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Old February 5 2013, 11:00 PM   #16
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Re: Star Trek IV: Changes in the World since 1986

SchwEnt wrote: View Post
^^^ Goddard Moonbase in 1998, Farside Moonbase in 2004, Marsbase 1 in 2012
Or first moon landing in 1963, Mars by 1968... Man Conquers Space

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
^ Good thing it wasn't...because if that really had happened the Moon would have crashed INTO Earth and destroyed us
All we know is that the waste dumps were on "farside" (incorrectly called "Dark Side" in the opening scene). If just over the limb on the correct side, the Moon might have taken off on a tangent. Dead center on farside and the Moon might have dove inward, grazing Earth. Just over the limb on the other side, well, the Moon might have spiraled in and crashed into Earth. But then the show would have ended right there.
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Old February 5 2013, 11:02 PM   #17
Mr. Laser Beam
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Re: Star Trek IV: Changes in the World since 1986

^ In any case, I would think that the loss of the Moon would do to Earth exactly what a later episode of S1999 said it did: destroy it via climate alteration (i.e. the loss of tidal forces generated by the Moon's presence).
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Old February 6 2013, 01:59 AM   #18
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Re: Star Trek IV: Changes in the World since 1986

General_Phoenix wrote: View Post
If they emerged from time travel in say.... 2006, their communicators wouldn't really seem all that out of place with all the cellphones out there. If they were in our current time, the iPads and tablets out there would seem of higher tech than some of the things we saw on TOS, and more on par with TNG tech.
Ha, so true. Our gadgets and technology would have probably looked FAR flashier and more advanced than anything Kirk's crew was using in that movie.

Save of course for the transporters and warp drive.
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Old February 6 2013, 10:52 AM   #19
Flying Spaghetti Monster
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Re: Star Trek IV: Changes in the World since 1986

I have a friend who is younger than me and was born in 1986. I got him to watch The Voyage Home recently and he said he absolutely loved it. Said it was a wonderful film. Apparently, if anything about it seemed dated, it didn't affect his enjoyment at all!
"That was the guy.. that was the guy from Ender's Game." - an 8-year-old's reaction to seeing the TFA teaser

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