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Old August 14 2008, 06:56 AM   #91
Aragorn's Avatar
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

Though they weren't meant to be the same type of show, The Magnificent Seven was a much better short-lived western than Brisco County. And during season two, you had Carl Lumbly (Bulldog) playing Rick Worthy's (Simon, a No. 4) dad.
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Old August 14 2008, 08:50 PM   #92
Rear Admiral
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Location: The High Father
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

I thought I already posted in this thread, but I don't see. Was there a similar one? Anyway. I will try to keep it short.

Jake 2.0
Now and Again
Birds of Prey
John Doe
Mortal Kombat

That is all of the top of my head
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Old August 14 2008, 08:57 PM   #93
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IJD GAF's Avatar
Location: IJD GAF
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

Came in to mention Odyssey 5 and The Invisible Man. The former has been mentioned, I see, but I don't see the latter anywhere. Damned fun show.
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Old October 3 2008, 10:13 AM   #94
Location: Los Angeles
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

Probe. Absolutely wonderful show. Only lasted six episodes (I see seven on imdb, but I only remember six). Created by Asimov! Michael Piller was a writer on the show before he went to TNG. It was like a sci-fi mystery show. I thought every episode was entertaining and the mysteries were interesting and took some thought to solve at the same time the characters were trying to. Wish this one was on DVD.
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Old October 3 2008, 10:35 AM   #95
A Clockwork Lim
Lieutenant Commander
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

G vs. E (later renamed Good vs. Evil) is definately at the top of my list. Great characters, great story, charismatic actors. Was just a brilliant show. Sadly, it's name is probably it's biggest downfall. It's almost impossible to find it on most search engines, especially the cheap ones sites like uses. I love the reason they drove around in an orange Volvo, too. And the fact that the very same reason ends up being rendered moot a few scenes later. To top it all off, they had a character named Mistress Hector. How could that not be friggin' amazing? Absolutely classic series.

I really liked Miracles, too. I think someone else mentioned it as well. Was disappointed when it was shot down before it really got a chance to blossom.

Another I absolutely adored was The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.. It was a wonderful combination of steampunk western, futuristic sci-fi, and Asian mysticism all wrapped up into one. And it had Bruce Campbell. I mean, come on. I think my favorite character on the show was Comet the Wonder Horse, especially the episode where he got flustered that Brisco would dare take a motorcycle over him so, intent on beating him to the destination, Comet took a train and tried to act all smug about winning. At least until Brisco found the train ticket. XD

I'm so easily amused.

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Old October 3 2008, 01:41 PM   #96
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Saul's Avatar
Location: 東京
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

GvsE was great, no doubt because it was a show that had Ron Moore working on it. Total Recall: 2070, American Gothic (David Eick), Space Above and Beyond and Crusade I would also pick as shows I would have loved to have seen continued.
"It's not that you can see the strings, it's that 40 years later you're still looking at them." - Steven Moffat
"This movie was big. Imagine how big it could have been with me in it?" William Shatner
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Old October 3 2008, 02:08 PM   #97
Asbo Zaprudder
Rear Admiral
Asbo Zaprudder's Avatar
Location: On the beach
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

Did anyone mention Deepwater Black (1997)? I think it was known as Mission Genesis in the US. I can't recall whether this series was any good -- perhaps not as it's not available on DVD.
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Old October 3 2008, 04:33 PM   #98
Vice Admiral
Mistral's Avatar
Location: Between the candle and the flame
Re: Sci-fi Brilliant but Canceled or little known gems

Although probably mentioned-I can't help but say, Charlie Jade. I'm deep into it now and it is/was brilliant. It started slow but as I got farther in I realized it had to in order to establish the mood and background story. The tale it tells is the kind of thing scifi writers write about, not the dreck non-fan tv producers create. Oh, Charlie, i'm gonna miss you when I'm done.
...sf fandom is only a personality disorder if you do it right.-Klaus - archive stories! for honest gaming

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