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Old August 3 2009, 12:48 AM   #16
Cameron's Pig
Haven't we all?
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

RyuRoots wrote: View Post
It amazes me that people still go on about this. Personally, I thought Data's death was one of the very few things Nemesis actually did right. I have to wonder if people would continue to piss and moan this much about Spock's death if he didn't come back in Star Trek III.
I wouldn't be - Spock's death actually made some sense in the story, unlike Data's, was brilliantly done for just the right emotional impact, didn't have a cheap get-out like B4 to essentially undo it within 5 minutes, and was a genuinely hard hitting but fitting end to the character and the film. I loved Spock's death and funeral scenes, however hard they are to watch; in fact largely because they're so hard to watch. I can watch Data's demise and not only feel no pang of sadness at all, but in fact often laugh at the mind blowing stupidity of it. If Data had died a death with the impact and poignancy of Spock's, it may well have saved that film.
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Old August 3 2009, 01:41 AM   #17
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

This guy needs to have a drink and a good cry with the Bring Back Kirk guy.
I am constantly surprised by the close-mindedness of some fans...this means change as well as a positive attitude. Without those things, how can we ever achieve that Trek future we enjoyed so much on TV? --Bjo Trimble
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Old August 4 2009, 06:00 AM   #18
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

seigezunt wrote: View Post
This guy needs to have a drink and a good cry with the Bring Back Kirk guy.
Lol, yeah seriously. I also agree with Messianni's comment. It's not right to blame the whole thing on Paramount. Personally, I think the whole thing is a bit over the top. We all love Data, but seriously, he isn't real. It's almost like you want to just tell that person to get over it already. And it was already said that online petitians don't do much to change anything at all.

That may sound a bit insensitive, but it's the truth. I don't think they had to kill him either. I don't really like to watch the part when he dies. It's understandable that it should touch you emotianally and even make you cry. But then you move on with your life, and don't treat it like your mom just blew up, and you read Star Trek Countdown and watch old TNG re-runs. Because it is fiction after all.
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Old August 6 2009, 10:41 PM   #19
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

Personally, I *love* Data, but I hope he doesn't come back, in book form or any other. (Canon has become personal choice - what we choose to accept and what we don't - and I don't accept Countdown - however, I'm more than happy for other people to accept it, our differences are what make us interesting :-D )

What's the point? If a character has died, he's dead. If everyone who dies can just come back again... how boring, quite frankly. Just because we like something doesn't mean it'll last forever. Nothing lasts forever. That's just life, unfortunately.

More permanent things should happen to characters. LaForge is pretty much the same in 2381 as he was at the start of TNGs second season, except now he has eyes. DO something with him! Or kill him/retire him/transfer him, and bring in a character the authors can DO something with.

But that's why I'm *really* enjoying the novels at the moment - THINGS are happening! :-D REAL things, with lasting effects! Yay!

(I don't read William Shatner's Kirk books, either. He died in Generations. HOWEVER, someone has cut a *really* good ending to Generations on YouTube where Kirk lives, and it's FAR better than the actual ending!)
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Old August 7 2009, 12:37 AM   #20
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

cultcross wrote: View Post
Spock's death...didn't have a cheap get-out
Star Trek III would like a word with you
Star Trek: 1987-Present
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Old August 7 2009, 04:44 AM   #21
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

The prequel comic to the new Trek movie isn't the only thing that suggests Data's alive.

One of the "official" online sources has info that ties in with the end of NEMESIS.

At the end of NEMESIS we saw B4 remembered a song Data had been shown to know at the start of the film.

Data had downloaded all his programs into B4.

Data had, much earlier, downloaded all of his daughter Lal's programs into himself, and said it gave him access to all her memories.

The online source says that eventually Data's memories surfaced in B4, and since B4 had essentially no experiences, Data's consciousness took over.

Data then assisted some Starfleet engineers in upgrading B4's less sophisticated brain, so it'd be more like the one Data's programs had originally been running in.

Data, according to this "official" source, is now alive and well, living in B4's body, and apparently is viewed by Starfleet as the same person we knew.

This is why he was alive in the prequel comic as Captain of Enterprise-E.

No, not an onscreen occurence, but apparently counted as legit.

Of course, the comic was counted as legit until someone connected to the movie said "Oh no. The comic's not canon."

As for Brent aging, in the episode where Juliana Soong was introduced, the comment was made that her android body used the same aging program that Data's did, so onscreen we were told to expect to see Data aging, even into the form of an elderly man (eventually).
Onscreen is canon, books are interesting. Movies change canon, scissors wrap paper...or...something.
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Old August 7 2009, 07:53 PM   #22
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

Jake Sisko interviews Data
Treason, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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Old August 13 2009, 07:50 AM   #23
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Re: International Save Data Campaign ( a web page)

Well, I do think it is canon. It's all fiction in the end anyway, heh.

Last edited by DivineSugar; August 13 2009 at 08:20 AM.
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