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Old March 28 2012, 05:17 AM   #46
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Re: SFX Sexiest Characters in SciFi and Fantasy

DevilEyes wrote: View Post
I was thinking, how is that there are all those Doctors on the list but no Ninth? Is Tom Baker really considered sexier than Christopher Eccleston? But then I remembered that SFX forgot to nominate him...
Seriously? Wow.

Anyway, that was a lot of fun, even if once I got to the top 10 I was pretty much going "Who? Who? Who?" for 3/4 of them. 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 all had at least one person I didn't know. I wasn't expecting the number 1 in the women but I think it's a great choice.

Some of the pairings definitely made me laugh or I thought they were appropriate...

Dax and the Doctor? Sure! And I was actually thinking the same thing as SFX before reading their comment.

Aeryn and Wolverine, yep I could see it, and for more than just the "I can shoot you and you'll come back" reason.

Faith and Jack Harkness would be fun.

I died at Mal and River... brilliant!

And of course... Buffy/Spike. Even if you do prefer Angel to Spike (and I basically do), you can't help but love that!
Luna: "They're quite gentle, really... But people avoid them because they're a bit..."
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Old March 28 2012, 05:25 AM   #47
the G-man
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Re: SFX Sexiest Characters in SciFi and Fantasy

No Julie Newmar Catwoman = fail
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Old March 28 2012, 05:31 AM   #48
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Re: SFX Sexiest Characters in SciFi and Fantasy

A lot of their comments were great, but a few of them sounded like they haven't seen the shows in question for a long time and forgot a few things...

Obviously, the bit about Spock's blue blood but also the comment that Vampire Willow wouldn't hook up with Carson Beckett because she prefers women (Vampire Xander disagrees), or that Cordelia is frustrated because Angel is hung up on Buffy?! Maybe if you only saw BtVS. On AtS he sure didn't seem to think much about Buffy while Cordelia was around and not in coma/dead. It would've made a little bit more sense if they said Darla instead of Buffy, since Cordelia was frustrated with his obsession with Darla in season 2, even though that was before Cordy and Angel started getting romantic with each other. But season 3-4 it was all 'Angel loves Cordy'. (And I'm not a big fan of that pairing... But it's just the way the story went.)
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my Buffy/Angel rewatch
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poll, sexiest characters, sfx

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