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Old January 9 2013, 11:43 AM   #31
Seven of Five
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Re: New Here: Klingon Question

It was just a joke in DS9, and should have been left as such. I didn't really like the explanation ENT gave.

But yeah, add me to the chorus who would have loved to have seen Worf as an old style Klingon, but with no one noticing.
Aren't you just a little bit curious?
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Old January 9 2013, 12:23 PM   #32
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Location: Kansas City
Re: New Here: Klingon Question

MacLeod wrote: View Post
I-Am-Prepared! wrote: View Post
To be honest, I think it's one of those things that most fans would have been happy to accept as a "fact of life" - i.e. we all know Klingons look different in TOS because the budget was smaller, but in our minds we're happy to ignore that. Suspension of disbelief.

Unfortunately, the (great) DS9 epsiode "Trials and Tribbleations" ruined that - put Worf together in a room with TOS Klingons, and one of the characters is going to say *something*!!! So they had to come up with a canon explanation for it.

TBH, I've never watched Enterprise and never will, so I just assume they always had the bumpy foreheads. :P (and just put "Trials" out of my mind)....
No they didn't have to come up with a canon explanation they could have just left it as a mystery.

WORF: We do not discuss it with outsiders

Acknowledge it and move on.
Or, again, not acknowledge it at all so that there's no explanation needed. Don't even touch it or address it, treat the Klingons as if they look like present ones, or do as above and have Worf look like a TOS Klingon. But don't acknowledge that there's a difference because that opens the doors for questions! I think up until that point people had already pretty much chalked up the differences just being due to different production values and not indicative or any "real" difference. But DS9 came out and said that there WAS a difference which brings up questions.
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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Old January 9 2013, 03:44 PM   #33
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Re: New Here: Klingon Question

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
^ Doesn't the Star Fleet Universe do exactly that?
As relates to the smooth/bumpy forehead issue, no. We are to assume that all Klingons we see on screen are of the same species. Enterprise foolishly decided the "real" answer was a forehead-smoothing plague.
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Old January 10 2013, 03:56 PM   #34
Re: New Here: Klingon Question

It's the FASA games that assume that there are several different species inside the Klingon Empire who enjoy the right to call themselves Klingons. The idea also appears in some novels, most notably in the two John M. Ford ones because Ford was involved in writing FASA background material, too.

The FASA species are pretty close to the ENT excuse, actually: "Imperial" Klingons have the full ridges, but people with mixed blood are still Klingons if they have at least a bit of Imperial blood in them. They just lose their ridges if they are tainted with human blood, as the result of interspecies mating or deliberate devious manipulation. And ENT emphasizes the latter means of giving human DNA to Imperial Klingons...

Timo Saloniemi
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Old January 11 2013, 02:13 PM   #35
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Location: I said out, dammit!
Re: New Here: Klingon Question

Leave it to the Trek universe to come up with the most roundabout, complicated way to explain something.
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