she also got some new jumpsuits too. Voyager got the new jumpsuits too instead of the TNG style that other operating starships still used. This was the idea until drastic fashion changes resulted in overhauling the system altogether and making nice dark uniforms that everyone would change too as they were more in tune with combat...
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Old March 19 2013, 12:46 AM   #24
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Re: Try this on for Size

We got to see the uniform switch take place on DS9 when they went to the First Contact-style uniforms mid-season. In fact, you can see the two uniforms side-by-side in DS9: In Purgatory's Shadow, when they find the real Bashir on the Jem'Hadar internment camp. He's still wearing the DS9 style uniform, implying that he was kidnapped before everyone else on DS9 switched over to the new jackets.

Me personally, I had zero problems with the Generations uniforms switcheroo. As others stated, modern militaries have multiple approved uniforms. Just because we never saw them wear the jumpsuits on TNG doesn't mean that wasn't an option available for them.
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