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Closed Thread
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Old January 20 2009, 04:23 AM   #16
Fleet Captain
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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

And which Robin/Dick Grayson are we talking about here?

Burt Ward's? Chris O'Donnell's? The Robin from the old Batman theatrical serials? Robin from those 1970's cartoons? Some other comic book &/or cartoon Robin(s)?

My personal choice is Burt Ward's groovy hep cool happening in a far out way Robin as candidate for Spock's 20th Century Grayson direct ancestor.

Most, if not all, of the other Robins are Herberts dudes. Those “Robins” are termites, strictly out of the wood.

Those mudstick “Robins” should call themselves Drip Grayson.

Drip Grayson never had an Aunt Harriett or knew Chief O'Hara.
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Old January 20 2009, 06:06 AM   #17
Temis the Vorta
Fleet Admiral
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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

Oh geezus people, isn't it obvious? Spock is a descendent of Gabriel "Sylar" Gray, whose kid was embarrassed at having a serial killer for a dad and disguised his name. Hence, Grayson.

Which explains the odd family resemblance. But none of this has anything to do with Batman or Robin, who are merely fictional characters.
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Old January 20 2009, 12:56 PM   #18
Rear Admiral
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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

Interesting theory...

Unfortunately, Trek Magazine beat you to this in 1985!
Best of TREK 8:
"A Note on Spock" by C.J. Nicastro (Amanda Grayson is descended from Dick (Robin / Batman II) Grayson, and therefore so is Spock)

Osabegta' ghaH...
Olengta' Suto'vo'qor-Daq je' ghaH...
You have not experienced Monty Python until you have read him in the original Klingon...
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Old January 20 2009, 03:34 PM   #19
Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

T'Cal wrote: View Post
Related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? I always thought he was refering to Sir ACD's character, Sherlock Holmes.


They both fictional...
Well, actually Moriarty does become sentient in a couple hundred years so you're not entirely right.
"Ford!" he said, "there's an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they've worked out."
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Old January 20 2009, 03:51 PM   #20
Toban Kal
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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

Weird. You might be onto something here
"You can pulp a story, but you cannot destroy an idea! Don't you understand, that's ancient knowledge. You cannot destroy an idea! That future, I created it, and it's real! Don't you understand? It is REAL! I created it and IT'S REAL!"
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Old January 20 2009, 07:28 PM   #21
Ryan Thomas Riddle
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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

Aquehonga wrote: View Post
middyseafort wrote: View Post
According to Enterprise, Superman comics exist in the Trekverse. Therefore it goes to reason that so do Batman comics and that Dick Grayson is a fictional character within that universe.

Re: this news^>

As the tree said to the lumberjack: “I'm stumped!”
It was in the teaser of "Shuttlepod One" (season one, episode 16). Reed and Tucker get into a discussion about the merits of British literature versus American literature. Reed is reading Ulysses by James Joyce and makes some pejorative remarks about Americans not having an appreciation for culture or high-brow stuff. Tucker mentions learning a lot from Superman comics or something like that. But he does mention reading Superman comics.
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Old January 18 2011, 11:36 AM   #22
Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

Aquehonga wrote: View Post
Then there's the tangent issue here of Spock possibly, if not probably, definitely{?}, being a descendant of Arthur Conan Doyle. He is, isn't he? Based on STVI:TUC.

If I'm right then both Spock & Robin {Dick Grayson} are descendants of Arthur Conan Doyle.

How cool is that?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's last direct descendant, his youngest daughter Lena Jean, passed away in 1997 with no children, so there are no remaining direct descendants of Arthur Conan Doyle. Even at the time of ST:VI's writing, she was in her late 70s, thus precluding the possibility of her having any children.

I would speculate that Spock was speaking metaphorically when he quoted Arthur Conan Doyle as an "ancestor" of his. Given Vulcans' near religious adherance to logic, it would seem likely that he would admire Doyle's use of logic and deductive reasoning in the exploits of his character Sherlock Holmes, perhaps even so far as to consider him a "kindred intellect," to borrow another line from ST:VI. Thus, perhaps Spock was using the word "ancestor" in two senses, 1.) in the greater sense that Doyle was a human who preceded Spock in life (simply implying his human ancestry if not necessarily blood-relation ancestry); and 2.) Arthur Conan Doyle was a predecessor of his who is lauded for his use of logic and deductive reasoning, and thus someone whom Spock may percieve in some uniquely Vulcan way as an "ancestor" of his.
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Old January 18 2011, 04:14 PM   #23
Misfit Toy
Caped Trek Mod
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Re: Is Spock a descendant of Robin from BATMAN? I have “evidence”.

While I agree with your post, I'm going to close this thread as it is long past it's "best used by" date and is dangerously close to the "brain-eating" date.
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Closed Thread


ancestry, batman, holmes, robin, spock

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