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Old December 17 2009, 05:22 AM   #76
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Re: Warner Home Video must die!

23skidoo wrote: View Post
darkwing_duck1 wrote: View Post
I didn't want the forced upgrade to Hi Def to begin with. It's all a frakking scam to force people to double dip on equipment and content.
Hey, it worked with the changeover from vinyl to CD, didn't it. And a LOT of people are now regretting their knee-jerk decision to throw out all their vinyl assuming it would all be released to CD, only to find either the mastering sucked (one of the first Chuck Berry CDs was so poorly remastered as to be unlistenable) or that the material was never released to CD at all! People are also discovering that 99% of MP3s sound awful compared to the vinyl or CD originals.
Yep, and it's pretty much too late to reverse course.

Although fortunately Blu-Ray is - at least until the next upgrade - backwards compatible to DVD, I'm still seeing a similar attitude with people assuming a) everything will be reissued to Blu-Ray and b) that it'll actually look good when it is. There's plenty of material that will not look good on Blu-Ray without either being remade or distorted in some fashion, as was the case with Trek TOS, or undergo other expensive remastering. There are people saying they won't buy Warner's (back to them again) Classic Doctor Who releases because they aren't on Blu-Ray. They're in for a long wait. And I've been less than impressed with the transfer of some items, such as the extras on Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which when it came out on HD-DVD (it's still high-def) was missing several of the features I liked on the DVD, and the extras looked like 30-year-old VHS tapes that had been left in the garage. Unacceptable.
But you'll take it or leave it because they've left you no other choice but to do so.

Retailers are a lot to blame for force-feeding us HD. A few weeks ago the Watchmen Ultimate Cut was released. It WAS released in both Blu-Ray and DVD, with the BR having a few extra features (and for the record I often buy movies for the bonus features; people who don't like extras may as well go back to VHS because they are not embracing the technology digital media provides). According to Best Buy here in Canada, and HMV, and Wal-Mart, and two other chains I checked, the DVD does not exist and was never released. I was told "Blu-Ray or nothing". I went on Amazon, found it for C$20 LESS than the Blu-Ray, ordered it, and had it within a week.

This isn't the only example of this happening. And there have been more than a few occasions where ONLY the Blu-Ray version of a particular title has been stocked. One ridiculous example being the new Harry Potter box sets. Best Buy ordered in Blu-Ray and DVD of the second film, but only Blu-Ray of the first.
The real retailers behind HD aren't the content venders, it's the EQUIPMENT vendors. Conventional TVs were so cheap and so plentiful that people weren't buying enough. So the equipment manufacturers had to gin up a way to force people to buy expensive TVs again. It wasn't until after a LOT of people started sqawking that they relented on the converter box issue.

Then there's all the money they made forcing television stations to buy all that upgrade equipment for HD broadcast...

as I just mentioned, there are many titles that will not be released to Blu-Ray either because the original production cannot be upgraded economically (original Doctor Who), or the studios decided not enough people want to Blu-Ray (the 2009 Prisoner remake, announced for DVD release only).
Add TNG, DS9 and Voy to that list.

If places like Best Buy and Future Shop stop ordering DVDs, they'll be cutting off a major part of the market. There's only so many copies of Avatar BRs they'll be able to sell. They forget they also make money off people buying DVDs of Singin' in the Rain.
Typical corp thinking...the next few weeks, not the next few years...
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Old December 17 2009, 06:17 AM   #77
The Borgified Corpse
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Re: Warner Home Video must die!

^Upgrading Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, & Voyager would be prohibitively expensive but not impossible. They'd simply have to re-edit every single episode from scratch.

Upgrading old Doctor Who is literally impossible. Most of the show was shot on video. In many cases, the remastered video doesn't even tax the boundaries of standard DVDs. There are some cases where I think they could be doing a better job remastering the old film elements within the episode, but that's still less than half of each show most of the time.
Kegg: "You're a Trekkie. The capacity to quibble over the minutiae of space opera films is your birthright."
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