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Old May 13 2009, 04:43 PM   #16
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Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

My expectations for the score were high. When in 2006 it was announced that Abrams would direct, I immediately knew that Giacchino would score the movie and I have been a big fan of his work since Alias.

I liked the movie and it worked well within the movie. But as a standalone listen it so-so. It doesn't have the the sense of mystery that Goldsmith's TMP score had or the grandeur of Horner's work.
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Old May 13 2009, 04:51 PM   #17
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Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

After seeing the movie twice, I bought the soundtrack the next day to help with cravings; and it did help.

Here are the track names. Amazon shows 39 reviews with 3-1/2 stars so far. You can listen to the clips there to remind you -- or at iTunes, of course.

1. Star Trek
2. Nailin' the Kelvin
3. Labor of Love
4. Hella Bar Talk
5. Enterprising Young Men
6. Nero Sighted
7. Nice To Meld You
8. Run and Shoot Offense
9. Does It Still McFly?
10. Nero Death Experience
11. Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns
12. Back From Black
13. That New Car Smell
14. To Boldly Go
15. End Credits
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Old May 13 2009, 05:38 PM   #18
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Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

I found the score, like the rest of the movie, to be heavy-handed and lacking in elegance. The main theme was wonderful, but I found the composer lacked the ability develop fragments of it into sub-themes which would tie the entire score together.

The treatment of the TOS theme in the end-credits was like being hit over the head with a bat'leth

While showing promise and having a wonderful gift of melody, this composer has yet to develop into a Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore or Jerry Goldsmith.
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Old May 13 2009, 05:59 PM   #19
maryh's Avatar
Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

I think they needed to play mysterious music during the mind melds scenes, especially for the inexperienced new fans. Some of them will have no idea what is going on in those scenes. A properly scored mysterious music would alert them that some type of mental communication was going on. Always had it in TOS during the meld, and felt it is even more important to have if you are new to Trek.
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Old May 13 2009, 06:04 PM   #20
Warp Coil
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Location: MD, USA
Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

When I purchased the soundtrack, the film hadn't been released yet (the soundtrack came out a few days before). I listened to it a couple of times and it seemed okay, if not spectacular. Then I saw the film. What a difference! Now that I can put the music in context with the film, I've definitely grown to appreciate it much more. The film's main theme seemed a little to generic, but I'm quite fond of it now. My only complaint with the soundtrack is that there are a few moments from the film that had good music that didn't make it onto the album. This happens often with soundtracks and always drives me crazy.
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Old May 13 2009, 06:18 PM   #21
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Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

There were times in the cinema when the music turned noticeably Lost-y and it was jarring. I'm a fan of his work on Lost and he has created some beautiful music on that show, but I don't want Lost's music seeping into Star Trek, they should have their own distinct sounds.

Other than that I didn't notice the score, it probably did an adequate job but it certainly wasn't memorable. Frankly, Bear McCreary has spoiled me so much that I may never enjoy another score again.
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Old May 13 2009, 06:23 PM   #22
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indranee's Avatar
Location: Warrrrrrrrrshington, DC
Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

loved the score. ALL of it. but my favorites are Labor of Love, Hella Bar Talk, the End Credits and That New Car Smell.
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Old May 13 2009, 06:40 PM   #23
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Location: Germany - with UHC since the early 1900s
Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
Here's a thread about the soundtrack with almost 200 replies.

Anyway, I really liked "Labor of Love" as it played over ther muted Kelvin scenes along with the segue into the title sequence with "Enterprising Young Men".
'Enterprising Young Men' uses the main theme, but in the film it is used for the shuttle-journey to the Enterprise.
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Old May 13 2009, 11:05 PM   #24
Classic Fan
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Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

Great soundtrack.

I bought it on the 4th may, just before the film was released, BUT..

I didnt listen to it until i saw the movie. Obviously, i heard the clips that were online earlier.

I like how Giacchino had his OWN Trek theme, much like the past composers; Horner, Goldsmith, Rosenman, Edelman, McCarthy. He incorporated his own theme throughout the movie, making a great debut in the track 'Star Trek' and intertwined throughout.

I also like how we heard a tiny bit of the twinkle theme when we see Kirk and Spock beam onto the Enterprise together for the first time. As if he is showing us the iconic moment where the icons beam together for the first time and incorporates a tiny weeny little bit of courages theme opener as if to say "Here they are, Kirk and Spock" It makes an appearence as the two materialize on the pad.
It makes its appearence right at the end of 'Nero Death Experience'

Thats the part i loved, Courage didnt just do the much parodied twinkle in monotone sound, each one twinkled three times, getting quieter. Fantastic, the sound even had the TOS feeling.

The end credits however, is his crowning moment. Not only in the track leading into it 'To Boldly go...' does he put the twinkling and the fanfare, he almost reproduces the sound of the Courage original.

The end credits even have a TOS esque subtle choir in the backgorund, not over powering the orchestral aspect. Fantastic. The iconic choir/female voice is there, but not too much. He also, as said, puts his own Trek theme throughout the end credits, as if his and TOS theme are playing off against each other. and its blended geniusly, if thats even a word.

Enterprising Young Men is by far one of the best tracks. It incorporates Gicchinos theme really well, and establishes it as his Trek theme, only to be outdone in the end credits.

Giacchinos theme sounds epic on head phones, its so huge sounding. It has chimes, trumpets, bells, bass and above all, an epic sounding. Its also a very traditional sounding theme, done in the way Roddenberry actually wanted the TOS theme to go, a more of a space march than a sci-fi sounding theme. I also loive the fact that he used his Trek theme in the opening instead of shoehoring thte TOS theme in. I respect him for that, he has respect to say "Fuck it, its my theme, its opening the movie with the delta and the title card."
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Old May 13 2009, 11:11 PM   #25
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Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

I like "New Car Smell" a lot. It's nice on it's own. The rest is a little boring, but works well with the movie.
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Old May 14 2009, 06:13 AM   #26
davidant32's Avatar
Re: To Boldly Go... Discussing The Score

I was kind of hoping for the classic "TMP Enterprise reveal" and "TNG opening" Star Trek theme to be snuck in there somewhere, (perhaps during the Enterprise reveal again??)

Yet, I'm also glad it wasn't. It sounded like it almost crept into the end credits' TOS theme (which was brilliant, btw)

I think I read one review saying that the music was only memorable because it was loud. I disagree
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