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Old March 9 2013, 01:03 PM   #16
Rear Admiral
Re: Uniforms

T'Girl wrote: View Post

You have to admit, these are stylish.

The guys looked ok in these but the girls really struck me in every frame. Shmexy
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Old March 9 2013, 01:09 PM   #17
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Re: Uniforms

Trek Survivor wrote: View Post
Surprised to see majority like the late DS9/TNG movie uniform... to be it's rather dull.
Chalk me up as another one who doesn't like them. I like the bright primary colors of TOS and TNG (and NuTrek of course). I think that's a key component in the 'Star Trek look'. Red, Blue, Yellowish-Green. It's damn iconic, and I was never sold on those terrible early-DS9/VOY variants with the colors inverted. And even less so the First Contact ones, which hid the colors as mere undershirts beneath bland black-and-gray. Ick.

I'm half-and-half on the TWOK uniforms. I recognise their beauty, but also think they're horribly overstylized for their (practical) applications. It says a lot that some of the later TOS movies saw the crew wearing 'casual' variants for actual day-to-day use. On some level, I'd even go as far as to say the sweaters worn by the landing party in The Final Frontier are preferable to the 'Mounties In Spaaaaaace!' look.
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Old March 9 2013, 02:52 PM   #18
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Re: Uniforms

TOS uniforms were pretty good, fairly practical aside from the miniskirts, but whatever.

TMP uniforms were a bit too dressy.

TWOK - TUC all seemed too 'busy', there was just too much going on; I didn't buy them as practical pieces of attire.

TNG S1 + 2 looked like spandex pajamas. The design was OK overall but the piping and the overall pajama-ness was irritating.

TNG S3 onwards were pretty good, they looked striking without being too loud and plausibly functional. I especially like Picard's grey 'smoking jacket' deal.

DS9's colour inversion deal looked great in mid-shots but full length seemed a bit boiler-suitesque. I assume they experimented with some color at the top of the pants but didn't find it looked good or something.

The switch to grey with coloured undershirt was probably the most plausible overall as an actual uniform. Slightly dull when you look at each shot, but understandable thematically, as the show was taking a darker turn and depicting a major conflict. It sort of felt right.

I don't recall much about Voyager.

I liked Enterprise's uniforms, even though they looked full-on like boiler-suits. I appreciated the way they didn't try to emulate at all anything we'd seen before, it seemed a bold and appropriate choice. As with the late-DS9 uniforms it seemed to mesh well with the concept of the show - early doors, things not working perfectly, all kinds of frills we're used to just not existing yet, that kind of thing. T'Pol's early uniform was nice but a bit silly. Not sure what's so logical about skintight jumpsuits. Her later uniform was less titillating but more plausible.

^I never would have thought I had such strong and lengthy opinions on the uniforms before. I never really thought about it.
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